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Hair Tech Tools

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Launchpad Magazine has a great feature article this month on the importance of good tools for any trade. You’re only as good as your tool applies to any industry – although in order for the tool to perform well it must be accompanied by a touch of the master’s hand.

Here’s a bit of the article by Jeryl Spear:

Do you remember when MTV actually lived up to its name? AC/DC rocked Fenders in Back in Black and Iron Maiden wailed Moog synths to send fans into the stratosphere. But they weren’t the only ones to test the limits of their fabtastic instruments.

The beauty business was rockin’ to its own BPMs with Joelle, Hakari, Solis and Babyliss—tools that helped skyrocket hairdressers to true rock-star status among their adoring fans.

Alas, all good things come to an end. Or do they? Unlike most heavy metal rockers who finally hit a deaf note, hairstylists and the tools they wield just Keep On, Keepin’ On.

Slip into Technical Ecstasy with this stash of new tools. They may not have you playing riffs like Black Sabbath, but they will help you stroke some new styles of your own. Now, about the irascible Ozzy’s hair: scissors, anyone?

Featured Hair Extension Product – Donna Bella Melting Connector

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Every trade has its tools, and this one is perhaps the most important when it comes to doing hair extensions right! The Donna Bella Milan Melting Connector is a double sided ceramic heating tool powered by 110V. Stylists who’ve been around a while will appreciate the adjustable features we’ve added: The Melting Connector features adjustable temperature and can heat up to 200 degrees. We’ve also recently added a heat regulator to assure your tool never burns out or over heats.

Each method of attaching Donna Bella Milan hair extensions has it’s own special tools. For a list of tools, accessories, and pricing please browse our site, or feel free to call 888-HAIR-KIT.

The hair extension Melting Connector is available now and is US $79.00.