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03 / 26 / 2015
Ombre with Donna Bella Hair

ombre with db

After the high demand for ombre hair extensions, Donna Bella Hair is now offering ombre hair extensions in Kera-Link, I-Link, and Tape-Ins. If you think it’s just a trend, think again. Ombre has been in style since 2010 and maybe even a little before then. As the years go by, there are different variations of the trend such as the sombre, dip dye, and, as of recently, the balayage. Don’t expect ombre to dye down anytime soon—pun intended.

Low maintenance. The ombre trend is popular not only because of the cool color fade effect, but because it’s also low maintenance! Rather than coloring regrowth every time, the more regrowth, the better! It gives the hair more of a fade effect as it grows out, which means your client won’t need to come in as often to have her roots touched up or have her hair extensions removed and reinstalled with each touch up, keeping her hair extensions in better condition.

Less damage. Face it, even the most professional hair coloring systems still cause some damage to the hair. With ombre hair extensions, you can skip the coloring and have beautifully long, damage-free hair with the low maintenance. Not having to play catch-up with the regrowth is a major perk, right? Even if you have to lighten the ends of the natural hair to blend in with the ombre hair extensions, the ends will sustain a one-time dose of damage. You won’t ever need to touch them again.

Options. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to ombre is blond. Don’t get the misconception that all ombre hair has to transition from dark to blonde. When it comes to ombre, you can transition from a dark chocolate brown tone to a light caramel color. If you’re feeling more creative you can go from dark to a burgundy color. How creative you want to get is up to you, and of course, your client. If you’re a pro at coloring, our ombre hair extensions can also be customized to match your client’s wants. Just make sure, as always, to do a strand test to see how the hair reacts to your color system. The Donna Bella Hair safe rule: always deposit, never lift, so make sure to get the extensions in a lighter color that you can add color to.

If you have a question about our new ombre hair extensions, leave them in the comments below.

To watch Master Educator Ruben Martinez at work with Donna Bella’s ombre hair extensions, click here.

 color 12600 keralinks done at Trinitiy Salon, New Jersey

Pictured above: color 12/600

Trinity Salon, New Jersey

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How do you mask lighter bond areas if you are darkening the base colour?

Biz Tip

03 / 19 / 2015
Clip-Ins: The Secret Money Maker

Clip Ins the secret money maker


In this market, you have to be competitive, constantly thinking of ways to be ahead of the game. One mistake you can make as a stylist is overlooking the method of Clip-Ins. Why? Because it’s the fastest growing method of hair extensions. A lot of women are finding they don’t have the time to sit in a chair for a full installation of extensions, or they don’t want the commitment that comes with the maintenance of Tape-Ins, Kera-Links, or I-Links. Clip-Ins will be the easiest money making method of hair extensions for you. Sure, there are a lot of hair extension companies that offer Clip-Ins, but there are very few stylists that offer Clip-In services. Here are some small and simple ways you can grow your income and clientele with this growing trend. Check them out!

Customize. While each set of Clip-Ins are made the same, each client isn’t the same. This is where you, as the stylist, come in. It’s hard for a client to find her exact match of hair; sometimes you can come really close, but not the same. Offer to order and custom color her Donna Bella hair extensions to her exact match. Before you offer this service, make sure you’ve played with color on our hair extensions. Some color formulas make our hair extensions react differently, so make sure you always do a test strand and follow our coloring rule: always deposit, never lift. A lot of stylists have clients who play with colors #600 and #1001 to deposit color, especially for an ombre custom color job.

Blend. A full set of Clip-Ins is made to be “one size fits all”, however, each one of our clients has a different texture of hair, head size, and some have more hair than others. Offer to install their Clips-Ins and customize them to fit them specifically by blending them in. Remind them to choose a method for putting the hair away in order, so that they know which row goes where when placing them back on their head. A custom blend is always necessary for any type of hair extension anyway right?

Special occasions. Bridals, quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, weddings, and any other special occasion share one common question: “How am I doing my hair?” This is probably the most popular Clip-In service because women want that one-night glam, but they also want to be able to go back to normal as soon as it’s over. If you’ve ever worked with our Human Hair Clip-Ins you know they are super easy to work with and can be styled any which way, even with heat.

Hopefully these will give you some more Clip-In ideas. And as always, we love to hear your questions and concerns, so drop them below!


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Biz Tip

03 / 13 / 2015
Donna Bella Hair Certification

db certification

By choosing Donna Bella Hair for your clients, you’ve taken a big step in the right direction. Not only do we work hard to bring you the best quality of hair at great prices, we’re also making sure to provide you with opportunities to grow as a stylist and advance in your profession. How so? Well, for starters, we offer online education to make you specifically Donna Bella Certified in all 3 extension methods, which then gives you the ability to add more services to your list and cater to a larger clientele. But if you thought that was as far as you could go, you thought wrong…

Becoming Donna Bella Certified also opens doors for opportunities to become part of the team as a Donna Bella educator. To become an educator, you must be certified in all three methods. As an educator you will travel around the country to provide the best hair installations for clients at hair shows, as well as the best service and classes, teaching others the tricks of the trade. By traveling with us, you’ll become well known in the industry and make a name for yourself in a competitive market. If this sounds like something you would like, get your application in by June 15th for Donna Bella’s National Stylist Search. What is the National Stylist Search? Click here to learn more.

If you’re not quite ready to become an educator just yet, certification still has its benefits for you. You can take advantage of the Donna Bella Stylist Directory which allows us to refer you to prospective clients; and trust us, we get tons of emails daily from clients asking for a stylist in their area to install their Donna Bella hair. Of course, there are also special discounts for you on Donna Bella hair products, and insider deals. Be the first to know when new products hit the shelves while taking advantage of your special price!

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, check out our online classes or our hands-on Pro Series tour with internationally known stylist Ruben Martinez. Ruben will definitely show you how to master the craft of hair extension installation with every trick in the book, including how to price your services. The Pro Series is designed to help you grow as a stylist so that you can earn more income and benefit from more loyal clients than ever before.

Are you ready to become Donna Bella Certified? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns to help you take the leap!


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Hi Marybeth,

Thanks for asking! All the information you need to sign up for our online classes, including cost, can be found here:
-Jane Knight

Ask Donna Bella

03 / 06 / 2015
Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions: Q & A’s


Now that we are the end of our Tape-In blog series, we hope you’ve had most of your questions answered. We know it was a lot of information to take in so we’ve taken some of the questions you’ve emailed us with and dedicated this blog to that.

Q: My Tape-Ins are slipping. What causes that?

A: If your client is experiencing early slippage, it could either be the improper installation done by the stylist or the mismanagement by the client. Here are some things that could cause slippage:


  • Natural hair is not fully clarified before installation
  • Tape-ins are applied to an inappropriate distance from the head
  • Stylist gets oil or other substances on the adhesive before installation
  • Client conditions their scalp
  • Client leaves their hair damp for too long
  • Client brushes inappropriately or tugs at the tape in some other way
  • Client applies heat or styling product near the tape
  • Regular maintenance appointments aren’t getting done


Q: Can I wash tape-in hair like normal?

A: You can wash your tape-in extensions like you normally would your natural hair. You just have to be more careful by only using sulfate-free products, condition only from the midshaft down. Never get oil or cream near the adhesive bonds. Also, wash your hair less frequently. Two to three times a week at most and make sure your hair dries quickly afterwards. Do not sleep with wet hair.

Q: Why can’t I use a regular brush to brush my tape-ins?

A: Hair extensions need to be treated with the best care and the highest quality products. Brushes with stiff metal bristles pull out hair and make tangling worse. Our brush is different. Made from 100% boar hair with staggered bristles, it glides easily through hair extensions without damaging the bonds that hold them in. Using Donna Bella hair extension accessories guarantees that both original hair and the hair extensions are treated properly and last a long time. Our products are designed to work with Donna Bella hair so we recommend only using our products for the best results.

Q: How should I be brushing my tape-ins?

A: You should only brush you hair 1 or 2 times a day. Wet hair can be detangled with a wide tooth comb or your fingers. The correct brushing technique is to start from the ends and work your way up, pressing firmly on the adhesive so that the tape-ins don’t get tugged.

Q: Can you use heat to install the tape-in hair?

A: We strongly advise against using heat to install our Tape-In hair extensions. By applying heat, you can over-activate the adhesive, fry the hair, and compromise the bond. Our medical-grade adhesive is designed for room-temperature application. If you’d like, you can use a cold flatiron to apply pressure to the tape when you sandwich the two pieces together. Just make sure the flatiron isn’t plugged in or radiating any residual heat.

Q: When using replacement tape do you really have to make sure all the old tape is completely off before you place the new tapes back on?

A: ABSOLUTELY! All the old tape must be completely removed. In order for you to have a successful move-up appointment, the hair must be completely clarified and squeaky clean of any buildup including any old adhesive that may be lingering in the hair.

Q: Getting the oil out of the hair after using the bond remover can be challenging. Any suggestions?

A: The best way to remove oil from the hair is to use a clarifying shampoo once and then rewash the hair, adding a little bit of baking soda to remove any traces of old tape. Rewash again for a third time to remove any traces of baking soda. By the third wash, the tape-ins and natural hair should be completely clarified and ready to go!

If you don’t see your question, please feel free to call us anytime, it’s always better to talk to a representative anyway and we love to hear from you 888-424-7548. If you’d like to make a suggestion, drop it in the box below!


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Ask Donna Bella

02 / 26 / 2015
Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Removal

the removal

So now it’s been a good 4-6 weeks and your client is coming in for a move-up appointment for her Tape-Ins. While a move up can be really easy, it also takes a lot of time. Plan on spending about 2 ½ to 3 hours on a moveup appointment. Let your client know so that they will be prepared. This is where it gets tricky because a small error in the re-taping process made by the stylist can cause early slippage for the client. Remember, there are no short cuts to the process if you want the hold!

Tape-In Bond Remover. The clear oil-based remover is especially formulated to remove Donna Bella Tape-In extensions. It sometimes gets confused with the Keratin Bond Remover which is alcohol-based. To help you remember, clear is for tape, blue is for bond. Start by applying a good amount of Tape-In Bond Remover to the weft (do not saturate the whole head). Don’t be afraid to use too much remover. If the remover is left for too long it starts to disintegrate the tape and make it really gummy. Therefore, only do one weft at a time. Once the weft is out, apply a little more remover to the natural hair to remove any of the old adhesive that may still be lingering.

Styrofoam head. For an easier application, use a styrofoam head. As you remove the tape, place the old weft on a styrofoam head in the same location as where you removed it from your client’s head. Do this to save you time in trying to figure out where they go back. Many of our top stylists highly suggest you do this to save time.

Washing. This is the most important part of the move-up service since both the wefts and the natural hair should be 100% clarified. Wash the client’s hair once with a clarifying shampoo, then add a little baking soda to the clarifying shampoo for a second wash, but only where the extensions were placed. The baking soda will act as a safe abrasive to help break down the remover and stickiness.  Shampoo the hair again for the third time to remove any traces of baking soda. You may condition from the mid-shaft down (avoid the roots), but do not dry with any product.

Clarifying the wefts. Put a small amount of clarifying shampoo mixed with baking soda in a small dish and regular shampoo in another. Remove the wefts one section at a time from the styrofoam head, wash with the regular shampoo, rinse, and then place them back on the styrofoam. You can dry either with a dryer or place the head under a hooded dryer while you are working on your client.

Re-taping. Make sure that you don’t have any product or oil on your hands. When you peel the tape away from the card, only touch the very edge. Try to come in contact with the tape as little as possible. Make sure that you press it firmly to the extension weft. The extensions are not meant to have any of the old tape on them before they are re-taped. If done correctly, your client should only need to come in every 4-6 weeks.

Got a question? Let us know!


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I love the Styrofoam head idea!! It's those little tips and tricks that help us make providing an extension service easier. I have tried the oil remover vs. the alcohol remover and I must say that I much prefer the alcohol remover because its saved at least 2.5 hours of work on my part. Instead of clarifying all the extension hair AND the clients hair. I can pop the extensions right back in. Way more user friendly, and time is money.

Ask Donna Bella

02 / 20 / 2015
Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Aftercare

tape-ins the after care

You’re all done with the Tape-In hair extension installation and your client is ready to hit the town with her new look. Not so fast, there’s one more important step that you should always do before you let your client walk out the door— deliver the aftercare instructions. Even if your client is a long-time hair extensions wearer, remind them. You’ve just spent a good amount of your time and theirs completing the perfect hair extension job; the last thing you both want is early slippage. The following are the most important care instructions to go over:

Washing and conditioning. Donna Bella Hair extensions should always be washed and conditioned with sulfate-free products. Any products containing sulfates can dry up the hair extensions. Conditioner should be applied only at the midshaft through the ends. If any oils or conditioners are placed on the tape or scalp they will weigh down the extensions, just as they would your natural hair. The tape will also slip; after all, we do use an oil-based remover to remove tape-ins. The same rule goes for hair masks, leave-in conditioners, and any other moisturizing treatments.  Apply a hair mask at least once a month to help keep the hair moisturized and preserve its shine.

Brushing. Both natural hair and hair extensions are weakest when wet. So to avoid breakage, apply a detangler, leave-in conditioner, or oil to the hair before brushing. Always use a hair extension brush to avoid tugging on the tape. The proper way to brush is to start from the bottom, working your way up. If you start from top to bottom you will cause tangles and breakage, just like with your natural hair.  Also, remind your clients to pat dry their hair extensions when using a towel. Rubbing a towel back and forth can cause a matted mess because of so much friction. And whenever possible, blowdryers should be avoided, leaving the extensions to air dry. Constant heat will damage the hair faster.

Styling. Ponytails, buns, braids, or any up-do’s should be loose. Tight hair styles means there’s constant pulling at the tape, and guess what that does? Yup, you guessed it: it pulls the hair extension connection over time and your client will start having her hair extensions slipping in no time. Before bedtime, hair extensions should be styled as well. Placing hair extensions in a loose braid or ponytail and using a head wrap or headscarf will help protect the hair from tangles.

Heat. When heat is used to curl, straighten, or dry hair extensions, a heat protectant should always be used. The proper way to apply a heat protectant is to read the directions on the bottle. One tip we do want to give is this: never apply a heat protectant right before applying the heat tool. Always wait a minute or two for the hair to absorb the product. That way you’re not frying the hair due to the wetness of a fresh product application. If you overuse heat tools on your hair extensions, it could fry them, just as it would your natural hair. Less heat is always better.

Want to go the extra mile? Print these aftercare tips and give them to your client as a go-to reference. Have any aftercare questions as a stylist or client? Please ask! We always welcome your questions and concerns.


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Hi Dee! We recommend moving up the hair every 4-6 weeks and the hair can be reused 2-3 times which gives the client 3-6 months in between replacing the hair.
-Jane Knight

Ask Donna Bella

02 / 13 / 2015
Donna Bella Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Installation

tapeins the installation

While anyone can install Tape-Ins, we highly recommend that Tape-In hair extensions be installed solely by a trained and licensed salon professional. To avoid a bad hair extension experience and to protect your investment, do not attempt to do your own Tape-Ins. There are certain reasons why stylists go to school and get extensive training on techniques and products, especially when it comes to blending.

Hair types. There are ten wefts that come in each Donna Bella Tape-In pack. On a client that has average length, thickness, layering, and texture, you will be using 4-6 packs of hair. If the client has shorter hair or thicker hair, you will be using 6 to 8 packs. And if your client has extremely thin or fine hair, plan on using 3 to 5 packs of hair. Less packs of hair may be used, but only if your client is wanting to add more weight or thickness to their hair without increasing length. Also, if your client is used to wearing their hair up, you need to place the wefts where they can be hidden easily for updo hairstyles. This is a question you should ask before starting the installation process so that, if you need to angle some of the wefts, you may do so.

Prepping the hair. When your client comes in for the initial installation, they should come with clean and clarified hair. That means no conditioners should be applied after shampooing when washing! Clarified hair means you’re stripping the hair of any moisture, including the oils the scalp produces. The best way to get clarified hair is to use a clarifying shampoo that doesn’t contain moisturizers and then let the hair air dry. The hair may be blow dried, just make sure that no heat protectant, gloss, or anything has been placed on the hair.

During the installation. Try to come in contact with the tape as little as possible or not at all. By placing your fingers on the tape, you’re transferring the oils from your finger onto the tape, which will cause them to slip. Do not take the backing off of the tape and stick it on your finger while sectioning hair. Simply section the fair first and then use your nail to lift the backing from the tape, keeping your fingers away from the tape as you peel it, and place the weft onto the sectioned hair. When you seal the weft, make sure there are no air bubbles. By aligning the top and bottom tape correctly you will avoid this problem. Make sure you’re placing the correct amount of hair between the wefts and tape. Placing too much hair into the weft will definitely cause early slippage.

Tape-Ins are meant to last 6 to 8 weeks before they need to be moved up, depending on the rate of your client’s hair growth. They may be reused up to 3 times a year. Have an installation question? You know what to do. Drop it in the comment box below; we’re always happy to help our Donna Bellas!


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[…] Donna Bella Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Installation … […]
-Tape In Hair Extensions | Curly Clip In Hair Extensions

Ask Donna Bella

02 / 06 / 2015
Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Product

dbh tapein the product


Because of the high industry demand for Tape-Ins from stylists, Donna Bella decided to search high and low for the best quality hair to add Tape-In extensions to the line.  Because we’re always finding new ways to innovate, we were one of the first large hair extension companies to offer the method. Our founder did not only find high-quality hair, he also worked hard to find the best quality adhesive that would provide long-lasting hold. Finally, a formula of latex-free medical adhesive was tested and found to be safe to use on all hair types. Since Donna Bella Hair has offered Tape-In hair extensions, it has been the number one seller and is quickly gaining more popularity. It’s the newer method of doing hair extensions and is a favorite of not only the client but the stylist, too. If you’ve never attempted the Tape-In method but want to know more, this blog is for you.

Most popular.

After receiving complaints from stylists about the rudimentary tape-ins that were offered from other companies, Donna Bella Hair tried to develop a method what would remove all of those issues (slippage, shedding, weak adhesive, etc.). Consequently, we’ve become very successful. Tape-In hair is sold in wefts instead of individual strands. Since there is more hair on each weft, the hair can be installed in wider areas of the head. If installed correctly, it has a flat, seamless finish. It has less strain than individual strand extensions, which is better for thinner hair. The advantage of wefts over strands is the installation time. Most Tape-In installations take an hour or two at most. Faster installation means you have more time in your schedule for appointments, which in turn means more revenue. More revenue is what we like as stylists, right?

Long Lasting.

Donna Bella’s Tape-Ins are made with 100% Human Remy hair that is stitched onto a  polyurethane template to prevent shedding. Just like Kera-Link and I-Link extensions, if Tape-Ins are cared for properly, they will last a year or longer. We recommend moving up the hair every 4-6 weeks and the hair can be reused 2-3 times which gives the client 3-6 months in between replacing the hair. Tape-Ins can be reused up to three times if removed and installed correctly.


Tape-In hair extensions are perfect for clients who want to avoid the heat from Kera-Links or the beads from I-Link. The tape that is used is specifically formulated to be non-irritating to the skin. Donna Bella Hair developed an advanced adhesive formulation that allows for maximum hold and easy removal (with the correct remover), leaving the natural hair free from any damage.

If you’d like to see a free demo of Tape-In installation please visit Donna Bella’s website. If you have any questions about our Tape-In hair, please feel free to drop it in the comment box below!


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Hair Extension News

01 / 30 / 2015
Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions: The Consultation

tapeins the cosultation

Consultations are always the best part of the hair extension business. You get to meet different clients who come from different walks of life. For some, hair extensions are simply a luxury they enjoy, while for others, it’s a lifestyle they can’t do without. The consultation is also the most important piece of their experience. Because of how much time and money they are putting into the process, hair extensions are an investment for them, so they expect you to work a miracle even though sometimes it cannot be done. To make sure your consultation goes well for you and your client, use the following tips.

Be upfront. First-time hair extension wearers have never experienced this type of service before, and since they haven’t a clue, they may have some really high expectations for you. Before they come in for their appointment with you, tell them to bring in some pictures of what they imagine their hair will look like. Most of the time, women get their inspirations from hairstyles they’ve seen on social media or on a celebrity. Having a picture will let you visualize exactly what your client is envisioning. In some rare cases, you won’t be able to take them from “zero to hero.” Either their hair is too short or too thin for their method of choice, the color isn’t flattering for their skin tone, or their face frame requires a different cut or color, etc… So to avoid a difficult client, it is your job to be honest with them and provide a professional opinion. Always under-promise and over-deliver.

Educate. As a stylist you tend to forget that not everyone knows what you do. Make sure that at the consultation you give your client all the details they’ll need to know, from the installation process to the aftercare and reinstallation. Make sure you cover the how-to’s for washing their hair with the right products, plus how to style (brushing and using heat). It might even help to create a cheat sheet with all the info that you can send home with them. It’s a way to not only set yourself apart from the rest of the hairstylists, but to give your client a reference they can run to when in doubt.

Commit. Toward the end of the consultation make sure you and the client are both in agreement about the course of action. Make sure they understand what you expect from them, for example, having their hair ready for installation (clarified and free of any moisture, etc…), and that you understand what they expect from you (custom color job, more volume, more length, etc…). Make sure you both have a clear understanding so that, come installation day, there are no unexpected surprises.

Having issues with your consultations? Leave a comment below. We’ll get you the help you need!


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Ask Donna Bella

01 / 23 / 2015
Top 3 Reasons to Attend a Pro Series Event

Top 3 reasons to attend a

Most of us are visual learners, especially when it comes to the art of hair, correct? So there is no better way to learn specific tricks and tips—unless you are physically being taught one-on-one by a master of hair extensions. Yes we have education and tools online that you can use to help you improve and get started. However, there are always those “What-ifs?” and “I’m not sure if I’m doing this right” questions and concerns that linger in our minds. We like the reassurance of having a pro watching over us to give us confirmation. That is exactly why Ruben Martinez and the rest of the Donna Bella Hair Team have taken the time to make this tour possible.

Use it as an excuse. Excuses have a negative connotation to them, but in this case, use it for a positive reason. Find the nearest event to you, round up your stylist friends, and head down for a day or a weekend of intense training, fun, and play. We’ve got you covered with overnight accommodations, goodies, and high-end dinners with Ruben and the rest of the team.

Get intense. As part of the package deal, we give you all the tools needed to train in all three methods; I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In. We do this so that you can use these tools as part of your hands-on training. Our goal is to make you incredibly comfortable with each method, so that you can leave with overt confidence in your ability to provide any service to any client. The training is designed to give you the most attention possible so that you can learn at your own pace and get each one of your questions answered. Have trouble with slippage? Our educators will give you the secrets and tips to make that a thing of the past. Want to improve your custom coloring skills? Ruben will turn you into a master hair extension colorist. . There are so many possibilities!

Make more money. That is our goal after all, isn’t it? Providing more than one service that allows you to cater to many more clients? Just because a stylist provides several services doesn’t mean they’re better off. It takes a stylist who provides confident, reliable, amazing services to keep loyal clients and increase their revenue through word-of-mouth. Although we can’t provide you with personality, we can, however, give you the confidence you need to provide those key elements in all of your hair extension services, and to make you the best in town. Your work speaks for itself. Shouldn’t you amaze them?

Need more info on our Pro Series events? Drop your questions in the box below!

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