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Style Tip: Single Clip Ins

Friday, January 31st, 2014

db_blog_single_clipsWe know you want to have fabulous hair, but sometimes you just don’t have the cash to spend on the extensions, installation, and maintenance. That’s where single clip-ins save the day. Our single clip-ins are inexpensive and super-versatile—but they certainly don’t look that way.

They may seem small, but they pack a big punch! Just clip in a strand, blend it into your natural hair, and you are good to go! They require the least commitment of all hair extension types, saving you the time, commitment, and cost involved in other types of extensions.

If you want to add streaks of color or highlights to your hair but don’t want them for months at a time, single clip-ins are a great solution. They’re also neater and more natural-looking than colored hairsprays or colored hair mascaras. Those products can get a bit messy and can give your hair a crunchy texture that doesn’t feel nice to the touch. Clip-ins, whether human or synthetic, feel natural and soft and look just like your real hair.

Sometimes you want a bit more volume in your hair—you may be trying a cool, new style that you can’t quite achieve with only your natural hair. Adding a few single clips of hair that match your color can work wonders. You can finally get that full, romantic up-do for date night!

If you’re even more cash-strapped, synthetic clip-ins are your best bet. They are so similar to human hair, high quality, and heat resistant. They can be used in all the same ways as the human clip-ins—you’ll forget that you’re wearing extensions at all!

So go all out! You don’t have to sacrifice your style just because you’re on a budget!

Donna Bella Social Media Contests

Friday, January 24th, 2014


First off, are you connected with Donna Bella on social media? If you’re not, then you should be! We’re on all the major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter (@dbhairextensions), Pinterest and Youtube and we just love adding new friends and followers.

Keeping up with Donna Bella on social media gives you access to plenty of exclusive Donna Bella happenings. It’s a great way to stay on top of new product spotlights, sales, hair extension tips, new blog posts and a way to engage with other Donna Bella fans, stylists and hair extension enthusiasts. However, there’s more to our social media than just doling out information. We’re doling out prizes too!

Every week, we’ll be holding exclusive social media contests and giveaways, and they’re only available to our social media followers. These prizes range from gift certificates, free products, free access to online education courses and many more. Our exclusive giveaways can take many forms, often times as simple as a quick caption contest or trivia question…so what do you have to lose? We’ll be hosting them every week and announcing frequent winners.

Social media is just one of the many ways we’re seeking to create a dynamic, online community around hair extensions. Follow us and win big!

Using Single Sided Tape for Highlights

Friday, January 17th, 2014

db_blog_2014_ssTape_hilightsSingle Sided Tape is a revolutionary product, designed for women with fine or thin hair. It’s great for a full head of extensions because provides all the natural, volumizing effects of Tape-In Extensions without the strain, because it utilizes half as many wefts. It also packs more proverbial “bang for your buck” since, instead of sandwiching your natural hair between two Tape-In Extension wefts, you’re putting it between one weft and another piece of tape. This means you technically have twice as many wefts to spread throughout your hair!

Besides their weightless and smooth application, single sided tape extensions have a few other advantages that aren’t exclusive to those with fine or delicate hair. They can be placed higher up on the head with Single Sided Tape, making them ideal for adding highlights, or for a more subtle, ombre effect, you can place the wefts further down on the bottom two or three layers. If you want zips of color all throughout, simply work the contrasting color wefts throughout the entire head.

Now, if you’re a client with medium or thick hair,looking to add some substantial body and volume to your locks, then Single Sided Tape probably won’t give you exactly what you want (for that, we’d recommend traditional Tape-In extensions), but if you just want to add some exciting splashes of color, Tape-In wefts with Single Sided Tape are a great, gentle solution!

To learn more,  visit our Single Sided Tape page and try some today!

Reviewing your Donna Bella Extensions Online

Friday, January 10th, 2014

At this point, there’s really no debating social media’s staying power. It’s become a ubiquitous entity in our lives, one which fosters boundless communication and an unprecedented access to information in a matter of mouse-clicks. For this reason alone, many businesses have taken to social media as another avenue to connect with existing or potential customers. Companies of varying  sizes utilize social media to keep their followers in the proverbial “loop,”  alerting them to new products and offerings, advertising sales or by hosting promotions and giveaways.

However, we don’t all own businesses (or want to!). Some of us simply want to use our various social media platforms to read and share interesting news links and funny YouTube videos or chat with old friends and family members.  The user gets what they want from it. That’s the beauty of social media.

At Donna Bella, we recognize this versatility and we’ve also found that, regardless of their different social media proclivities, our customers love sharing their hair extensions experiences online! We welcome “before and after” pictures, or other testimonials regarding our products. These can be posted on our Facebook page, either on the wall or in a private message. We also welcome any of these submissions via Email,

Besides these methods of sharing, we’re thrilled to offer a new way for our customers to review their favorite products directly on the Donna Bella Hair website! Here’s how it works:

1. Visit our Website

2. On the left-hand column of the home page, you’ll see a list of Donna Bella products. Click the product you’ve purchased that you wish to review.  For example, if you purchased 16” I-Link Pro Straight #4 Extensions, just click into the product.

3. Once the product page comes up, click the “What Customers are Saying” button, located between  the “Installation Tips” and “Product You May Like” buttons.

4. From here, you’ll be given the option to write a review or even to upload your own personal video review. Both of these can be done by following the prompts on the pop-up.

We recognize the tremendous power of online sharing and welcome all our customers to contribute their hair extensions experiences in any capacity. Your posted reviews help other hair extensions customers, and create an extensive and continuing dialogue among hair extensions fans and users worldwide!

Furthermore we read what is posted, and continually strive to cultivate the best and most user-friendly experience for all customers, whether it’s purchasing, installing or maintaining their hair extensions. So next time you’re on the site, why not post one of your own product reviews? It’s quick, easy and it makes a huge difference!