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“How much to do I charge for hair extensions?”

Friday, December 28th, 2012

We get asked this a lot, both by people considering hair extensions and by stylists who are beginning to offer hair extensions in their salons. We don’t tell the stylists who buy Donna Bella hair how much to charge for the service–it’s completely up to them.

There’s no easy answer about how much a stylist should charge for a hair extension job. If you’re a stylist, there a few factors you need to take into account when deciding your prices. Some salons have a standard rate for extension services, but if your salon leaves it up to you or you own a salon, you have some decisions to make.

You’ll want to charge a competitive rate for your area while still making a profit. Ask other stylists in your area to see what the going price is to get a ballpark idea. If you price too high, you won’t get a lot of clients. If you price too low, you might be not earning enough money to break even.

Most stylists charge per strand (or weft) of hair, and some charge hourly as well. Let’s look at an example:

A package of 18” I-Link hair from Donna Bella costs $38.75, and in each package, there are 20 strands. That means each strand costs you $1.93.

Charge $5 per strand, and you make a profit of $3.07 per strand.

If there are 80 strands total, at $5 a strand, it costs $400 and you make a $245.50 profit.

If you were charging by the hour as well and it took about two hours to install, you might charge an extra $14, (assuming $7 per hour).

The point is to make a profit while still treating your client fairly. Stylists with more experience with hair extensions generally can charge more.

It’s always a good idea to be upfront and clear about your pricing to your clients. You might not be able to provide a precise cost to an inquiring client, but try be as accurate and honest as possible.


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Traveling with hair extensions

Friday, December 21st, 2012

We’re in the thick of holiday season, and that means lots of time traveling. You can look your best when you see your family and friends without having to pack your entire bathroom with you. Here are some travel tips:

Keep a brush in your carry on bag. Sitting with the back of your head against the headrest of a plane or car can cause matting and tangling, especially if you’re trying to get some shut-eye en route. Take a few minutes at rest stops or layovers to brush through your locks. Brush frequently to keep your hair smooth. Pulling your hair up in a high top knot can be a great solution too.

Dry Shampoo will save your look. If you don’t have access to a shower for a few days, or your in-laws’ bathroom is too disgusting to even consider bathing in, you can just spray the dry shampoo on your roots and comb through to freshen up.

It may be tempting when you’re on the go, but don’t sleep in your Clip-In extensions. Just bring a protective bag or case to store them at night.

(By the way, our permanent extension methods are totally designed to be slept in.)

If you’re lucky and you’re heading somewhere tropical for the holidays, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Swimming with hair extensions is not recommended, mostly because chlorine is so damaging to all types of hair. But if you insist on not wearing a shower cap, just remember to use a leave-in protecting conditioner and wash out your hair immediately after getting out of the pool, using a gentle chlorine stripping shampoo.

Happy trails!

2012 Gift Guide

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Christmas is coming, and it’s not too late to give the women in your life the gift of beauty.
Whether it’s your wife, your sister, or your mother, women everywhere are asking for hair extensions and accessories for Christmas.

Hair Extensions
She’s been hinting for months. She’s always talking about how thin her hair is, and how it won’t grow. She wishes it was longer and fuller. She wants hair extensions.

Get in cahoots with her salon. Gift cards are great, and most salons offer them. Exact pricing on hair extension services varies widely from salon to salon, but if you tell the salon that your girl wants extensions, they should be able to tell you how much will need to be on the gift card to cover the cost.

She’ll love her new look for the new year!

Got a teenager asking for extensions? Try Clip-Ins. They’re especially great for the teen on your list who’s never had extensions before because they’re slightly lower maintenance and because they’re not permanent. If she really likes them and takes good care of them, then you can think about more permanent methods in the future.

Stocking Stuffers
Hair chalk is the biggest hair accessory trend of the year. It’s temporary hair color that applies easily and washes out in the shower, and creative types will love putting the bright streaks of color in their hair. We have 8 bright colors and they fit perfectly in stockings.

Feather hair extensions are still a hair accessory hit, and they come in more than 24 designs and colors. They’re fun and easy to put in, and they’re a great for an edgy New Years look.

Nail art has taken off in the past year. A solid color for a manicure hardly cuts it these days (just check Pinterest), so Nail Wrapz are the perfect gift for the busy nail aficionado in your life. They come in amazing designs and patterns, but they don’t take 34 hours to do.

Sack-O-Swag is a bit of a gamble, but it will be worth it for your wallet. This grab-bag is full of brand-new beauty and hygiene products, and it will always be worth more than what you paid for it. You won’t know what you’re getting until you get it, but the contents of the bag are great for gifts and stocking stuffers… or to keep for yourself.

Another way to get great beauty products is to check out We’ve partnered with this amazing beauty website to offer great deals on some of the best products in beauty.


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Having a great consultation: Client Edition

Friday, December 7th, 2012

This the second part in a two-part series about consultations. Last week, we covered consultations from the stylists’ perspective, but this week we’re focusing on what the client can do to make the consultation a success. It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous before getting extensions for the first time, but the consultation will help you know exactly what to expect.

Both stylist and client should ask lots of questions. Here is a list of some things you could ask your stylist:

“Are you certified?” Not every licensed cosmetologist is certified to do hair extensions. Donna Bella has a certification program and many other hair extension companies have training programs as well. Experience is also key, and so it never hurts to ask your potential stylist for before and after pictures of clients they’ve worked on previously.

“How much is this going to cost?” Your stylist should be upfront with you about cost. Sometimes it can be tricky to give a quote because each head of hair varies so much, but after the consultation, your stylist should have a good idea of how much hair you’re going to need and how long it’s going to take. Some stylists ask for a deposit, so be prepared for that.

“What extra precautions do I have to take with the hair extensions?” There are universal hair extension care guidelines, but your stylist will have specific recommendations for your hair. Your stylist might suggest certain products and brushes.

“How often will I have to come in for touch-ups?” It’s good to know what you’re getting into, and to make sure that you have the time commitment for adjustments that will keep your hair healthy and looking great.

“What method do you recommend for my hair?” Your stylist can see, feel, and touch your hair when you’re sitting in the chair, so he or she is the best one to give you advice. Trust your stylist.

Tell your stylist all of your hair history, what kind of medications you’re taking, and what your lifestyle is like. This knowledge will help your stylist make an informed recommendation about what method is best for you.

Come to your appointment with your hair the color you want to have in the long-term. The stylist will be matching your hair to a Donna Bella hair swatch, so if you go and dye it after your appointment, you will have hair crisis on your hands because your hair extensions will not match.

Don’t show up with your hair in an intricate updo, either, unless you don’t mind your stylist taking it out. He or she will want to feel how thick your hair is, and will want to examine the roots, so you’ll want to be prepared.

Bring a notepad and pencil to take notes. Especially if it’s your first time getting extensions, you’ll want to remember the instructions your stylists gives you about what products are best to use, how to brush, and when to come in for touch ups.

Your stylist will set up your installation appointment, which is usually a week or two in advance. This will give your stylist time to order the hair and have it sent to the salon, although some salons keep hair extensions on hand and ready to go.

Your appointment should be informative, exciting, and you should leave feeling completely confident that hair extensions are the right thing for your hair.

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Last week we discussed what the stylist can do to make the consultation great. Read that here.


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