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Go Boho. Feel sexy with a free-spirited style.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

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Celebrities; Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, and Mary-Kate Olsen effortlessly pull off the hippie-chic look.

Bohemian chic is the perfect summer style for longer hair.  Let your hair follow the nonconforming fashion trends this season by going Boho.

To create a natural look of your own, hair needs to be clean, slightly damp, and un-brushed.  The best time to create this style is after washing so that your hair dries and sits naturally.  Flip your hair upside down and apply a styling product like volumizing mousse from scalp to ends.  Flip your hair back again and let it fall/part naturally as you gently scrunch and lift around the crown of the head and the tips.

Bohemians are usually creative and artsy; so finish the look with your own flare by adding random braids, twists, or vintage accessories. Don’t forget Boho style is all about nature, ease and noncomformity.

It doesn’t have to be perfect and it should be fun!

Bed Head

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Telling that special someone, it’s not all yours.


Don’t laugh.  Whether your extensions create more volume or give you that extra length; there comes a point in every relationship where you might need to have “the talk.”

When? For new wearers this is a frequently asked question. Within days of getting the extended locks they naturally feel like your own.  You are comfortable and confident leaving those around you, including your partner, clueless to the makeup of your gorgeous “do”.  However, one day, maybe soon, in a moment of spontaneous intimacy… hands will run through your gorgeous head of hair to perhaps notice the tiny bead-bonds holding it securely to your own.

This might feel strange and unexpected to the inexperienced.  So pre-mentioning the additional hair and giving your significant other a heads up is recommended.  You’ll realize this conversation can turn into a learning opportunity, your now educated partner appreciates and understands your beauty secret.

With hair extensions becoming more common, affordable, and accepted, perhaps one day this kind of “pillow talk” will be unnecessary and nonexistent for those of us with lucious locks.

SPF for your hair?

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

She Knows author Kori Ellis summarizes the best summer tips for protecting your hair from those harmful (but wonderful) sun rays. From covering with a scarf, to creams and products with spf included, she gives a quick and dirty (dirty is good according to the author) breakdown to summer hair.

Here’s a blurb – click here for the full article.

While the lazy days on the beach and relaxing in the sun may feel like paradise to you, your hair may not share your view on the matter. The salty water, wind and sand may turn your hair into a tiny disaster. But don’t panic — it’s all solvable.

Thankfully, today there are plenty of products to protect both your hair and scalp from the sharp and harmful UV rays.

Scarf it up
The best protection is a cute and trendy scarf or hat. Like this, your hair is protected all the way — and you don’t have to worry about your scalp getting burned.

Cream it in
If you want the freedom of letting your hair loose, you should consider putting some leave-in conditioner on before you head off to the beach.