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Nagi Noda, Pop Artist, Passes Away

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Japanese pop artist and accomplished commercial director Nagi Noda has recently passed away. You might be wondering why we’d be posting this on a hair extension blog, but one of her most recent commercial projects was for “Hair Hats” and the work is absolutely stunning. Take a look:


Ivan Zoot Smashes Three Guinness Hair Records in Record Time

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Ivan Zoot, Director of Education and Training at Andis Company, decided he wanted to raise some money for charity, and break a few records in the process. In just 24 hours, Zoot managed to provide a top rate hair cut to 340 patrons. The previous record stood at 300. Zoot was under the close scrutiny of Guinness judges and was not able to simply sheer heads. He had to perform complete haircuts with approval.

Zoot also managed to break two other records – the fastest haircut, in which he clocked in at 55 seconds, as well as the most haircuts in one hour – which had stood at 23. Zoot destroyed this record, giving 34 haircuts in his fastest hour. “These incredible results show that the Andis revolution cutting system, perfected over ten years, is superior for improving haircutting efficiency,” says Zoot.

Children with Hair Loss and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas are the recipients of the charitable funds earned during this event.

To learn about the Andis Company please visit

Hair Extensions Competetion

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Get your camera’s out stylists – and be sure to submit your latest and greatest ‘do’s to the new Donna Bella Milan hair extensions contest! Send your final hair extension pictures in to and we’ll put you in the running for a free set of extensions, from Donna Bella Milan!

Be sure to spread the news around, and don’t be shy – send us your best mug!

Hair Extension Addicts turn to Theft? Yikes.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Some habits are hard to break. We’ve posted here many times stating the importance of giving your scalp a break between visits to the extension salon – but we never thought we’d see such silly antics over $40 worth of hair extensions from a local beauty supply store.

According to the Dallas News, three unidentified woman entered Wigs and Beauty Supply in the 5700 block of Lovell Avenue on Monday afternoon, September 22nd. One woman headed to the back of the store and another woman, according to the assulted store owner, seemed to function as a sort of lookout at the front. A third woman walked along the wig aisles.

The 47-year-old store owner watched the third woman take items off the shelf and put them in a tan bag, police said. When the owner confronted the woman, she opened her bag to reveal hair extensions and a wig worth about $40.

When he told her to put the items back, she grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against a wall. She reached into her waistband as if she had a weapon, police said.

One of the other women yelled, “Mom, let’s go!”

Wow. I’d thought I’d heard it all – but it looks like the cops will be dealing with a new set of addicts who’ll do anything for $40 worth of hair extensions.

9 Fall Hair Trends to Watch for

Friday, September 12th, 2008

The blazing heat of summer is past, September glow is upon us, and the fall change is right around the corner. Road trip to Vermont anyone? Fall is not only a beautiful time in the changing seasons, but style has its most dramatic shake up as well.

Hairstyles for the fall range from short and clean, to a shaggy mess, with everything in between. As expected, extensions are still a huge part of the hair fashion mix this year, with super long extensions being a favorite choice for many Hollywood beauties.

Beauty Launchpad magazine has an interesting article this month on 9 trends to look for this fall. Here’s a clip from the article:

“This fall is about having an edge to your styles in order to balance out the super-feminine fashions,” informs Dean Banowetz, Joico celebrity spokesperson and lead stylist for Fox’s
smash hit American Idol. “They’re classic yet edgy, and detailed without being fussy. Length isn’t a factor for fall—both short and long hair are hot topics—but the training required to bring any length and style of hair to life is a must. To this end, classic hair cutting shapes are key.”

Why Visiting Your Hair Extension Stylist is So Critical!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

It could have happened to anyone, it just happens to have happened to the face of Hair Extensions, hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. The extensions queen was recently spotted on the runway with all her clasps hanging out – not the end of the world by any stretch – but could have easily been avoided. One thing’s for sure: She was in desperate need of a visit to the salon!

Confident as ever, Paris was walking on to the red carpet in Hollywood in mid August, looking classy and glamorous posing for the paparazzi.

Unfortunately, her best efforts to impress were undone when she turned around to reveal a hair extension-hairstyle malfunction.

Lesson for the rest of us? It’s important that every 6-8 weeks you head back in to your favorite extension stylist for a quick bead adjustment, to ensure your locks look their best. Those new to hair extensions might not like the idea of having to go in for constant adjustments, but that’s just part of the commitment