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Questions to ask at a New Client Consultation

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Something we get asked about a fair amount here at Donna Bella Hair is what kinds of questions to ask a new client during a consultation. Back in 2011, we posted a blog dealing specifically with consultations. Here’s an updated and revised guide.

Hair Extension Consultation

When your client arrives to discuss their hair extensions possibilities, your first priority is to get a solid idea of what they’re looking for. Does she want to add length or volume to her hair? Perhaps she’d just like some highlights and colors? Is she on the fence about whether hair extensions are right for her?

A consultation doesn’t have to be very long, but it should be informative and inspiring. After the consultation, the client should feel both comfortable and excited about hair extensions.

While you’re discussing the hair extension treatment, don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. Good questions to ask include:

Great Questions to Ask:

Why do you want hair extensions?

Do you have friends who have hair extensions?

How long do you expect to wear your hair extensions?

How often do you currently wash and condition your hair?

Are you prepared to spend additional time caring for the extensions?

Do you know about Remy quality hair extensions?

Which application system works best for you? Bead, Fusion, Both?

Are you taking any medications for hair thinning or hair loss?

Are you experiencing any hair loss or hair loss problems?

What questions do you have about getting extensions?

What questions do you have about caring for extensions?

Remember that this is a great opportunity to help you get a good feel for your client’s overall expectations, as well as their hair health. Furthermore,  your client may not bring these issues up on their own, so don’t be afraid to ask. If necessary, take notes as well!

More Single Sided Tape Tips

Friday, December 6th, 2013

You may already be familiar with Donna Bella Single Sided Tape. It’s a revolutionary Tape-in extension product designed for women with fine hair. By utilizing half as many tape in wefts as a traditional tape in extension, this accessory won’t put as much strain on the hair, but will still provide a natural look. For more information on the basics of the tape, visit our original blog post on the product here.

We’re so excited about this tape, especially the fact that it gives more and more women the opportunity to experience the natural length and volumizing effects of a hair extension. Here’s some additional tips for using single sided tape to install extensions.

Extra Tips

Before installing, make sure the hair is clean and dry. Oil and adhesives don’t mix well (that’s why our Tape-In bond remover is oil based). The tape will adhere best when there aren’t lots of oils and dirt getting in the way.

Ensure you get a clean part. You don’t want to trap any hair in the bond that shouldn’t be there. Stray hair, or hairs that run the wrong direction can cause additional strain and discomfort. Ensure that all the hair in the bond is neat and running perpendicular (not parallel) to the bond.

If you’re anxious about the Single Sided Tape curling up, press it between the plates of a cold flat iron. This adds more pressure than your own hands and can really ensure a secure adhesion.

Line up the Single Sided Tape exactly with the Tape-In weft. Any excess tape can catch on hair and cause tangles and matting.

When removing the Single Sided Tape-In Extensions, make sure you use our Tape-In Bond Remover and NOT Keratin bond remover (these are for removing Kera-Link Extensions). If the extensions don’t come out easily, use more bond remover. Never force the extensions out.

Buy single sided tape.