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Tips to healthy summer hair, Continued

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

So last time we talked about how to handle your hair when it comes to things like chlorine and sun exposure. But how about the choices we make for our hair, before we ever hit the watering hole?

Coloring: No matter what color you choose, sun exposure is going to lighten your locks.  Over highlighted hair leaves a girl, or boy, looking washed out. And your if you spend too much time in the pool or sun, your hair can turn unsightly shades of orange and yellow. Go with something natural and choose a color safe shampoo to make your shade last longer.

The cut: Going with something mid length and layered leaves you with lots of options and the ability to change your look from day to day. Something too short means your stuck with the same look every day. And something too long is heavy and makes hair more a victim of the elements outdoors. Of course, don’t go with a certain length just because you feel your age dictates so. You don’t have to cut off all your hair when you turn 50. Just try to avoid cuts that look like you are trying, too hard, to be young.

Conditioning: Lets face it, conditioning is just smart. Hair becomes course after much time spent in the pool or at the beach. So taking care of it before you hit the sun will put you ahead of the game. There are lots of types of treatments to strengthen your locks. Varying from type of hair to what it is you are trying to do.

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The story of one eyebrow

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Transplanting hair onto someones balding scalp is something they’ve been able to do for awhile now. But this most recent development is something I hadn’t heard of til now… Transplanting eye brows!

Ive learned that hair transplants can be done all over the body, and are being done all around the world. The most popular transplant is of course the scalp. But also popular are eye lashes, beards, mustaches, chest hair…its like a hair relocation program!

Mindy McGinty, an aesthetician, had her eye brows tattooed on years ago. Unfortunately the color the the tattoo faded over time to a salmon orange color. [let this be a warning for everyone!] And since orange eye brows was not the look Mindy [or anyone] was going for, she had to have the tattoo removed by laser. Which also destroyed the hair follicles.

She tried several fake eye brow looks. From powdering them on to something called “fauxbrows” which fell off when she moved her face. It turned out the only option for her was a hair transplant. Doctors stole hair from her head, and implanted the follicles into her brows. Who’d a thought?

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DIY: Highlights

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Highlights are a great thing. They do wonders in so many ways. For example: adding dimension and shine to flat and dull hair… they can make your summer tan stand out… or make your face sparkle… But most importantly they make your hair look healthy. However visits to the salon cant be quite spendy. But don’t worry, there is another way… Do it yourself! Read on for the method that will work for you.

Spray-on highlights: Maybe you have heard of Sun-In? If not you can find it in any store/pharmacy. It simply stripes the color from your own hair to replace with a golden brown. This product goes for only 5.00 but if you happen to have a lemon in your fridge that will work just the same. Simple apply to wet hair while you are sitting out in the sun, and what your locks begin to glow.

Skullcap Highlights: You can buy the cap at most beauty stores. Tie to your head, and begin pulling bits of your hair through the holes in the cap. There is a special tool to do this. And this way you get to pick and choose how many and where you want your highlights. If it is the sun kissed look you are going for then only pick and choose a few highlights here and there. If you are wanting a more frosted look then you will want to add several more.

Paint-on Highlights: This is perhaps the most commonly used these days. It comes in a kit with a bristled applicator and bleaching formula. This way you get to add as little or as much bleach as you want. This kit will come with hand instructions to help you through the process.

Extensions Highlights: If you aren’t interested in coloring your actual hair, this is the way for you. Hair extensions come in a variety of clip on color and lengths. So it is easy to find some that work for you. However, to receive the best effect this way it will be best you use human hair extensions, which can be quite costly.

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First Impressions

Friday, July 17th, 2009

During these difficult economic times it seems there are more people job hunting than not. Which means that the need for jobs is much higher then the amount of jobs available. Which in turn means you need to make a good first impression just to stand out from all the other applicants.

The most important part of a first impression is the very first moment that the interviewer lays eyes on you. It is in those first few seconds that they make an initial opinion of you. And if the impression isn’t a positive one then you will spend the entire interview trying to win them over. It is certainly best to start off with a good impression, that way you get to focus on what you would bring to the company, rather then trying to make up for what you are wearing or what hairstyle you have.

When choosing an outfit and hairstyle for the job, make sure to consider the position you are applying for. Certainly you will want to pick something that your are comfortable with, but that also fits the job and will impress the interviewer. If its a job at a law firm then you should choose something conservative and professional. And if its a job at a music label then its ok to be a little bit more edgy.

When choosing a hairstyle pick something that doesn’t swallow you or hide your face. Something fresh and clean, and something comfortable so that you aren’t distracted by your locks while you are trying to promote yourself and your skills. An interviewer is likely more drawn to someone who looks put together and like they take care of themselves.

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Summer Wedding Hair

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Summer weddings tend to be picture perfect for many reasons. Beautiful weather, pink sunsets, summer tans… but hair can be tricky. Summer weather is often humid and can do a number on the brides hair. Luckily there are lots of ways to tame your do for the big day.

Updos: Wearing your hair up reduces the risk of it going bad after an hour or two. Whether you choose a bun or knot or twist. Use a bit of hair serum to keep frizzies at bay.

Down Do’s: A lot of brides are choose the more natural hair down look, as it is a better reflection of them in their day to day lives. Whether long and flowy or pin curls is your look be sure to spritz with a finishing spray to lock in the look and shine.

Highlights: Stick to natural. Sun kissed highlights are natural and timeless. They photograph well, so you wont look at and wonder “What was i thinking with the zebra stripes?” Brunettes should go only go a shade or two lighter. The shade the sun would color their hair. And blondes should add several shades of color for depth. But stick to soft colors.

Flyaways: No matter what hair style you go with, you want something smooth and shiny. Which is often a magic trick when the weather is humid. Make sure to use the right products. But don’t over do. Using too much shine serum will leave your hair looking greasy and dirty. Which is worse then hair they flyaways.

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10 Tips to Healthier Hair

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Healthy hair is a tricky thing to maintain. Especially in the hot summer months. But there are lots of things we can do to improve the look of our hair, many of which will also improve the condition of it as well.

1. Volume:  To achieve volume you really just need a root lifting spray and a blow dryer. Adding volume to your hair makes it look fuller and healthier.

2. Growth: Biotin is a vitamin that can be found at more drug stores. It promotes hair and nail growth. You can also find shampoos with Biotin in them.

3. Cleaning: Look carefully for a shampoo that contains fewer sulfates. Sulfates strip hair of oils and color. More expensive shampoos tend to have higher quality ingredients, which are better for your hair in the long run.

4. Swimming care: Before you climb into a chlorine filled pool, wet your hair with fresh clean water. It will prevent your hair from absorbing the chlorinated water.

5. Avoid Hot oils: If your hair is colored hot oil treatments will strip color from your hair.

6. Deep Conditioning: Apply a leave in conditioner and then wrap a warm damp towel around your hair. The heat will open up your hair follicles to allow conditioner in.

7. Don’t over wash: Natural oils are the best solution for your hair. Washing your hair strips these oils away. Try to wash your hair every other day so that the oils hair time to condition your hair.

8. Split Ends: The only way to get rid of split ends is to get your hair trimmed regularly. There are no products that will cure them for you.

9. Shine: Silicone is great to keep your hair shiny and smooth.

10. Color: Bring photos of the color you want into the salon when you go to have your hair done. This will help the stylist understand what you want.

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Need a new hair do but dont have the money?

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Need a new hair do but don’t have the money? There is a solution for you! Volunteer as a hair model at your favorite salon. When you volunteer at a hair salon you get a high quality hair cut done by a stylist in training, with supervision of course. And the best part… its free!

Wondering why salons take volunteers? Because it gives a learning stylist a chance to practice during their 18 month training program, as well as grow their clientele. And for you, well you get a great hair style that would have been costly otherwise.

Be aware that you will need to pay attention during your cut and color. The stylists will be looking to you for feedback during the secession. And depending how far a long in their training they are, the stylist will have little to lots of interaction with their instructor while doing your hair.

If you are interested in being a hair model, visit Craigslist and look under Services/Beauty for opportunities near you. You can also check salon websites, as they often advertise for volunteers. And also, its a good idea to tip. That’s the best way to show anyone that you appreciate their services!

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The Hair Extensions Industry is Always Moving

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Donna Bella Milan has been ahead of the curve in the hair extension world. We’ve got our eyes on a new hair extensions technology that has become available in the UK. The company, Wonderful Hair Extensions, have come up with a unique way to bond keratin dipped extensions to your hair.

How they work: Wonderful hair extensions are applied by a cold fusion applicator, and use a keratin-based polymer to attach the extensions. As well as ultra sonic waves, rather then the typical heat and glue method. Wonderful Hair Extensions are also applied to your roots, one strand at a time, allowing them to blend in much better.

It’s well known that heat and glue, if used too often on hair, can be very damaging. The keratin method eliminates both of those harmful elements and the use of sonic waves to secure the bond is an intriguing twist in the extensions industry. The keratin base is also far more flexible that hot glue, which allows them to blend right into your natural hair. Because there is no heat involved that means there is also no scalp irritation.

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Breast Cancer Fashion Show

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

October 2009 Fall Fashion Fantasy ~ A Celebration Of Hope!

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer found in women, coming in second behind skin cancer. In 2009, an estimated 192,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and over 40,000 of them will die from it.

So, in efforts to fight this tragedy, SO. CAP. USA Hair Extensions is holding a fashion show in hopes to raise money to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Last years show earned nearly $500,000 in donations.

The event includes a brunch as well as a hair and fashion show. Participating hair designers will be applying Pink Hair for Hope extensions to guests for a donation for $10 er strand. While stylists will show off their fall designs on the runway .

The big event will take place at the Fair Oaks Marriott Hotel in Fairfax, VA

*October 4, 2009 noon-4pm

*Tickets are available with a $75 donation

*For more information call 800-428-8788 or go to:,200927467.aspx