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Vogue Photo Shoot Helped Cindy Crawford Come To Terms With Her Beauty Spot

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Cindy Crawford owes the editors at fashion bible Vogue for her trademark beauty spot – because she came close to removing it until they decided it was in vogue. Crawford grew up getting teased about the mole, which went on to help turn her into one of the first supermodels.

She considered having it surgically removed after agency bosses suggested it would hinder her career. But when Vogue put her on the cover, blemishes and all, she decided the beauty spot should stay. She recalls, “I think it was still ‘the jury is still out’, until I did my first Vogue cover and when Vogue put me on the cover without re-touching it, and that was like, ‘If it’s good enough for Vogue, it’s good enough for everybody.'”

Now, Crawford accepts her beauty spot is probably more famous than she is. She adds, “I should insure it like people insure their legs.”

Happy 25th Birthday “Afro Hair Show”

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

The Afro Hair Show 2007

A lot can happen in 25 years. Very few venues are around long enough to even be worthy of a celebration, but in May 2007, the Afro Hair & Beauty Show will be reborn as Afro Hair & Beauty Live. This change will be accompanied by more demonstrations, more makeovers and more ways to get involved. The show boasts to be the most hands on ever.

Afro Hair & Beauty Live is taking place on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th May at the prestigious Alexandra Palace, London. The event will bring together the world’s leading hair and beauty brands with top hair stylists and beauticians for a dazzling weekend of top tips and hands-on fun.

Oscar Night Shows off Free Flowing Locks

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Oscar night is always a good indicator of the latest trends in fashion and beauty. This year the dresses were minimalistic yet elegant and the hair do’s were free flowing – even no fuss. All around, Oscar style was naturally pretty yet remained chic.

It was a refreshing change from nights past, when curls, waves, and extensions clouded the small screen. It appears that straight is back for a while, so feel free to set aside your curlers and rods – just let it go!

Spears Sheds Hair – Ends up on Ebay

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Attention Britney Spears: V for Vendetta is no longer in production, or casting for a sequel – besides, Natalie is much more level headed and has managed to handle her stardom with dignity and poise. Who would have guessed though (insert sarcasm here), that after shaving her head, Britney Spears’ hair has turned up for sale on eBay. The pop star shaved it off after a wild week at a string of Californian bars. She even checked herself in and out of a wellness center – all in one day. They must be very good at their jobs to turn her around in under a day.
There are several listings on the auction website which claim to be Spears’ buzzed locks. It is unclear which listing – if any – is the real deal.

According to one of the listings (from a “hairdresser”) is promising to give some of the proceeds to charity. Sure.

Campaign for Real Beauty Uncovers the Beauty of Women over 50

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Are you anti-age or pro-age(TM)? According to a recent Dove global study, nearly all women over 50 want to see a change in society’s view on women and aging. In addition, the majority of women believe that if media were reflective of the population, a person would likely believe women over 50 do not exist.

For the first time, a brand is talking to women about aging in apositive tone. Continuing its ongoing commitment to widen the narrow definition of beauty, Dove, the global beauty brand, is boldly challenging the “only young- is-beautiful” stereotype with the next phase of the Campaign for Real Beauty: pro-age. Designed to expose what our anti-aging
society has been hiding, pro-age celebrates women 50+ by showing their honest, real beauty.

The initiative is being brought to life through a global communications campaign created with internationally renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, an over-50-year-old woman herself. The campaign features imagesof real women, literally uncovering all of their age spots, grey hair and curves, demonstrating that women are genuinely stunning — at any age.

“Dove seeks to create an attitudinal change in the anti-aging category — from negative and fear-driven to affirmative and hope-driven,” says Kathy O’Brien, Dove Marketing Director. “Pro-age is about looking great for
your age.”

It includes a first-of-its kind pro-age product collection — not anti-age but pro-age — specially created to meet the unique skin and hair changes women experience as they age. Designed with women over 50-years-old in mind, the vibrant packaging features a larger font size and highlights the active ingredients to help maturing skin and hair look their best.

“I never thought about the implications of anti-aging until the suggestion of the pro-age line,” says Athena Uslander, a 51-year-old specialty bakery owner who is featured in the campaign. “Now I think anti-age means that you are constantly fighting this natural phenomenon of aging, whereas pro-age is a much more subtle way of dealing with the same process – making your body work with aging in the best way possible.”

The impetus for this campaign came from the realization that women over 50 are under-represented in society. It is far too common for 20- and 30-year- old women to be represented in media, advertising and entertainment, while women 40- and 50-plus are virtually ignored.

“Women over 50 are doing things today that previous generations never thought possible,” says Dr. Nancy Etcoff, Harvard University. “They are mothers of young children, CEOs of major companies, and students going back to school for advanced degrees. It is time for society to catch up with this new generation.”

Contrary to societal standards, this new breed of financially independent and socially active women shares the Dove pro-age philosophy that beauty has no age limit.
According to the recent Dove global study, “Beauty Comes of Age”:

– 87 percent believe they are too young to be old.

– 92 percent believe past generations of women over 50 were not doing the things women over 50 are doing today.

– 91 percent of the women surveyed believe the media and advertising need to do a better job of representing realistic images of women over 50.

– 97 percent believe society is less accepting of appearance considerations for women over 50 than their younger counterparts, with showcasing one’s body the least acceptable.

“Unfortunately, despite an increase in the population of the older demographic, age-related stereotypes are still very much alive in today’s society,” notes Dr. Robert Butler, founder of the International Longevity Center and a collaborator on the global study. “Our report showed that the lives of today’s older women do not reflect how society views them.”

Dove is launching a new Web site,, where women can share their views on beauty and aging, get product information, learn about the pro-age real women and hear from experts.

Hair Dryers Recalled by Version-X Due to Electrocution Hazard

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Name of Product: Travel’N Baby Mini Hair Dryers

Units: About 18,000

Importer: Detour Corp., doing business as Version-X, of Studio City,

Distributor: Metropolis Beauty Inc., of Los Angeles, Calif.

Hazard: These electric hair dryers are not equipped with an immersion protection plug to prevent electrocution if the hair dryer falls into water. Electric shock protection devices are required by industry standards for all electric hand-held hair dryers. If the hair dryer falls into water during use and is not equipped with this safety device, it can pose a shock and/or an electrocution hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The recalled hair dryers are made of plastic and are red, blue or green. The hair dryer’s handle folds up. The words “Travel’N Baby” are printed on one side of the hair dryer.

Sold by: Independent beauty supply stores and beauty salons nationwide and online at from January 2004 through January 2005 for about $20.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should stop using these hair dryers immediately and contact Version-X for a replacement hair dryer equipped with an immersion protection plug.

Chocolate Bath for Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Forget bathing in the heart-shaped tub…This valentines day, run to your nearest spa and demand that they let you and your lover immerse in chocolate! Think we’re kidding? A Japanese spa is offering just that this lover’s day – as reported by REUTERS.

A Japanese spa is offering the perfect aphrodisiac for Valentine’s Day – chocolate baths.Those who just can’t get enough of the sweet stuff can immerse themselves in water mixed with cacao and fragrant bath powders. Twice a day, staff pour creamy chocolate over the bathers, who smear it over the bodies or lick it off.

“This bath is my Valentines Day gift for him this year,” said Mayumi Uekusa, who travelled more than two hours with her boyfriend to the Yunessun spa in Hakone, north of Tokyo, to soak in a mixture of warm water, cacao and aromatic bath powders.

“Life ain’t as sweet as this bath, darling,” quipped her boyfriend Yuichi Omata. Japanese women have long been the ones to give their guys gifts on Valentine’s Day.

While couples shared romance in the bath, families with grandmothers and babies in tow also spread chocolate over their faces and bodies. Everybody wore a bathing suit.

In Japan, as in many countries, chocolate and romance go hand in hand and for many lovers, Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without these sweet treats.

The Aztecs believed chocolate was an aphrodisiac that invigorated men and made women less inhibited, and when it came to Europe, it quickly became the perfect gift to inspire lust.

Modern research shows that chocolate helps release “feel good” hormones in the body, which trigger reactions that mimic the feelings associated with being in love.

The Japanese spa resort offers dozens of other “amusement” baths, including a wine bath, a coffee bath, and a sake bath.

In the past, it has even offered a curry dip. A ticket that allows access to all these baths costs about 3,500 yen ($US28).


Valentine Hair Do’s and Don’t

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Beauty News NYC has a couple articles posted for the upcoming lovers holiday. As most of us hope for some special day out, they shed some light on what’s hot and what’s not for salon do’s this season. As always, keep your eyes posted to the award shows, such as the Grammy’s (last night), the Golden Globe’s, and the upcoming Academy Awards for the latest on celebrity style. Here’s a clip from their article:

The last thing you need on Valentine’s Day is a bad hair day. With the help of Elaine Mitchell, the creative director at Vidal Sassoon Uptown, we took the liberty of putting together a quick and easy hair guide to ensure that you’ll have the best possible do for your big date. When all’s said and done, your personality won’t be the only thing he’s lovin.

If You’re Going to Blow it Out, Book It Now

Blow-outs are more common these days than ever and salons are already booking up for February 14. If you know you’re going on out for a fab dinner with your beau or hitting the town with your single gal pals, a blow out is your safest bet for guaranteed gorgeous hair. Your hair will be smooth, straight (or curly, however you like to have it blown) and might even carry you though the week. Have your stylist smooth it out with a flat iron and use a high gloss spray for a nice finish and added shine.

Diane Lane: Cuts Hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths “hair” raiser

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Diane Lane, award-winning actress, appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning and had her hair cut off on live television in the official launch of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. At the same time, 50 women volunteers across the country are having eight inches of their hair cut in a hair donation that will go to making no-cost wigs for women who have lost their hair during chemotherapy cancer treatment. The campaign is hoping to inspire women and men to make a gift of their healthy hair, cutting it to create wigs for women in need.

In addition, Pantene will launch the program with a $1 million donation to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund for cancer research. “This simple act of cutting my hair is going to make a profound difference to a woman who is fighting to regain both her health and sense of self,” Lane said. “My dream is that every woman who hears about Pantene Beautiful Lengths will become inspired to grow her hair and donate a natural resource that only she can give.” You can watch pre-show outtakes of the broadcast, as well as the Hope Pass it On video at Pantene Beautiful Lengths website. So far, no video has been posted of this mornings show.

Beauty Supply Outlet launches fundraising campaign

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, CANADA MEDIA RELEASE–(CCNMatthews – Feb. 8, 2007) – When Isabel Koffman was diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago she was able to beat it with the help of Princess Margaret Hospital. Unfortunately, 18 years later she was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer. The Beauty Supply Outlet Foundation was established by the Koffman family, to help support pancreatic cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital.

“We thank the Koffman family and The Beauty Supply Outlet Foundation for their commitment and generosity to support pancreatic research at Princess Margaret Hospital,” says Paul Alofs, President & CEO, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. “Every year, about 3,500 Canadians are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The research led by Dr. David Hedley and his team at Princess Margaret Hospital is vital to help.”

Beauty Supply Outlet, a retailer of professional hair care products, with 48 locations in Ontario, will run periodic product promotions and events with proceeds going to Princess Margaret Hospital. In addition, the company’s website will feature a page dedicated to pancreatic cancer and will invite donations to support pancreatic cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital.

The Beauty Supply Outlet Foundation was established by a $50,000 donation by the Koffman family. It hopes to raise $250,000 each year to support pancreatic cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital.

The program will run in Ontario and will continue through 2012 and beyond. “This program is important to everyone who has been touched in anyway by cancer, “says Monty Koffman, Owner, Beauty Supply Outlet.

To find out more about the campaign visit