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Hair Necessity

Monday, March 19th, 2007

This month’s BSB article examines the lucrative and growing hair goods industry. According to the article, “There’s still a lot more money to be made in the ever-growing and highly profitable hair goods category.” With the assumption that the industry is for 20 somethings and teens, one leaves out the huge potential adult, nearly retired market: baby boomers. The article examines how the hair goods industry has presented extensions, wigs, clip-ins, and other real hair products as a quick fix product for older consumers.

Here’s a bit of the article by Victoria Wurdinger:

At last year’s American Music Awards you could count the female presenters who didn’t wear their natural hair. Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and the Pussycat Dolls were just a few who opted for extensions, assuring that thousands of teens and twenty-somethings would be clamoring for them the day after the show.

But the hair goods move from the medical realm to the fashion world wasn’t spurred by the young and famous alone. Baby boomers view hair goods as problem solvers, not only to add volume but also to accommodate busy lives and speedy style changes. Feeling younger than ever, today’s fifty-somethings are adding extensions for super length and, in a modern twist, are wearing their own hair longer and using faux locks for a one-off, sassy, new short style.

Click Here to view the complete article as a pdf file.

Paris Launches Hair Extension Line – DreamCatchers

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

It was announced today that Paris Hilton has launched her signature DreamCatchers European hair extensions at the annual Chicago Midwest Beauty Show in Rosemont.

“Hair is such an important part of my everyday life, I wear a different hairstyle everyday, and I want great hair to be easy for everyone,” Hilton said.

DreamCatchers permanent extensions, produced by HairTech International, come in a various textures and colors. DreamCatchers hair extensions are made of virgin (unprocessed) hair, and can be styled, permed or colored. It’s reported that each extension will cost between $8 to $10.
According to HairTech International CEO Chris Volek:

“The extensions are applied in a salon and take about two hours for a full head application – four to six hours less than most other extension processes.”

Paris noted that, after wearing the extensions for a couple months she should tie her name to them:

“It’s something I really believe in,” she cooed. “I want my fans to feel great, to feel sexy.”

Zach’s Wax Makes Dreams Come True

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

(via BTC) To passers by, it must have been an odd sight: A group of blue-haired men, women and children standing around a Supercuts car holding a four-foot-long check payable to the Make-a Wish foundation.

For anyone familiar with Zach’s Wax, however, the sight was nothing new. Was it special? Absolutely. But if you hang around Zach’s Wax Owner Eric Plahn long enough, you learn to get used to special moments.

Zach’s Wax makes hair-coloring products designed to give its customers a radically different, albeit temporary, new look. With a one-ounce tube of color gel a few spare minutes, blondes become pinkies, brunettes become redheads and redheads can turn their hair green.

Zach’s Wax also makes wishes come true. Through a growing network of charity organizations, Plahn and his company partner with businesses and schools to raise funds for good causes.

Last December, Zach’s Wax teamed with Supercuts in Southern California to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

“We had a contest to see which Supercuts could sell the most Zach’s Wax in a month,” Plahn says. “More than 10 percent of each sale went to Make-a-Wish.”

The check, which was distributed on Feb. 24, totaled $300.00. Plahn credits the folks at Supercuts.

“This simply would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and commitment of Supercuts’ stylists, managers and receptionists,” he says. “They really embraced the opportunity to make a difference.”

Through Zach’s Wax, Plahn is making that same opportunity available to others in a number of ways. For example, schools can make the coloring gel available to students as a way to show school spirit or perhaps on the eve of the big game.

“It’s a great way to promote a sense of community on campuses and raise money for the school at the same time,” Plahn says.

By visiting Zach’s Wax on the web, anyone can make a difference at any time. Zach’s Wax donates ten percent of every sale to charity.

Which charity? That depends on the color of the gel you buy. Proceeds from the pink gel support breast cancer research, for instance. Yellow supports Livestrong, red gel help support AIDS research and the extra firm hold gel (no color here) supports a hospital in Mozambique. There are six products and six charities in all.

“We want to run a successful business,” Plahn says. “But we want to help others at the same time. The greatest thing about Zach’s Wax is it’s fun. You create awareness because it’s on your head! It’s a neat thing to be a part of.”

Right now, Zach’s Wax is available in Supercuts salons and about 20 other beauty supply locations in Southern California, in addition to its Web site.

As you might imagine, Zach’s Wax isn’t hard to find. Just look for blue hair and big checks.

About Zach’s Wax:
Zach’s Wax is a family-owned business. Our goal is to offer you fundraising and personal products that provide high quality and loads of fun. Every item you purchase will benefit an organization — yours or one you designate. If you are looking to raise funds for school, church or other organization, Zach’s Wax is a great option. An added benefit of partnering with Zach’s Wax is “Team Spirit.” Whether you represent an athletic team or service group, Zach’s Wax will give your members an added dose of loyalty.

Kenra Acquired by Imperial Capital Corporation

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

(via BTC) Kenra, LLC, Indianapolis-based manufacturer and marketer of beauty and hair care products since1929 has been recently acquired by Imperial Capital Corporation of Toronto, Ontario. The brands of Kenra, Ltd. include Kenra Classic, Kenra Platinum, Elasta QP and Elucence.

Patrick Ludwig, President of Kenra, noted, “Kenra, in partnership with our distributor network, has always strived to deliver the highest quality products and services exclusively to the professional salon industry. As a result, we have experienced 10 years of outstanding growth, and we anticipate this trend to accelerate. Kenra has already established a strong working relationship with Imperial Capital, and we believe it will have a positive impact on our business moving forward. Our primary objective has always been, and will continue to be, to exceed the expectations of our loyal salons, stylists and their clients.”

Kenra, Ltd. also formulates and markets the Elucence and Elasta QP product lines. Elucence, a multi-cultural professional offering, is an emerging brand made from natural ingredients. Elucence blends proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals together into special formulas designed to balance, strengthen, condition and relax your hair.

Elasta QP is a leading, trusted hair care brand for African-American women and men. Respected nationally as a manufacturer of high-quality products, Elasta QP targets both the professional as well as the consumer base. Originally marketed solely as a professional [salon] product, Elasta QP is now considered a preferred, global brand for stylists and consumers alike. Elasta QP continues to embrace and to promote natural, healthy hair with products that enhance this state of hair. “A longtime provider of quality hair care products, the Elasta QP brand can be found in retail locations across North America and beyond. Imperial Capital’s reputation and strong record of helping companies grow and prosper are a perfect complement to our solid distribution base, salon following, and loyal consumers.” says Dave Gordon, President of Elasta QP / Elucence. “We look forward to working with them as we continue to develop and market the very finest products for men and women of color.”

Bob Goehrke, CEO of Cleveland-based Dream Team Marketers International Inc., served as the “industry expert” for the acquisition. “My objective is to identify and work with best-of-class companies.” says Goehrke, who has helped build various world-class beauty brands, including Clairol, Matrix, and Bath & Body Works. “Kenra produces superior products and has strong growth potential – it’s a great acquisition for Imperial Capital. Kenra is one of the strongest salon brands because it is never diverted to the mass marketplace – that’s one of the main reasons why salons have been so supportive of Kenra over the years.”

Girls Will Be Girls and they’ll Love it!

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Since Congress has demanded that spring come a few weeks early this year, what with the early daylight savings etc, we thought it would be more than appropriate to feature an article or two on coming trends for Spring 07. It looks like this Spring it’ll be more than bright colors that bring us out of the drab winter months of January and February – fun fabrids and other unique materials are being heralded as the color/layer cure to the winter blues. Here’s a bit of Dayspa Magazine’s article by by Andrea Renskoff:

From featherweight frocks to a timeless queen’s ruffles, spring fashion frames femininity in an otherworldly glow. Perhaps to escape real world problems and to shed the long, dark winter days, spring fashion lightens us up this year with a surprise: It’s fabrics, not colors, that take center stage. From voile to chiffon, satin to crepe, paper-thin materials wafted their way onto almost every designer’s runway, as draped, sheer dresses and skirts with loads of sweep whispered like a carefree, midday breeze. Style vanguard Marie Antoinette fits right in this season with her billowing sleeves and bodices that use yards and yards of silk. Ethereal, fairy-like looks are completed with flower hair accessories—just give us tulle wings and we’ll fly away!

Gossamer visions float on the street as well, with refined, layered separates and moonlight-catching evening wear. The key is in resisting typical spring colors. “Spring can bring vibrant colors, but this year it’s a subdued and sophisticated palette that’s pretty next to the skin tone,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Carlstadt, New Jersey. Gray makes its move from fall into spring with a soft and shimmery undertone. “Strawberry Ice is a combination of warm and cool pinks that cast a beautiful glow on the skin, especially in combination with gray,” Eiseman says.

To read the full article, click here.

Making Up This Spring

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Just like fashion and hair, makeup changes with the season. Since our furry groundhog friend didn’t see his shadow, technically spring should be right around the corner. Launchpad beauty magazine is offering some timely tips on ‘making-up’ for spring. Here’s a bit of the article by Karie L. Frost:

This spring, beauty is all about clean, healthy skin, multitonal hues and flashes of intense color.

Spring makeup styles naturally tend toward soft-focus looks, with pastel watercolors diffusing over eyelids and pearlescent lip gloss melting over mouths. This year, however, beauty both softens up and intensifies with vivid hues used as sheer washes and loud pops of color highlighting one region of the face. The overall feel is “playful!” says Rudy Miles, Aveda global makeup artist. “This is the main theme running throughout spring, whether you create a literal smoky eye or incorporate a whimsical use of bright colors.”

Burke Daniel, Sebastian Trucco artistic team member, adds, “Advise your clients to pick one spring trend and stick with it.” And Mary Van, president of Mineralogie, takes spring’s typical pretty formula and adds a twist you can share with your clients, saying, “The trend this season is not about wearing a full face of makeup, but rather about having fun with one feature in a playful way.” Master the top four spring makeup trends; become deft at adapting each look to your unique clients. If your client is in search of a playful, new version of herself, this is the season to help her let loose!

Spring Hairstyles Break Monotony of Winter

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Beauty Launchpad’s article of the month has a great story on the upcoming Spring styles that are sure to please, turn heads, and help you and your clients to look their best. Here’s a bit of the article by Jeryl E. Spear:

Spring hair ignites with style and color.

Flirty, girly and filled with feminine wiles, spring hair calls for coquettish to classic updos, big waves and loads of smooth hair. Say goodbye to the Rapunzel-length locks. Spring styles are shorter and have a planned mussiness that still retains shape and form.

Pops of color are giving way to subtle, multitonal designs that draw inspirations from lifestyles, nature and fashion. The latest techniques enrich the base color without garnering too much attention, resulting in blondes with light touches of platinum or glints of gold; multihued brunettes; and shimmering reds with flecks of warm strawberry blonde and cool auburn.

“Queen” Reveals Secret to Looking Good

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Actress DAME HELEN MIRREN claims the key to her youthful looks is simple: being happy. The Oscar winner – who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as British monarch ELIZABETH II in THE QUEEN last month (FEB07) – has revealed her unconventional beauty secret, but admits she also subscribes to a healthy lifestyle.

The 61-year-old “Queen” says, “I’m quite a happy person. I always have been. My tendency is to smile.” But Mirren, who was pictured tucking into a burger after the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles (25FEB07), still has some health concerns. She adds, “I don’t drink enough water. I don’t do enough exercise. I eat fairly healthily but not that healthily, as everyone who saw me munching into a burger will know. It was my first for four years. I don’t eat burgers regularly. I don’t think people should.”