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Hair Chalk - Purple

Donna Bella Hair Chalk - Purple



  • Hair Chalk

  • Color: Purple

  • Size: 4.25g

  • Temporary alternative to hair color.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Donna Bella’s hair chalk is a vibrant, temporary rub-on color that looks trendy, fun, and professional. Choose from a variety of bold colors to wear your hair down for a fun night out or pin it up for a long day at the office. Not only is hair chalk fun to wear, it is also easy and quick to apply. Unlike artist chalk, hair chalk is non-toxic and used specifically for cosmetic purposes. It is safe for hair and in close proximity to the face.

Hair chalk works well with every hair type and color. The application process varies for different hair colors. Brunettes will have to apply a little more chalk than blondes to achieve the desired bright and bold color. Regardless, temporary rub-on hair chalk serves as a safe and less expensive alternative to long-term color treatments.


Q: Will Hair Chalk stain my hair?
A: No. Hair Chalk is meant to be temporary and in most cases, it will wash out after only one shampoo. However, when used on bleached, chemically processed or high–lifted hair, there is a possibility that the chalk might stay in longer than the initial shampoo. The color will fade in time with additional washes.

Q: How long does Hair Chalk last?
A: Until your next hair wash. Depending on your shampoo schedule, color can last anywhere from one to three days and can be touched up as needed.

Q: Will Hair Chalk stain my hands or clothes?
A: Yes, Hair Chalk can stain your clothes. To avoid potential staining, wear a towel or cape to cover clothes.  After the application process, wash your hands with soap and warm water. You can also wear gloves for extra protection and cleanliness.

Q: Will Donna Bella’s Hair Chalk damage my hair?
A: Hair Chalk is non-toxic and will not damage the hair as long as it is treated with regular shampoo and care.

Installation Tips

Step 1:  Apply a leave-in conditioner to help seal the hair and distribute the color evenly through the hair. Wear a towel or cape to protect clothing from any possible color transfer. You can wear protective gloves to keep the chalk off your hands or go without. Either way, the chalk dye will easily wash off with soap and warm water.
Step 2:  Separate hair into sections that are the same width as the Hair Chalk applicator. Apply the color chalk by pressing the hair firmly on the applicator with your thumb.
Step 3:  Twist the hair and rub the applicator on the front side of the hair section in a downward direction toward tips. Repeat this on the opposite side of the section until it is evenly colored.
Step 4: Spray the newly colored strands with a light mist of finishing hair spray to hold in the color. Brush and style the hair as desired.

Shampoo, rinse and repeat as needed. Depending on your hair color, it should wash out after the first rinse and shampoo.  Bleached blonde or chemically processed hair may require two to three shampoos. If staining does occur, it will fade in time with additional washes.

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