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Hair Extensions: A Brief History

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Then came a new type of hair addition – Extensions.  At first, extensions were worn only by the very wealthy or celebrities who could afford the then exorbitant cost of laborious all day application.  Goths wore frankly fake clip in dreads.  Others followed when they saw what was possible when hair extensions were applied in a glamorous way.  In particular black women used hair extensions to improve upon hair texture that some found difficult to tame.  It became common to see pop singers sport a wide range of looks that centred around hair extensions.One of the most famous wearers of human hair extensions in Great Britain is Victoria Beckham who must have had dozens of hairstyles based around her extensions.  One day her hair is short – the next day it is long, one day black the next day striped, the next blonde.  Then a few weeks later it’s a different different hair colour and yet another length again.

In the UK it is Mrs.Beckham and her husband (who has also worn hair extensions) more than anyone else, who put hair extensions at the forefront of the public’s attention.  Although both are in the press much less now, it was Victoria Beckham’s constant presence in female oriented magazines long after her Spice Girls fame as Posh Spice, that enabled onlookers to see the true potential of hair extensions.

People began to realize that if Victoria Beckham could create a chameleon like personality, with the very same treatment they could also change their image.   Makeover shows where extensions are applied, cut and shaped often show such transformations.  The message began to sink in among ordinary people.  Extensions are for everyone not just Goths who wear pink, white, purple or black dreads, but also those who want to appear über glamorous.

Another well known wearer of hair extensions is Jordan who famously wore braided extensions on a reality TV show on an island and managed to maintain a certain appearance and grooming due to the effect plaiting of the hair extensions.

Now ordinary people certainly consider hair extensions for special events such as weddings, Christmas and holidays.  Some people may even consider extensions for cosmetic/medical reasons as I did.  Or you might simply like to treat yourself to some as a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift.  Hair extensions can also be ideal as fancy dress addition to create a totally different image.

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All Natural Products Prove Big Sellers

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

This month’s product article by Beauty Launchpad examines the booming cottage industry surrounding natural and organic hair care products. Here’s a snippet from the article by By Jeryl E. Spear:

Born-of-the-earth products are proving irresistible to A-list clients.

Myrrh extract. Murumuru butter. Tamanu oil. Top-tier consumers are having a love affair with pure-and-natural beauty products. Whether this trend toward nature’s best is due to concerns about global warming, worsening allergies and skin sensitivities, or simply the belief that when it comes to beauty Mother Nature knows best, a growing number of high-end salon clients are baring their green streak by clamoring for products with a natural slant.

Growing at a pace that promises to one day eclipse the natural food sector, demand for natural-based beauty products is soaring. Formulas that kick chemicals like parabens and sulfates to the curb and are infused with botanical extracts and minerals that gently cleanse, heal and moisturize clients’ most precious beauty assets, have become the expected standard for natural-based products. Moving beyond these parameters, natural-based beauty companies are striving to develop more effective synergistic blends of natural ingredients that will allow their products to go toe-to-toe with the best chemically enriched beauty goods on the planet.

Hair Therapy

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Beauty Launchpad magazine this month has an article about treating your hair right, and what to do if you have real hair health issues. While playing on the theme of real life issues, which require serious attention and the help of professionals, Amy Dodds writes about the need for the occasional hair intervention:

Is your client blondorexic—addicted to retouching and in need of a detox? Or is she self-medicating with the wrong scalp treatment? Sounds like it’s time to stage a hair intervention!

The first step in recovery is seeking professional help. When she finally comes to see you about her tortured tresses, she’s serious about hair rehabilitation. Today’s hair and scalp treatments can cure what ails ye, whether it’s a scalp that looks more like a snow drift; fine, limp hair in desperate need of some oomph; or highly damaged hair caused by everything from too-frequent haircoloring to way too much fun in the sun. Naturally, getting her hair back into the salon fold requires promises that must not be broken. “It’s essential to provide a detailed explanation to your client of the reasons why and how to use the products to target his or her specific problems,” stresses Melissa Gates, seminar leader, The Studio, LA. In addition to committing her to an outpatient program that includes a full regimen of targeted haircare products, help your client get the healthy, beautiful hair and scalp she craves with these awesome treatments.