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What is Colorombre?

Friday, July 31st, 2015

what is colombre

In one simple explanation, colorombre is an ombre with vibrant colors. We would say it’s a new trend, but you’ve probably already seen it around for a while. Essentially, it’s the official name for an existing phenomenon. The ombre is best described as a dark to light tone style, however, stylists are putting their own twist on it by using any and every color of the rainbow. There are two ways to accomplish these looks using Donna Bella Hair extensions:

1) Funky colors. Donna Bella Hair offers a variety of the most vibrant and popular colors; blue, green, pink, and purple are among our selection. To get the ombre look with a dark hair client, deposit a natural hair-compatible color to the root of the funky hair extensions. Use the ombre technique to ensure that it fades into the vibrant color as an ombre would. Do not go past half of the hair length. If working with lighter hair, deposit the funky color of choice to the very ends of the natural hair, again using the ombre technique. Then add the hair extension pieces. You can also choose to stay away from coloring by simply installing the hair extensions alone (we offer ombre hair extensions for this very purpose!).

2) Custom. Hair colors such as lavender or rose are not available in our funky color selection, but can still be achieved using Donna Bella Hair extensions in colors #60 and #1001. These colors work perfectly with custom coloring as they allow you to play with your own color formula. Remember that hair extensions process color differently than your client’s natural hair, so watch the hair throughout the process, and ALWAYS do a test strand to see how the hair reacts to your chemicals. You can find all the hair coloring resources and tips that you need at Donna Bella’s Color Takeover Portal—our new landing place for hair extension-specific coloring info, tutorials, and more!

Below are some custom color jobs using Donna Bella Hair extensions.

 Hair by Chelsea McDaniel hair by michel red ombre lavender hair on @uhohalicia

Clockwise: Teal ombre hair by Chelsea McDaniel, burgundy ombre by Michel, lavender-purple ombre by Nicole. 

What’s your technique to color ombre? Leave them in the comments below, were dying to know!

Visit the Color Takeover Portal

Preserving the Life of Your Color

Friday, July 24th, 2015

preserving your color

Is your hair pink, purple, blue, or any other vibrant color? Chances are you had to bleach your natural hair to deposit the funky color, right? After a couple of weeks you’ve probably experienced some color fading. Since there is no way to stop it from fading, here are a few things you can do to slow down the process on both your natural hair and Donna Bella Hair extensions.

Wash less. As you know, wearing Donna Bella Hair extensions means washing your hair only once a week—and twice at the most. The formula in shampoos throws off your hair’s pH balance, which makes it hard to preserve the integrity of the hair (both natural and extensions). If you simply cannot go without washing, use a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are intended to soak up the excess oil from your scalp, leaving your hair feeling fresh and smelling clean. Using pH balanced shampoos will allow the cuticle to lay flat and preserve the color inside the hair shaft.

Cold water. It’s kind of a pain, but washing your hair with straight cold water helps preserve the color. When washing your hair with hot water, the cuticles of your hair open up, allowing the color to leak. Cold water will help keep the cuticles closed and delay your color from fading, giving you more time before you go into your next touch-up appointment.

Cellophane. A clear cellophane gloss will help coat the hair after depositing color. Because it’s semi-permanent, it will wash out after about 8 washes. Touching up your hair and hair extensions with cellophane will keep the color and hair looking restored and shiny. The best thing about this product is that you can do it yourself. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Follow best practices. When coloring hair or touching up a past color job, it’s important that your stylist follow best coloring practices to ensure a lasting look. This is especially true when coloring hair extensions. Donna Bella hair extensions—including the Funky colors—go through a special color process during manufacturing to achieve our wide range of shades and this process ensures that Donna Bella hair colors will not bleed or fade with extended wear. When a custom color is applied to Donna Bella extensions, it reacts with the existing color in the extensions to produce a new one that may or may not last. The solution for this is simple, though. With our new Color Takeover Portal, stylists and clients alike can read up on all the hair extension coloring info they need to create and maintain beautifully vivid hair. This educational outreach program includes tutorial videos, articles, a downloadable guide, and more, and exists in collaboration with color giants like Joico Color Intensities and Framar International. Help yourself to all the gems of wisdom today—materials are available right now at the Color Takeover Portal.  

Visit the Color Takeover Portal Now

Removing Donna Bella Hair Kera-Links

Friday, July 17th, 2015

removing kera links

Because Kera-Links are installed strand by strand, plan on spending a good amount of time removing them. Unlike the Bond Remover for Donna Bella Hair Tape-Ins, the Kera-Link Bond Remover needs more time to be absorbed. The key is to be patient, especially if your client wants them rebonded for another use. If they are planning on reusing the hair, let them know that the hair will lose some length due to the old bond tips being cut off. You cannot place new bond over the old bond because it will adhere poorly, causing the extensions to fall out in no time. So to make sure the hair is reusable, follow these steps.

  1. Use your Hair Extension Tool to crunch the bond.
  2. Apply the blue Bond Remover (alcohol-based) to the crunched bonds. Only do a row at a time. Let the remover sit in for about 1 minute or more.
  3. Take your Hair Extension Tool again and crunch down on the bond on each side. You’ll know they’re ready to come off when the bonds turn white.
  4. Gently pull the hair extension off by holding firmly to the natural hair and pulling the extension off slowly. If it’s not coming off, use more Bond Remover and let it sit. While you wait, work on the others.
  5. If there’s any leftover bond on the natural hair, apply some more remover before you wash the hair.

Following these steps will ensure that you’re not pulling your client’s natural hair and that you’re not pulling hair off the extensions. To apply them again you’ll need to cut the white part (old bond) off the tip of the used extensions and then re-bond them. We’ll save those steps for next time.

If you’re having trouble with Kera-Link removal, leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll get to them as soon as possible!

Love That Part

Friday, July 10th, 2015

love that part

Part, as in “a clean part,” is very crucial to a successful hair extension experience for both you and your client. A clean part means your client will feel comfortable the entire time she’s wearing her hair extensions. If you don’t take the time to part the hair in a clean line, your client will definitely feel it, trust me. It feels like a constant pulling of the hair, and even though it’s tiny, it’s painful and sometimes leaves little red bumps behind from the constant tugging of those few strands of hair. Also, if you don’t take the time to make a clean part before sealing the hair extension with the bond, bead, or tape, you are sure to have a bunch of stray hairs that will mat and tangle, and will break off hair with the stroke of a brush.

To avoid these issues,

  • Take your time. If you’re in a rush, you won’t have time to pay attention to every line you part. Don’t worry about going over a few more minutes if you’re charging by the hour. Your client will be more happy you took your time for a flawless hair installation instead of having to come back because it hurts.
  • Quick pick. Donna Bella’s Quick Pick Hair Parter is an amazing tool that makes clean parting faster and easier. Instead of using a comb that you have to constantly pick up and put down, the quick pick is worn around your finger like a ring so you can wear it during the installation. The tip is pointed and it’s extremely lightweight.
  • Equal parting. As a rule of thumb, the section of hair that goes into the bonds, beads, or tape is supposed to be the same thickness as the hair extension strand. That’s how you’ll know you’re parting too much or too little. If you place too much hair in the part, you’re looking at painful extensions for your client. If you part too little, you’re looking at slippage.

Practice makes perfect, of course. So if you think you messed up, re-do it. I promise, it’s worth it.

If you’d like more information about using the Quick Pick, visit our free videos.


Party with Donna Bella Hair

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

party with Donna Bella1

We’ve all heard of tupperware parties and those body wrap parties. But have you thought of a Donna Bella Hair party? If you’re a stylist coming into the hair extension industry, this would be a great way to introduce yourself to potential future clients. If you’re a seasoned hair extension stylist looking to increase your income, this is a great way to share your services. There are several ways to approach something like this, but we thought we would share the quickest and easiest ideas for your Donna Bella Hair Party.

Clip-Ins are obviously a great way to introduce a person who has never thought about wearing extensions. Even though you have nothing to do with the installation, you can certainly offer custom coloring services, a custom cut, or custom blending for each set of Clip-Ins. Clip-Ins will be your secret money maker.

Tape-Ins are just a good idea for a hair party in general. If you’re doing a demo party, you can install them on the spot since they don’t take much time. We also suggest using the Funky colors to install a few pieces as highlights at your demo party, or even at a little girl’s birthday party—with the consent of her parents, of course.

If you partner up with a makeup artist you can also host a makeover party, which could take longer, but can also provide your guests with entertainment while they wait to be next. Of course, if you’re taking on something like this, keep the group small. You don’t want to be there all day. These types of parties are a great way to get some really good before and after pictures to show off your work on social media, plus a great way to promote your work through word of mouth.

We’d like to help you plan your own Donna Bella Hair Party. If you need ideas or have any questions, please ask!