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CUT IT OUT Launches Major Outreach With Posters

Friday, January 26th, 2007

CUT IT OUT, a national nonprofit organized as the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, announced today the launch of a major national outreach initiative in the fight against domestic abuse. During the month of August, 2006, the organization will distribute free of charge more than 2,000 comprehensive educational seminar kits designed to train DV community service providers to conduct CUT IT OUT seminars within their local communities.

The initiative is the latest step in the program’s mission to mobilize salon professionals and others in the fight against domestic abuse. The CUT IT OUT Seminar Kit includes a Facilitator’s Guide, which provides an overview of the program. Also included are instructions for reaching the salon community and step-by-step directions for conducting seminars, a Seminar Instruction Manual, a Seminar DVD, and tips for generating local media coverage.

“CUT IT OUT has broadened its reach with the creation and distribution of these kits to every state Attorney General, every state coalition and other community service providers across the country,” stated Dianne Mooney, co-founder of the CUT IT OUT organization. “We are committed to continuing the fight to end domestic abuse and have been particularly ambitious with this major mailing.”

Praise for the program has been far reaching and includes the following:

“I strongly urge any state that has the opportunity to participate in CUT IT OUT to do so without hesitation.”
– Vicki Bourus, Executive Director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
“…a wonderful, creative way to address domestic abuse…”
– Maryland Attorney General, J. Joseph Curran, Jr.
“…a vital tool in our community’s response to the problem of domestic abuse…”
– Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard
“…an innovative program for outreach…we have found the materials most effective in educating and motivating salon professionals…”
– Carol Gundlach, Executive Director, Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence
“…The CUT IT OUT program is an integral part of our mission…”
– Leslie Landis, Director, Chicago Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence

Redken Sweeps BTC Awards…Again.

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

It is official…As posted on the Redken site, Redken has received seven outstanding wins for’s 2006 Stylist Choice Awards…Again. They managed to beat all other manufacturers in the number of wins (sounds fishy doesn’t it) and their awards include Favorite Overall Professional Products Company for the sixth consecutive year. I have to admit, that when a company wins hands down like this so many years in a row, blowing any and all competition out of the water, there’s a hint of favoritism in the air. Don’t get me wrong, Redken makes great products, but it’s funny that not a single other company broke out to take one of the awards away. The awards are as follows:

Favorite Overall Professional Products CoMPANY: Redken 5th Avenue

Favorite New Shampoo or Conditioner: Blonde Glam

Favorite New Product for Color, Color Enhancement or Color Protection: Color Extend

Favorite Permanent Color Line: Color Fusion

Favorite Demi-Permanent Color Line: Shades EQ

Favorite Manufacturer-Sponsored Event: Redken Symposium

Favorite Advanced Academy: Redken Exchange

Getting Under The Skin of Resurfacing Technololgy

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Medesthetics magazine’s featured article this month dives under the skin with an insiders up close look at the technology behind resurfacing. Interviews with experts, doctors and practitioners reveal how this treatment could be an excellent one for your spa or health salon. Here’s a bit of the article by Inga Hansen:

Bridging the middle ground between conventional laser resurfacing and nonablative technologies, fractional delivery systems are taking the cosmetic industry by storm. To help you decide whether fractional resurfacing is appropriate for your practice, our panel of experts discuss the technology behind fractional photothermolysis, appropriate indications, patient selection and the various fractional photothermolysis devices now available.

For the full article, click here.

Working Heavy Metal, with Mettle

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Beauty Store Business magazine this month has a feature article on nail implements and their use and effectiveness past and present. If you’re in the salon business, then you may already know a great deal about these must have tools, but for many owners, knowing exactly “how” to sell the tools may be a mystery. Almost as much of a mystery as describing the first nail clipper was for its inventor. Here’s a clip from the article by Kathy Kirkland:

Chapel Carter, the inventor of the nail clipper, couldn’t begin to explain today’s nailcare implements. Can you? The simple nail file has been around for centuries and is so important to our beauty-oriented culture that one was included in the 1939 New York World’s Fair time capsule. In 1896, Chapel Carter devised the nail clipper. Since those early days of nailcare implements, the improvements, variety and importance of these beauty tools have grown exponentially.

In September 2006, Information Resources Inc. reported that consumers spent $150.3 million on nail implements and accessories in the preceding 12 months, an increase of 3.6% from the year before. While this is a definite indication that the nail-implement business continues to grow, unit sales declined by 4.3%. Fewer implements were sold, but the per-unit price was higher. Thus, the industry has taken nail implements to the next level of high-tech construction, style and functionality for even greater profits for all stakeholders.

Today, there are multiuse tools and new innovations that Chapel Carter himself wouldn’t recognize or be able to explain to a prospective professional or nonprofessional customer. Can you? Knowing nail implements means being able to sell them. If you want to tap into that $150-million market some more, this product category is worth more of your attention.

For the full article, click here.

Redken Founder to be Honored

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Paula Kent Meehan, founder of industry giant Redken Laboratories, will be honored by Intercoiffure America/Canada on June 10, 2007 at its annual Spring Educational Symposium at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. President Lois Christie will present Meehan with Intercoiffure’s “Visionary of the Year” Award, in recognition of her seminal influence in the beauty industry.

The “Visionary of the Year” Award recognizes extraordinary individual achievements in influencing business or creative trends in the beauty industry. “This award is presented by the best and most successful salon owners in America and Canada,” says Christie. “It honors individuals who helped to change and raise the standards in the industry as a whole.”

Paula Kent Meehan pioneered the “Scientific Approach to Beauty,” developing products compatible with the basic chemistry of hair and skin. Under her leadership, Redken trained hairdressers in the chemistry of hair and introduced them to the benefits of retailing professional products in their salons, at the time a break-through in distribution channels.

In 1993 Meehan sold Redken Laboratories to L’Oreal, who moved the company from its California roots to its current home on Fifth Avenue in New York. Today Redken remains a global leader in professional haircare products and services. Redken products are now available in professional beauty salons in more than 50 countries.

The presentation of the Award to an influential figure in the color industry coincides with the launch of Intercoiffure’s newly formed Hair Color Council, to be headed by creative director Gina Khan. Notes President Lois Christie, “For the first time Intercoiffure colorists will be able to pool their talents and share knowledge with the industry. We will promote the business of hair color and set trends in techniques and products. We will combine our creative vision with a mission to mentor hairdressers who want a career in hair color.”

Intercoiffure is the most exclusive organization of independent salon owners in the world. Intercoiffure America/Canada represents more than 300 of the best salons in North America and is part of Intercoiffure Mondial, the only global beauty association, representing 44 countries and 3,300 members worldwide.

Former Partner of Pivot Point International Passes Away

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Pivot Point International notes the passing of Grace Doran Francis, former partner of Leo Passage, Pivot Point founder and chairman emeritus. Together they built Pivot Point into the world leader that it is today.

Grace and her husband, Buddy Francis, joined Leo Passage in the late 1960s. Before that, Grace and Buddy owned the Doran-Francis Palm Springs Beauty College in Palm Springs, CA. At another time, Grace was in partnership with Comer Syprett and formed the Comer-Doran Beauty School and Method, one of the industry?s first educational systems for cosmetology schools. After successfully helping Comer to grow their school network to more than 100, Grace and Buddy moved to Chicago to become partners in education with Leo Passage. This would prove to be one of the most dynamic and successful partnerships in the history of the cosmetology school industry.

For the next 15-years plus, Grace was an officer and Director of Education for Pivot Point and worked hand-in-hand with Leo Passage to develop the widely acclaimed Scientific Approach, which has become the gold standard by which cosmetology training is measured throughout the world. Many of the techniques that she brought to the Scientific Approach program continue to be used. She successfully earned the reputation as a school industry icon, who was also inducted into NCA?s Hairstyling Hall of Renown.

She was a world traveler, a guest educator and honoree at many international hairdressing events and competitions. Throughout, her first love was teaching, educating and mentoring students and molding outstanding educators and platform artists.

Grace and Buddy retired and returned to Vista, CA in 1988. She is survived by her husband, Buddy, of 55 years, and children Joanne Phillips, Bill Doran, Mark Francis and Candi Francis.

The Perfect Curl

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

A myriad of tools exist allowing women, and men I suppose, to get that perfect curl. The technology has slowly improved over the last 100 years, and to day represents a healthy chunk of salon and beauty supply sales – up to 35%. Beauty Store Magazine gives an in-depth look at the business behind curling irons. Here’s a piece of the article by Victoria Wurdinger:

Sundries and electrics represent a $1.7-billion market in the United States, and styling iron sales, in particular, show little sign of cooling off. Curling and flat irons account for 30% to 35% of sales of all electrical hair goods, according to Professional Consultants & Resources, a full-service, strategic consulting company based in Plano, Texas. However, once you subtract salon sales, of the remaining $1.4 billion at mass retail, only $250 million flows through beauty supply stores. Still, couldn’t you use a decent-size slice of that chunk of change? While not all sundries are a great fit with every store, styling irons are practically indigenous. With the product category sizzling, consumers showing a distinct preference for professional-style tools and stylists demanding top-notch irons, stores that play to their advantages can easily increase their market share.

“Stores carry better lines, have more professional-use lines and have personnel who are stylists themselves or who are more knowledgeable about styling,” notes Cyrus Bulsara, president of Professional Consultants & Resources. To work these advantages, become fluent in the market drivers, enhance your understanding of new technologies and opt for live or video demonstrations whenever possible. After all, selling today is all about the experience.

Click here to read the full article.

Spring Forward – Spring Fashion and Beauty in Review

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Spring fashion is already buzzing and we’ve barely entered the new year. What may seem at first glance to provide nothing for the normal shopper, a closer examination reveals that there are in fact some pieces that are practical for everyday wear, and will show off the everyday woman – not just the 6′ plus super model. Beauty Launchpad magazine has a feature article that rounds up this year’s spring fashion. Here’s a snippet of the article by Karie L. Frost:

The overall tone for spring seemed to lack cohesiveness, with some designers teleporting fashion far into the future and others waxing nostalgic for retro ’60s inspiration. Overly frilly frocks took a backseat to gauzy, transparent confections minimal in embellishment, yet heavy in innovative construction. And while waistlines moved up, up and away, hemlines did the same, leaving miles and miles of bare gams. Did designers have everyday women in mind when creating paper-bag waists, trapeze silhouettes and hot pants that practically double as knickers? Perhaps not, but among the styles sent down spring runways, plenty of wearable garments abounded, and with tons of trends to choose from, you’re sure to find your look for spring.

Coming of Age – How Babyboomers Are Redefining the Process

Friday, January 12th, 2007

A lot of industries are starting to recognize the buying power of the baby boomer generation, and the spa industry is one of them. Spas are now offering “aging” regimen’s and treatments to people of all ages. DaySpa Magazine’s featured article this month is all about aging gracefully, and retooling your spa’s offerings to cater to the needs of the 45+ generation. Here’s a snippet of the article by Kendra Kozen:

Since the baby boomers came of age in the 1960s, America has undeniably become a youth-obsessed culture. From Rodeo Drive to Madison Avenue and everywhere in between, for at least the last decade one of the most prevalent trends in the beauty industry has been the idea of complete antiaging—do whatever possible to fight any appearance of aging. Our society now happily spends billions of dollars each year on the latest creams, gels and serums to keep us looking as young as possible, and more invasive treatments like cosmetic surgery and injections are now commonplace.

All of this has been a blessing for the spa industry. By capitalizing on the desire to look younger, you’ve probably increased your bottom line and brought in more than one new client. But will this trend continue now that the baby boomer generation has entered its 60s? Inevitably, we’ll all continue to get older, but will members of this generation still want to try to look like they’re in their 30s when they reach 75?

Some in the industry believe we’re beginning to see a shift in the way that we look at aging. It appears that we may be moving away from the concept of “fight aging at any cost” to a more graceful, wellness-based approach of “look your best at any age.” “We’re beginning to see hints that people are recognizing that there’s beauty at any age,” says Pamela Mayberry, associate director of the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute in Ithaca, New York. She notes the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign as one example of this trend and says that even if only a small number of baby boomers embrace this notion, it’s still significant because of the size of the generation.

Get the full article here.

Blown Away

Friday, January 12th, 2007

There’s probably over a hundred ways to dry your hair without a towel, and probably a thousand products you could use to do it “safely.” Launchpad’s feature article this month is all about that…being blown away by the volume (pun intended) of hair drying solutions available on the market today. Here’s a snippet of the article by Jeryl E. Spear:

In the hands of a gifted stylist, hair can be made to look stunning with the flip of a beat-up brush and the puny output of a cheap blow-dryer. But why go through all that angst when there are so many state-of-the-art blow-dryers that can turn an ordinary styling session into a sleek, effortless experience? The latest tools dry hair up to 50-percent faster than old-fashioned models, leave the hair in far better condition and are so lightweight that you can blow out one long-haired beauty after another—and still be ready for more action. Beyond their heavy-duty switches, cool shots and multiple heat settings, state-of-the-art professional blow-dryers emit beneficial negative ions to help tame the frizzies and boost productivity behind the chair by speeding up drying times. Genuine ionic blow-dryers also have a deodorizing effect that makes hair smell fresh and clean, even after a night of clubbing.