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Train Your Hair Into Shape

Friday, September 25th, 2015

train your hair

Now that you’ve had your Donna Bella Hair extensions put in and have waited to wash your hair for the first 48 hours, you might find that your natural hair isn’t laying the same way your extensions do. This will usually occur after blow drying it. Because the hair extensions go through  a certain process to keep them well preserved, they’ll go back to looking the same as the first day you installed them. Your natural hair, however, will probably seem poofier. So what’s the deal? The quick version of why this happens is that the natural oils your scalp releases helps your natural hair look shiny and adds the extra weight to lay flatter. By washing it, you’ve removed those oils and you’ll need to wait a day or two for those oils to resurface. But in the meantime, don’t panic! Here a few tips to train your hair to sit exactly the way you would like it to after a great wash and blowdry.

Side parts and middle parts: Once your hair is completely dry, part your hair the way you like it to be. Place a small amount of shine serum or light hair spray and comb the hair down with a boar bristles brush. Place bobby pins on each side and wait about 30 minutes before removing the bobby pins.

Getting rid of the poofy: Another problem area is toward the front, at the crown of your head. It’ll get a little poofy sometimes even when your blowdry it straight (especially women with ethnic hair). To get rid of the poofy texture, wrap your head using a mesh wrap first then use a silk scarf or bonnet to lay the hair flat without using product. You should probably allow at least an hour before taking it off. It works better when worn while you sleep. If you choose to do this during the day, adding a little shine serum will help speed it up.

Have you guys tried these tips? What did you think? Let us know!

Can I Wear Donna Bella Hair When Expecting?

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

db while expecting

Because Donna Bella Hair requires absolutely zero chemicals for installation, our extensions are safe to wear during your pregnancy. However, it is more common for women to experience fuller, thicker hair while pregnant. Here’s a little fact: You’re not growing more hair, you’re just losing hair at a slower rate. During those 9 months, estrogen levels are higher which result in less hair shedding so your hair feels thicker. The upside to this is that your extensions may stay in longer because shedding hair contributes to loose extensions, hence , why move-up appointments are more frequent for some than others. Some women shed hair at a faster rate and can’t go quite as long as the 8 week mark.

You may find yourself needing extensions more after giving birth than during your pregnancy. Postpartum hair will go back to it’s regular growth rate so you may experience more hair falling out. It is common for women to notice hair loss after giving birth. This is due to estrogen levels tapering back to normal. But don’t worry this isn’t going to be permanent and with Donna Bella Hair, you have the option to add more volume and thickness through the variety of methods we offer. If it’s just volume you want back, you can do a couple or a few rows while you wait for your hair to get back to it’s regular programming. If being a new mommy has you on a tight budget, try a full set of Clip-Ins. These are ideal for the on-the-go mom who has no time for salon visits.

Are you a new mommy wanting some hair advice? Drop your question in the comment box below. We’re always happy to help!


Avoiding Slippage With an Oily Scalp

Friday, September 11th, 2015

oily scalp

Having a more than average oily scalp can be a pain but doesn’t mean you can’t wear hair extensions. Oily scalps are actually the best candidates for Donna Bella Hair Kera-Link extensions. The Kera-Links will bond to the hair better than Tape-Ins or I-Links. On the day of your initial installation appointment, make sure your hair is clarified with our Cream Cleanse™ Shampoo as best as you can. Once your extensions are in, washing your hair every other day instead of every third day will be best for you. We recommend washing your Donna Bella Hair extensions only once or twice a week at most because the constant use of shampoo can dry out the extensions. But in the case of an oily scalp, here’s what to do:

  1. Wash your hair every other day with non-clarifying shampoo. When using shampoo try to apply shampoo to only the roots every other wash. Your extension strands aren’t the ones producing the oil so you won’t need to shampoo them each time. Once you’ve rinsed out the shampoo, use a heavier conditioner or a hair mask to the ends only. The conditioner can be applied each time you wash to give your hair a good balance of keeping your scalp free of buildup and your extensions moisturized.
  2. Dry shampoo is a product you shouldn’t go without having an oily scalp. It should be used in between washes to keep your scalp fresh and oil under control.

Investing in a good oil for your ends may also help in keeping your extensions moisturized. Any moisturizing products should only be applied to the ends of your hair anyway, oily scalp or not.

Are you struggling with slippage due to an oily scalp? Don’t be shy, we’d love to help. Just ask!


Donna Bella Hair for the Cause

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

This week we announced our sale on all pink products to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so from September 1-October 31 all of our pink hair will be available at a 10% discount. Donna Bella Hair will then donate 50% of proceeds from pink hair and pink product sales to the the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Who do you wear pink for? More than likely, we all know someone who is or was diagnosed with breast cancer. One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with it during their lifetime. There is always something we wish we could do. This is your chance to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Your contribution will give women free mammograms, education, and give to the world renowned research centers.

Go moderate or all out! We’re still in the vibrant colors trend— We’ve seen ombres with every hue of the rainbow, including mermaid hair. This is the perfect time to try out that pink hair you’ve coveted but never dared. You can choose to do a few highlights, a full pink ombre, pink mermaid hair, or if you’re daring enough… a full head of pink monotone hair. It’s not only the trend, it has a purpose! Best of all  you don’t have to put your natural hair through the coloring process and Donna Bella Hair extensions can be taken out any time.

To start contributing, visit and shop your pink products to help us fight breast cancer. For more information about our Pink Strands for the Cause event, please visit