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When Should I Double Bead?

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


Another common misconception of the I-Link method is double beading. The straight answer is you should never attach more than one bead to the I-Link tips. We’ve heard some clients and stylists suggest this, it’s not a very good idea. Not only are you wasting beads, time, and money, you’re also looking at an unhappy client that’s in constant discomfort which sometimes leads to breakage. Most of the time this is suggested when the I-Links keep slipping. So of course, we have a solution for that.

If you’re familiar with Donna Bella’s I-Link method then you know we offer 3 types of different beads. Each bead is designed to accommodate a different hair type. If you’re experiencing slippage, 2 beads is not the solution. It could be that you need to switch to a different bead type for your client’s hair type so here are the different beads we offer and what hair type they are meant for:

Flared: Is the go-to bead for clients that have fine, thin hair because they reduce the strain on the strands for their hair type.

Grooved: Made out of aluminum, these beads have tiny grooves on the inside of each bead. These grooves interlock with each other when the bead is closed,  reducing slippage.

Silicone: Perfect for any hair type, this bead is gentle but will still the hair in place securely without a worry for slippage.

donna bella beads

After trying all 3 different beads to no avail, it could also be that your client is not the ideal candidate for the I-Link method but rather the Kera-Link or Tape-In method instead. Double beading, again, is not the solution.

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Too Close for Comfort

Friday, June 19th, 2015

too close for comfort

Since we’re on our I-Link series, let’s clear up another misconception about I-Link Hair extensions, shall we? As we scroll through social media, we see a ton of amazing work and mind-blowing creations made with Donna Bella Hair extensions, and, once in a while, we’ll come across a picture that makes us want to reach out and give a stylist a few pointers. So here’s our next pointer to keep in mind when installing those little micro-bead hair extensions: do not get too close to the scalp. Always place the bead about a quarter of an inch away from the scalp. Pictured above: the 2 on the left are incorrect.  The 2 on the right are the correct way of I-Link placement.

Some stylists think that the closer they get to the scalp, the better the beads will hold because they’re tightly secured. This is actually FALSE. Placing the bead too close to the scalp will not only be extremely uncomfortable for your client, it can also potentially cause breakage. Because the bead is placed too close to the root of the strand, there’s a lot of pressure there from the weight of the bead. All it takes is one stroke of a brush and you’re looking at breakage.

Another reason you should not place the bead too high up on the hair is because you won’t have that 360 degree movement that I-Links are used for. It’s harder to place the I-Links without waterfalling if you place the bead too high. If you drop the extensions slightly, you can install them at a better angle to get a more natural look.

The discomfort from having the bead placed too close to the scalp can cause little red bumps that form on the scalp when it’s too tight. If your client is complaining about discomfort after 24 hours, you should definitely check to see if you’ve placed the bead a little too close. If you have, you’ll need to unclamp the beads and give them more space. That’s why, as a rule of thumb, always leave a quarter of an inch of space.

To learn more about the proper installation of Donna Bella Hair extensions, check out our online education or our hands-on training classes at the next hair show. If you’re serious about stepping up your hair extension skills, we invite you to attend our next Pro Series class.

Tips Not Allowed On I-Link Extensions…

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Tips not allowed


What no tip? We’re not talking money, we’re talking I-Link tips. Let’s continue our series on I-Links with the installation. Pictured below is an I-Link installation No-No. The tips on I-Links should never be poking out this far. Why you may ask? The constant poking of the tips on the client’s scalp when she lays down or pulls her hair up will cause great discomfort for her. Could you imagine walking around with hundreds of little strands poking at your head non-stop? Not good.

Another reason why most of the tips should be kept inside the bead is because, over time, the tip where the bond is located will start to fray due to brushing or styling. Keep in mind that you will need those bonds to remain sealed so you can use them again for the client’s next move up appointment. When you keep that bond sealed, you can trim off the tip after a few uses when you can’t fit it into the bead anymore, making use of the rest of the tip.

Again, we’re not pointing fingers, we are simply giving out pointers to improve your skills as stylists. I-Links are extremely amazing because it’s a great method to get a client who’s never worn hair extensions to try them out. There isn’t any type of adhesive involved, which puts a new hair extension client more at ease with stepping out of her comfort zone. However, if a stylist isn’t placing the I-Links correctly, it could turn her off due to discomfort or just a bad experience.

At Donna Bella, we believe in providing you with not just a great product, but the tools to use our products to their full potential. So when in doubt, check us out! We have free online videos to teach you the tips and tricks to successful installations, as well as online education and hands-on training.


The wrong way:                                                       The right way:


bad i-link                          good ilink


We Love Waterfalls, Just Not On Extensions…

Friday, June 5th, 2015


I-Links are a wonderful method for those that prefer not having anything attached to their natural hair with adhesive. They’re also extremely versatile and easy to hide—if installed properly. Scanning through our social media, we have found some “waterfalls” with I-Link, also known as improper installation by crimping down on the bead while the strand of natural hair is held up high and placing it too close to the scalp, making it look like a waterfall.

“Waterfall” (pictured below) does not only look terrible, it is extremely painful for your client. Notice how the beads are way too close to the scalp. The beads should be placed between a quarter and a half inch away from the scalp to avoid pain, bumps due to swelling, redness, and constant pulling of the hair.


To avoid waterfalls, before pressing down on the bead, make sure you are holding the hair correctly by placing it flat on the head and not elevating it . It is okay if a little bit of the I-Link hair extension strand is showing once you press down on the bead, you just don’t want too much of the extensions popping out. The constant poking of an I-Link on the scalp can also cause some discomfort.

This blog isn’t meant to point fingers, but rather give you a few pointers when installing Donna Bella Hair I-Links. So if you have any questions, now is the time to ask. Leave your questions in the comment box below!