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An Evening With Carrie Underwood

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

If you had a chance to watch the Country Music Awards a few weeks ago you could not have missed recording artist Carrie Underwood. Whether it was hosting, winning awards, or performing to a crowd of country music’s elite, Carrie Underwood was everywhere. This is not necessarily new for Carrie who, over the past 4 years, has made a name for herself by selling over 7 million records and overshadowing some of the biggest female voices in the music industry.

Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Carrie and attend her concert. We found her to be much more than a superstar; she was actually normal.

Almost 5 years ago, during the fourth season of American Idol, my good friend was able to meet Carrie and subsequently take her out on a few dates. A friendship ensued and they have kept in touch ever since. As a result, my friend has been able to attend several of Carrie’s performances and also hang out with her on occasion. Last week Carrie Underwood’s ‘Carnival Ride’ tour came to our city and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be invited to spend the evening with my friend and Miss Underwood.

During the course of dinner we learned a lot about the music business, fame, tabloids, what its like to be Carrie. However, we were most impressed by her down-to-earth nature, maturity, and confidence despite some of the negativity that undoubtedly swirls around every big-name celebrity. I can’t help but think that some of that confidence comes from her small-town roots, strong family, and of course, it doesn’t hurt to be strikingly beautiful.

Being involved with hair myself, I had to ask Carrie about her experience with hair extensions, her preferences, etc. She lamented that stylists in the industry “literally do not care” about her hair when they are styling, and as a result often cause damage.

If you’re familiar with Carrie you know that perhaps her most recognizable feature is her beautiful long blonde hair, so it is understandable why she would be so weary. She confirmed with me that she does wear extensions often but prefers ‘clip-ins’ because they generally cause less damage to her hair than the fusion/glue-in products. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity tell her about Donna Bella Hair Extensions and how our revolutionary I-Link Bead Method provides full, beautiful hair that is easy to apply and remove without causing any damage. She was very interested, so much so that we are going to send some to try out in the near future.

Some people might read this and think, “Why would he bring up hair extensions when he’s hanging out with one of the biggest stars in music?” That is a good question, but it goes beyond just trying to sell product.Granted, it’s not everyday you get to hang out with Carrie Underwood, but when you have a product as good as Donna Bella that you know can make someone’s life a little easier, sharing it with others comes quite naturally. All I can say is try it for yourself and you’ll see what I was telling Carrie about!

Beyonce Rocks With Extensions at AMAs

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Despite an otherwise bland evening at the AMAs (American Music Awards) last night, I was tickled to see Beyonce rocking out with her extensions. Rumor had it she was going to retire the luscious locks after getting married. I for one am glad she decided to keep them in play for a while longer – she wears them well!

You can check the performance here:


Salon Stylists as Social Workers

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Salon’s have been a center of social activity for as long as they’ve been around. Hot spots for discussing issues, they often reveal the most intimate secrets held by any community. In a recent New York Times article, the author explores how stylists are being trained to recognize signs of domestic abuse. Here’s a clip from the article:

Martha Castillo knew her client had a problem because their weekly hair-straightening sessions were always interrupted by phone calls from a boyfriend angrily accusing her of being with another man. Magda Florentino noticed cigarette burns on a woman’s temples when she pulled back her hair for washing — and did not buy the explanation that they had happened accidentally while she was bartending.

For an excellent read, and for information on how your salon could get involved, click here.

Hair Extensions in the White House?

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Only Michelle Obama’s hair stylist knows this for sure, but we’re of the opinion that the stunning “to be” first lady has a full head of natural hair with no extensions to be found. Tragedy? Hardly. We’re also of the opinion that the future First Lady will do more in the next four years for lady’s fashion than all the first lady’s combined since Jacqueline Kennedy.

One stylist, Yusef Williams of Manhattan’s Paul Labrecque salon, thinks that “Michelle has a lot of full-length hair — no extensions.” Offering his opinion to the checkout stand mag OK!, Williams, who has the honor of being assigned as “a member of Michelle’s hair and makeup team,” predicts that she will change her hairstyle because “that’s the motto: change. Something shorter, layered, fun and one-of-a-kind.”

There you have it – No Extensions in the white house (yet). Maybe we’ll send some samples over to Williams and he can give us a trial run for the inagural? 🙂

Hair Extensions World Record?

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

As kids, we all loved browsing the pages of the family “Guinness Book of World Records” and I clearly remember the lady with the crazy long hair that wrapped down a staircase. Well, Alastair Galpin of New Zealand has decided that while that record is difficult to beat (because it would take a lifetime!), adding 5 meters (16.4 feet) of hair extensions to your head and keeping them in for 6 weeks would be better.

Attaching 5 meters of hair is no laughing matter though, and has serious safety concerns for the record breaking hopeful:

I really have to be careful with it for reasons beyond the norm. For instance, if it was to get hooked in any machinery or if it got caught in a bus door or something, I could be dragged down the road by my hair and break my neck.

Keep an eye on this space and we’ll let you know how Alastair is doing as we learn more. To read the original story, click here.

Hair Extensions and Used Cars (How to buy hair extensions)

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Q: What do these two industries have in common?

A: You MUST do your home work BEFORE purchasing! Otherwise you may be sorry.

Gone are the days when you can simply go online, select an internet retailer and purchase a full head of hair that will last for months and months – with no shedding, slippage or other embarrassing traits.

Like the used car industry, one who is interested in hair extensions now must know a few simple questions to ask, including where to look for the highest quality, best value extensions.

  1. 1. Are my extensions made from 100% human hair? When asked most companies will tell you the answer is yes. Like a used car just because it is sounds good (like 100% human hair) doesn’t mean it will actually do you any good. Human hair extensions are only the first step to ensuring you have high quality, long lasting hair extensions.
  2. Are my extensions 100% REMY? This is perhaps the most important hair extension term to be familiar with. This is similar to asking does my car have oil in it? When looking at your engine you can’t always tell. When hair extensions are made from Remy hair all of the cuticles will be running in the same direction. When all of the hair cuticles are running in the same direction your extensions will lie flat with one another thus creating an exceptional and very real look. Oftentimes hair extension companies will sell 100% human hair that is non-remy. Non-remy hair is typically coated with silicone to help give a nice soft feeling when taken out of the package. However, after just a few washes the hair becomes dry, brittle and tangles easily. BEWARE!!! Many hair suppliers will offer REMY hair that is not 100%. This means there is a portion of non-remy hair mixed in with the remy hair. In order to achieve the look and feel hair requires it is extremely important to purchase 100% Human Remy hair extensions.
  3. Is it okay to buy synthetic hair extensions? The answer here is YES! Synthetic hair extensions are perfect for the person who wants to wear them only for a short or limited time. Synthetic extensions are commonly found in the clip-in extension market.
  4. Can I curl and flat-iron my synthetic extensions? A new technology exists called “thermo-fiber hair”. Most synthetic extensions cannot be used with heat. However, leading hair extension companies are now offering extensions that can be curled and flat-ironed on low heat settings.

In closing, the most sure way to have a positive experience with your hair extensions is buy purchasing from a trusted supplier. The best way to find one of these is to google the term “hair extensions” or “clip-in hair extensions” depending on what type you are looking for. Once you’ve located the company you wish to purchase from be sure to ask the questions we listed above. If they pass the test you should be safe in buying. Good luck!

Hair Salon Tips For Sluggish Business

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Business is slow all over for many salon owners as clients are going longer between cuts and scaling back on styles. With every down there is an up, and vice-versa, but it does look as though things may be sluggish for a while yet.

Hair news site Behind The Chair has a great article this month on tips to survive a (dare we say it) recession. We’ll list the first one here, but then head on over to BTC for the rest of the goods – you will need to register for a free account.

1. Spread the love
Many salon leaders think that traditional advertising is the best way to attract new clients. But the secret to new clients is actually sitting in your chair right now. That’s right, existing clients are the very best way to build your books. First of all, your clients love you, and if you simply let them know that you have some openings in your schedule and you’re trying to build your business, they will be more than happy to help. Secondly, you love your clients, so what would be better than to ask them to bring in people just like them? One important tip—be sure to reward your existing clients (with a free add-on or product) when a referral comes in. That’s the way you spread the gratitude…and the love!

Check out BTC’s article on surviving a slowing economy here.