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A Few of My Favorite Hair Things

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

At the end of the day, it takes a lot more than a good shampoo to ensure you’ve got that look you want. And, whether your a stylist or a stylish consumer, there are a plethora of tools you can use to keep on top of your hair game.

Beauty Store Business magazine’s article of the month for June delves into the wonderful world of Tubes, Timers, and Things. Here’s a clip of the article by Inga Hansen

Give your customers the support they need to create beautiful styles using an assortment of sundries. There’s more to hair care than shampoos, conditioners and color. Both stylists and consumers depend on a wide range of sundry items to create their signature looks. Whether your customers are in need of spray bottles, aprons, color accessories or combs and brushes, on the following pages you’ll find a wide variety of sundries to round out your beauty offerings.

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Attracting Male Clients

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Spa and beauty treatments have long been targeted almost exclusively to women – making it seem that they’re the only ones who care about the way they look. While we all know this isn’t the case, it may still be the pervasive advertising paradigm that informs the way we spend money to attract new clients and retain the faithful.
It’s becoming more and more acceptable (and encouraged) for men to take a more open interest in treating their bodies and their spirits right. Routine massage, manicures, the occasional pedicure, and sometimes waxing and relaxing are all becoming a part of a busy man’s lifestyle. Dayspa Magazine’s article of the month sheds some light on how you can start to attract more men to your salon or spa.

Here’s a bit of the article by Liz Barrett:

How many men have walked into your spa today? Chances are it could have been a lot more. When it comes to selling beer, electronic gadgets or the newest sport utility vehicle, it isn’t too difficult to attract a man’s attention. The media have had a lot of practice in training their target audiences to respond subconsciously to the messages they’re receiving, and that seems especially true when the target is men. However, when you want those same beer-drinking, gadget-buying, Jeep-driving men to come into your spa to sample a massage or the latest facial cleanser, things can get a little tricky. The notion of men visiting spas is a fairly new concept in the grand scheme of things, and marketing to them is still going through a trial-and-error period. New tactics are being tested every day in an attempt to find the ones that are the most fruitful.

With the International Spa Association (ISPA) reporting that 31% of today’s spa-goers are male—up from just 24% four years ago—it’s obvious that men are showing more interest in taking care of themselves. What has happened in the past decade to make some men go from “no way!” to “OK!” when it comes to spas? Could it be the widespread acceptance of metrosexuality and well-kempt but masculine role models like Brad Pitt and George Clooney? Maybe it’s reality TV shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Extreme Makeover and What Not to Wear telling guys that it’s now acceptable to spend more time on themselves.

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Message in a Bottle

Monday, June 18th, 2007

This month’s article by Beauty Store Business online wants to make sure you’re stocking the latest and greatest hair-color products on the market. The article highlights (pun intended) the important nature of information, citing that it’s critical for employees to in a position to give advice and insight to various products. Make sure your shelves are stocked and your employees are prepared to offer haircolor products and advice on demand.

Here’s a bit of the article by Victoria Wurdinger

In a year when the mature beauty market is showing slow growth, hair color remains a beacon to the market. This is doubly true for stores because more than half of women who color their hair either do it at home or visit a salon sometimes and do their own color other times. Fortunately for beauty supply stores, the latter group needs help selecting the right retouch formula to match their current color.

Not only do OTCs carry broader color selections, they can also provide advice other beauty products channels can’t. For instance, with color lines that go permanent or the equivalent of semipermanent—depending on the developer volume—the savvy store employee can teach anyone to do a retouch and refresh her roots to near perfection. Additionally, by displaying mannequin heads with differently colored quadrants, beauty stores can easily provide visual replies to that age-old question: How will the color in the bottle look on my hair? This is particularly important for brunettes for three reasons: One, they represent the largest percentage of the general market population. Two, they represent almost all of the fast-growing multicultural populations. And three, it’s hardest for them to visualize how any shade will look when applied to their dark hair color. It’s no wonder that both fashion trends and new haircolor products increase their option.

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Style Down the Aisle

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Tis the season of spring brides, giddiness, excitement, and of course some amazing styles in hair, beauty, and fashion. This month’s featured article in Beauty Launchpad’s print magazine discusses the use of expert stylists to help guide the often overwhelmed brides-to-be.
Here’s a bit of the featured article in this month’s Launchpad article by Karie L. Frost

From natural glamour to deconstructed elegance, 2007 bridal styles fuse wedding belle traditions with unique, fashion-forward touches.

The frayed nerves, the endless list of vendor payments, the melodrama of merging families—all of these bridal bellyaches fade to the background when the bride sets eyes on her wedding gown. The full picture—the extraordinary updo, the flawless makeup, the primo manicure—leaves onlookers breathless. But getting to this point where dress and beauty merge takes true planning. Thank goodness there are keen hairstylists, detail-oriented makeup artists and a host of magazines (like Launchpad!) to guide brides-to-be in the direction of perfection