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12 / 19 / 2014
Tips for More Photogenic Holiday Hair

tips for more photogenic hair

Doesn’t it seem like we take a million pictures before choosing one that we actually like? Either our hair is too flat, too poofy, our smile is too big, or we aren’t smiling enough. Although we can’t really help you with your smile, we certainly can give you some tips for finding full proof picture-perfect hair. With holiday parties in full force, this might come in handy.

  1. Who doesn’t love a great bun? A safe and fast hairstyle that will have you looking classy no matter what you wear or what you do. The bun will hold every hair in place so you don’t have to worry about your hair looking frizzy. What’s even better is with a bun maker, you can’t mess it up and you will love the way your hair extensions look. The bun maker is easy to use and you can even try leaving a section of hair out to braid and then wrap it around the bun.
  2. High or low, a sleek ponytail can always look so chic. A favorite because it does so well with hair extensions and is super quick to create. Use a heat protectant before straightening your strands with a hair straightener. Finish by applying a glossing  spray or shine after placing your hair in a hair tie. You can also leave a strand of hair out to wrap around your ponytail to hide the hair tie. Looks stunning with a good face contour to bring out your best facial features.

Wand it. If you haven’t used a wand before—you need to. If you have, then you understand the hype. A curling wand will leave your hair with the best spirals in the quickest time possible. Since the messy trend is in, you can create a messier look by tussling through your curls and applying a finishing spray.

A deep, sleek part. The best thing about wearing hair extensions is that you have that extra weight for the sleek styles that are very much the trend right now. Leave your hair down and part your hair on the side you prefer. For a deep part you want it to be between the middle of your face and your ear. Tuck your hair behind your ears, apply your favorite hair smoothing cream to those flyaways and you’re ready!

For a more festive look for those Christmas parties, or to complete that New Years Eve look, add hair tinsel or hair jewels  to any of these hairstyles.

Make sure to always carry your hair extension brush with you because you never know when you’ll need to refresh your hair before you capture those best moments with a picture.

Have a favorite full-proof style you’d like to share? Comment below!


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Hair Extension Style

12 / 12 / 2014
The Perfect Blowout for Hair Extensions

the perfect blow out

To blowout your hair as perfectly as your stylist would, here are some do-it-yourself tips that should have you looking like you just walked out of a dry bar. Keep in mind that you should always be as gentle as you can with your hair extensions while performing these steps. Don’t tug on your connections as this will make them slip.

Step 1. Start with a sulfate-free smoothing or straightening shampoo and conditioner. It’s not a good idea to apply heat to wet hair because it ends up damaging it, so make sure you absorb as much moisture as you can by towel drying your hair.

Step 2. Apply a good blow dry primer. Most blow dry primers will contain a heat protectant to keep your ends from breaking and splitting because of the heat. If you’re looking for a more sleek look try a balm like Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate brush. For more volume and bounce use a round brush, for a sleek look, use a paddle brush.

Step 4. Before blow-drying, section off your hair into small sections (small sections dry faster). Start drying your hair with the back sections and work your way toward the front. Point your dryer downward, as this helps to close the cuticle as it dries, and run your brush through your hair as you dry it. Run the dryer through each section of your hair with the cool setting of the dryer to lock in the style once the section is dry.

Step 5. Finish off by applying a small amount of a lightweight shine spray or serum. Make sure to apply to the ends first and then to your crown.

Have a tip we missed? Let us know your favorite products to use for blowouts; we’re always interested to know!


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12 / 05 / 2014
How to shop for Hair Extensions

how to shop for extensions

If this is your first time shopping for hair extensions, or if you’re curious to know if you’ve been buying the right brand or the right method, here’s a little information that will help confirm you have been making the right decisions. These are some basic things you should look into while shopping for the right hair extensions.

Everyone has a different hair type so what may be working for your friend may not work for you. We love raving friends who have their personal reviews on different products. Although sometimes it works, when it comes to hair extensions, this is one of those decisions you’ll have to make solo. So, here’s the breakdown in a nutshell:

⃟ Curly/thick hair: I-Link or Kera-Link. Thicker hair provides a stronger hold for beads and bonds

⃟ Thin/oily hair: Tape-Ins. They put less stress on fine strands of hair.

⃟ Really curly/kinky hair: Sew Ins. They are the best matching texture and they’re easier to style.

For the non-committed or tight budgeted: Clip-Ins. You save money on installation and can be worn whenever by simply attaching them to your natural hair by the clips.

With so many brands making great quality hair, how do you know which brand to shop with? When deciding which brand to go with, do consider the following:

⃟ How much hair am I getting for my money’s worth? Look at how many strands there are per pack. Find out how many grams each pack of hair contains. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

⃟ What is the quality of hair? 100% Human Remy Hair is the best quality because it is made with human hair, which means you can style it the same way you would your natural hair. Synthetic Hair is a lower quality of hair and can’t be styled like remy. The texture is also different in the sense that, because it isn’t human hair, it will definitely not feel like it either.

⃟ How is their customer service? Although we don’t give it much thought, a brand’s customer service represents them entirely. Some questions to ask would be: Do they stand by their product? Are they easy to get a hold of? How accessible are they? The best way to get an answer to these types of questions is either word of mouth or look at reviews.

Still have questions? Please feel free to drop us a line—that’s what we’re here for!


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11 / 28 / 2014
Hair for the Holidays

Hair For the Holidays


It’s that time of giving and receiving again. Time for spending time with our family and loved ones, which also means trying to find the perfect gift for each one of them. Here’s a question: how would you feel about receiving hair extensions as a gift? As a Donna Bella Hair customer, we know you would love it and we’re almost positive your friends and family would feel the same way if they received their own Donna Bella Hair. If you’re out of gift ideas, here are some suggestions from the Donna Bella Hair Team:

Clip-Ins. Why? We haven’t met anyone who has tried them and has not fallen completely in love with them. There is no commitment and no cost for installation. It’s super convenient for busy moms that don’t have the time to style their hair, let alone sit in a chair waiting on their installation to be complete. It’s also perfect for first time hair extension wearers so they can get the hang of having longer hair and then upgrade to Tape-Ins, I-Links, or Kera-Links. Even if they already wear hair extensions, Clip-Ins are great for those moments they can’t get in with their stylist, or for when they’d like to give their hair a break. You can never go wrong with Clip-Ins.

Donna Bella Hair gift cards. Everyone loves gift cards, so why not give them gift cards for their own makeover? Since we don’t expect you to know their color, length, or method of preference, we suggest a gift card—that way they can purchase the hair they want and love you forever for their new look. Best part about it: if you shop with us on Black Friday, you’ll receive gift cards for spending a certain amount. So what better way to shop for yourself and get something for your loved ones at the same time?

Stocking stuffers. If you want some really awesome stocking stuffers, our hair tinsel and hair jewels are perfect for Christmas or a night on the town for New Years Eve, and our hair feathers are always fun on any day.

Don’t miss our Black Friday weekend Sale, you might even win a golden strand.  If there are any questions or suggestions you’d like answered from us, let us know. Happy holidays and happy shopping!


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11 / 21 / 2014
The Top 3 Hair Extension Products That Should Travel With You


Have you ever noticed that even when we double check our luggage after packing, 9 out of 10 times we forget something and don’t realize it until we get to our destinations? If you are one of the few that never forgets, we salute you! But for the rest of us that do, the following are the three most important things that should go in your suitcase first for the maintenance of your hair extensions while you’re away.

Hair extension brush. This should be pretty much in your purse 24/7. A hair extension brush is designed specifically to keep your extensions from matting. The type of bristles are different from a regular brush to help you detangle those long locks without causing breakage. You should always brush out your hair extensions before bed and in the morning. If you forget and try to use a regular brush, you’ll find that most of them will snag on your beads, bonds, or tape. The last thing you need is for your extensions to fall out while you’re out of town.

Dry shampoo. This is a life saver, especially if you don’t want to spend all that time on your hair by washing it and blow drying it. Dry shampoo will refresh next-day hair, remove the oils from your scalp, and even give you volume for the perfect curls when styling with your favorite wand or curling iron. I don’t know about you, but when I’m out of town I’d rather spend time playing and sightseeing than worrying about my hair.

Single Clip-Ins. Losing strands can definitely be a bummer when you’re on vacation. That’s why you should carry single Clip-Ins. In case your extensions start slipping, you can have the Clip-Ins as a back up and cover up any spots until you get back home and into your stylist’s chair. These are a life savers, especially if you’re vacationing in humid parts of the world. Sometimes the humidity is too much for hair extensions and they start to slip out. You never know what can happen when you’re away from home; having some emergency hair extensions to just snap in will help your trip go smoothly as far as your hair goes.

What would be your top 3 items to take on vacation? Let us know why!


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11 / 14 / 2014
Applying Heat to Your Hair Extensions Properly

Woman washing hair with shampoo

Most hair extension wearers will opt for human remy hair because it can be styled just like natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions don’t do too well with heat, therefore they should never be styled with a heating tool. Because remy hair is made out of human hair, it has more flexibility to be styled and can take the heat when it comes to using styling tools. Keep in mind that constant styling with a heating tool isn’t too healthy for your natural hair, either, let alone your hair extensions. If you can give them a break from the blow dryer, the curling iron, and the straightener, your hair will thank you for it by lasting longer. We just wanted to give you a couple tips on using those heating tools. You probably are aware of them, but the following is the “proper way” to apply heat when it comes to your extensions…well, your natural hair too.Just because there’s a high setting on that tool doesn’t mean you need to go that high. The best thing to do when choosing a setting for your hair is to pick a lower setting and do a test strand. If you feel it’s not curling or straightening the way it’s supposed to, then adjust the heat by increasing it in small amounts to where you feel it is the appropriate temperature.

Heat Protectors and oils. Before blow drying a wet head, make sure to apply a couple pumps of a blow dry primer. These primers usually contain a certain amount of heat protectant and can cut your drying time in half (less heat is always good). By applying the right blow dry primer, you protect your hair from color fade, breakage, and frizz. Now here’s where it gets tricky: do you apply a heat protecting serum right before taking the straightening iron/ curling iron to your locks? The answer is no. If you’re applying serums to each strand before placing it into the heat tool, you’re doing more harm than good. If your hair is wet with anything, like water, oil, spray, etc… you’re basically frying your hair. The proper way to apply heat protectants is to distribute the product throughout the hair and let it set before applying heat.

Wand Vs. Curling Iron. Why are so many switching over to a wand? The answer is simple—it styles faster. The wand takes less time than the original curling iron and that means less heat time on your strands. The wand was designed to give you the curls you get from a curling iron in less time, and it’s easier to use than the iron…after some practice that is.

The main things to remember when it comes to heat styling tools are settings, protection, and using the right tools. If you have a secret to styling hair please let us know. We always enjoy hearing feedback from our Donna Bellas!

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Hi Quita, if your hair extensions are resistant to heat then they will not style with any styling tool that uses heat. We always recommend human remy hair extensions over synthetic and any other type that limits your styling abilities if you enjoy being versatile with your hairstyles. Human remy hair extensions are made of human hair and therefore will style with any tool that your natural hair will style with.
-Jane Knight

Donna Bella News

11 / 07 / 2014
Hair Insurance Only at Donna Bella Hair

hair insure

If there’s auto insurance and health insurance then why isn’t there hair insurance? Well, now there is… Introducing for the first time ever—Hair Insure. The complete and total coverage for your hair extensions only at Donna Bella Hair. With Hair Insure, you are now able to protect your client’s investment, add value to your services, and get peace of mind.

Hair Insure was created as a tool to help you and your salon do more business because it’s an appealing option that protects your client’s hair extensions from any drastic hair disasters. It also lends peace of mind to both you as the stylist and your client. At Donna Bella Hair, we believe in our product and stand by it 100% and now with this added feature, you can also put your trust in us too.

So what does it cover? First, beware that it will NOT cover any problems related to misuse, negligence, abuse, or anything related to general wear and tear or slippage. Hair Insure is meant to cover bigger issues like a color job gone wrong or your client’s hair turning a different color due to a dip in a chlorinated pool. We understand that we always try to be super cautious as stylists, but sometimes even when we do take necessary precautions things can go wrong.

How does it work? Once you’ve added your desired products to your shopping bag, you will see a checkbox option to add Hair Insure to your order. If you choose to add the insurance to your purchase, it will cost 15% of your purchase total that will only be applied to I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-Ins. If the unimaginable should occur, you will have access to the claims page on our Donna Bella Hair website where you will be asked to fill out the form and submit pictures of the damaged hair. Once you’ve submitted everything, your claim will be reviewed and processed within 24-48 hours. Once approved, you will be notified via email.

To learn more and see frequently asked questions by fellow stylists please visit our Hair Insure page for complete details:


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10 / 31 / 2014
The Dandruff Dilemma

dandruff dilemma

Dandruff is a common condition that leaves flakes of skin from a shedding scalp on your hair. If you’re suffering from this condition, it may be embarrassing at times and hard to keep under control. Dandruff doesn’t mean you can’t wear hair extensions, it just means you have to take a few small extra care steps.

Sulfate free and anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners are safe on your hair extensions and are effective at controlling a mild case of dandruff. Although we tell you not to wash your hair very often, if you’re prone to dandruff, you should. Part of controlling the flaking is to have impeccable hair hygiene.

Medicated dandruff shampoos prescribed by your doctor should be applied only on your natural hair. Keep the medicated shampoo away from your hair extension ends, as the problem isn’t your ends, it’s your scalp. Most medicated dandruff shampoos will dry out hair extensions so try applying a sulfate-free shampoo on your ends while applying the medicated shampoo at the roots and your scalp. These prescribed shampoos will ask that you leave the shampoo on your scalp for a specific amount of time to let the medication work, it shouldn’t affect your hair extensions however.

Because you are washing more than the average hair extension wearer you will probably be at your move-up appointment sooner than you would normally. Typically it takes 8 weeks until your next move-up appointment. Because you are washing your hair more often, your move-up appointment will be closer to 5 weeks. It will also mean that you have to be extra careful during your washes to make sure you’re not tugging at the connections of your hair extensions too harshly. Tugging is what leads to hair extension slippage.

You should have your hair flake-free on the day of installation. If anti-dandruff shampoos aren’t helping you, try getting a prescribed medicated shampoo from your doctor before hand in time for your hair appointment. If your dandruff condition tends to be the dry kind, you’ll want to brush thoroughly as these kinds of flakes will just fall off. If your condition tends to be a greasy type of dandruff, the best method of installation for this hair type is Kera-Link. You will experience more slipping, but as mentioned before, all it means is that your move-up appointment will be required sooner.

If you’re fighting a dandruff battle, let us help you out!


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Awesome tips! Now I know what to do!!!!
-The Man The Legend

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10 / 24 / 2014
Am I Too Old For Hair Extensions?

am i too old

“The older you get the shorter the hair.” Who came up with this misleading concept anyway? One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting older is to chop off your hair. Why? Having a real short hair cut adds years to your look because you’re calling more attention to your facial features such as lines and wrinkles. Any stylist will agree that the style is more important than length. So the short answer is no, you’re never too old for hair extensions. For a few ideas on how to use hair extensions to revamp your look and take away a few years, read on…

Layers. Layers are a great way to frame your face because they soften your facial features and provide volume. As we get older our hair will thin out, which is another element that makes us look older. Build up volume and thickness by adding a few hair extension strands, if you prefer not to have a full head of them. Ask your stylist for layers that will provide the right frame for your face, build volume, and show off the thickness of your hair and hair extensions.

Highlights. You should be placing different tones of highlights around your face and at the top of your head to make your skin look warm and young. Different tones of highlights also provide dimension. You don’t have to put your natural hair through the coloring process either. With hair extensions, you can choose which colors you want and which method you prefer (I-Link, Kera-Link, or Tape-In) to accomplish the look without any damage to your natural hair. You should stay away from just one solid color. No matter your hair color, if it has no dimension, it will make you look older and can make a great cut and/or style look dull.

Cover-up. Syrra Salon in West Virginia recently sent us a before and after picture of a client who had a bald spot at the top of her head (featured below). By adding a few Donna Bella hair extension pieces, the stylist was able to cover it up, looking completely natural. If it wasn’t for the before picture, we wouldn’t have been able to tell!

Hair extensions aren’t just a trend, they are also a lifestyle, and in some cases life savers!  Still have a few questions? Drop us a line below; we’d love to help out!


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10 / 17 / 2014
Can I Install My Own Hair Extensions?


Although you can technically install your own hair extensions it is highly not recommended. The only type of hair extensions you should be installing on your own are Clip-Ins. Even the most talented hairstylists go to other certified hair extension stylists to get their extensions installed. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth paying your certified stylist for the install.

Blending. The secret to a great hair extension job and the MOST important part of the hair installation process. This technique takes a lot of practice that certified hair stylists spend tons of time mastering. Trying to blend in your own extensions is like trying to give yourself a new haircut…not the brightest idea.

Consistency. Whether it’s Tape-In, I-Link, or Kera-Link, installation takes precision and skill. Can you imagine trying to place evenly spaced bonds on yourself? Now that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen! You risk having crooked Tape-Ins, partially crimped beads, and messy bonds. You also have to make sure your extensions are placed at the exact right spot on the head. Too close to the scalp (for I-Link and Kera-Link) and you create a “waterfall” effect where the extensions don’t lay flat, but rather stick out at the attachment point. If they’re too far from the scalp (for all methods) the extensions will look like they’ve already grown out and need a touch up. Both scenarios result in giving away your secret, because your beads, bonds, or tape will be much more noticeable.

Time. We all know extensions can take a while to install. Even with the most talented stylists, you’ll still find yourself sitting in their chairs for at least an hour. If you install yourself, plan on spending at least double the time to only get half the quality.

Finding a certified stylist is very important for a successful hair extension job. There’s a reason why stylists go through the extra training to become masters in hair extensions. And let’s not forget the pretty penny you’ve invested in your new hair. Don’t chance it! if you need help finding a stylist or have a question about how to find a stylist, please let us know!




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Hi Holly! You should keep a hair extension brush handy. That way you can brush out any matting at any time :)
-Jane Knight