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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Hairstyle

Friday, March 25th, 2016


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about spring updates—things like spring cleaning your old extensions and saving your change-loving hair from over-processing. But if you’re sitting there thinking, “I don’t have hair extensions,” and/or, “I don’t have time to color or process my hair,” then keep reading! We’ve got some easy, low-maintenance spring updates in mind for you.

1. Change your part. Possibly the fastest way to change your hairstyle (and overall look), updating your hair part can draw attention to a new and previously under-explored area of your face! Depending on how deep the part is, side parts tend to emphasize the eyes or cheekbones, whereas center parts highlight the symmetry of your face. Changing your part can also change the way your face shape reads by accentuating either the length (center part) or width (side part) of your features.

2. Switch your products. If you’ve been using the same hair care products for forever, now is the time to switch things up. Try a shampoo that’s specifically designed for your hair color—like John Frieda Brilliant Brunette for darker-haired ladies, or Aveda Camomile Shampoo for blondes—to bring out the tonality of your strands, or introduce a color-modifying shampoo like John Frieda Go Blonder or Joico Color Endure Violet to change the tone of your hair. There are also products that accentuate curls, tame frizz, straighten hair…you name it! Pick up a bottle of something new and take it for a spin.

3. Embrace natural. Sometimes the most flattering look is the one you woke up with—or, at least, some version of it. If you’re the kind of person who’s inclined to curl or smooth away your natural texture, step back for a moment and think about playing up your hair’s unique quirks. The easiest way to do this is to match your products with your hair texture (see above), and to implement some quick night-time routines. Wavy-haired ladies: sleep with braids for a more uniform texture. Curly-haired ladies: twist your hair around a headband for perfect morning ringlets. Straight-haired ladies: twist all of your hair into a single (loose) topknot, then cover it with a silk headwrap for sleek-bodied volume.

4. Toy with bangs. Bangs have the power to instantly transform your entire appearance, and Clip-In bangs let you do it without the long-term commitment. Pick up a set from our sister site and try them out for yourself! You can even choose between straight bangs and side bangs, or find your best match with this quiz.

5. Try hair extensions. Maybe you’re into the idea of trying out a new color, or experimenting with length and thickness, but just don’t have the time or willpower to commit to the salon schedule and upkeep. That’s okay! Clip-In hair extensions can do the trick without making a dent in your time, hair, or pocketbook. Here at Donna Bella, we offer both 100% Human and synthetic Clip-In hair extension options for your varied needs. You can order single strands for highlights or a pop of color, a full-head set for a new all-over look, and all manner of hair accessories to go with them. So test away!

What’s your tip for a fast and easy spring hair update? Let us know in the comments below!


Hair Care Strategies for Girls Who Love Change

Friday, March 18th, 2016


A little change can certainly be a good thing. We all get that urge to freshen up our look once in a while, especially around season-shifting time. But if you love change more than the average person, you probably know that things can get a bit messy (read: damaged) when you’re treating your locks like a never-ending painting project. So what’s a change-loving girl to do?

Here are a few hair care tips that’ll keep your tresses in shape, no matter what you throw at them:

Use Gentler Products. Think sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (like for your hair extensions!), a boar-hair bristle brush, softer, more absorbent towels, and—wait for it—gentler dyes. Damaged or not, you should always treat your hair gently, and your products are a great place to start.

Invest in a Bonnet. Speaking of gentle products, we recommend that you cover your hair with a bonnet while you sleep to prevent damage from pillow friction. Go for one made of silk for maximum protection and comfort. The bonus is that it’ll prevent frizzing, too!

Add Supplements. The best way to achieve long-lastingly healthy hair is to take care of your body. Nutritious food and regular exercise are non-negotiable, and for an extra kick, try some hair-boosting supplements like biotin, zinc, and fish oil pills (for those omega 3s).

Try Olaplex. We’ve talked about this product before, and it’s worth a second mention. Olaplex is designed to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent damage during coloring processes. So make sure your stylist has some on them the next time you schedule a color job.

Know the Rules. Every chemical hair procedure involves some rules—namely, precautions you should take before and after an appointment. These could include: not washing your hair within 24-48 hours of your appointment (before and after), using color-safe or texture-appropriate hair care products, going in for regular touch-ups, and performing certain kinds of maintenance on the hair at home. Check in with your stylist to develop the right regimen for your process (and then stick to it).

Moisturize!!! This is so so so so SO important! Moisturizing is a priority even for people with healthy hair. So you can bet that you salon-frequenters will have extra moisturizing to do to treat damaged locks. Beyond your usual conditioner, make sure that you’re using a weekly deep-conditioner, a monthly hair mask, and/or an occasional oil treatment. If your hair is exceptionally dry or brittle, consider a leave-in conditioner, too.

Skip the Heating Tools. If you want to maintain your creative freedom and keep your hair in tip-top shape, you’re going to have to make some concessions. And by that, we mean putting away the hair dryer, curler, and straightener. Processing your hair in any way—be it coloring, perming, relaxing…you name it!—will expose your strands to damage, whether you like it or not. So why go on to damage the hair more by using heat-styling appliances? Instead, opt for heat-free styling methods like this, this, or this.

Don’t Skip a Trim. Trimming is the best way to stop hair breakage in its tracks. And, trust us, a little lost length is well worth it for smooth, healthy, beautiful hair. A good rule of thumb is to go in for a trim at the start of each new season, or to include a trim at the end of your major appointments to cut the damage immediately.

Opt for Extensions. If you’re really not into losing length for hair health, rest assured that you can get the length back with temporary or semi-permanent hair extensions. Donna Bella hair extensions are 100% Human Remy—the best grade of hair on the market—and will quickly restore the appearance of health to suffering strands. Extensions are also great for achieving new and diverse looks without causing much damage to your natural hair. We wrote a whole post about this topic, which you can read here.

Are you a girl who loves to change things up on the regular? What are your strategies for maintaining or reviving your hair? Tell us in the comments below!


Which Extension Texture Should I Choose?

Friday, March 11th, 2016


Sometimes hair extensions aren’t the quick fix that they’re supposed to be. You get the hair, have it installed, and turn to face the mirror, expecting to witness magic, only to find that it’s not quite what you imagined. Maybe the extensions look a bit poofy, or blunt, or straight compared to your hair type. Of course, many of these problems get fixed during the blending portion of your installation. But when it comes to hair texture, it’s best to tackle the problem from the very beginning.

Here at Donna Bella, we offer three hair texture options to fit the needs of our diverse customers. Each of our professional, strand-by-strand extension types (I-Link and Kera-Link) comes in straight, wavy, or curly. The only thing is, not all curls, waves, or even straight strands are the same.—a resource for curly-haired women—lists nine distinct curl varieties on its website. Nine! Donna Bella curly hair falls somewhere around a 3A-3B in curl definition, while our wavy hair sits at about 2B. So what about the other textures? While wavy hair will match a 2A or 2C reasonably well, it won’t be a perfect fit. Same goes for curly hair and categories 2C and 3C. The good thing is, some variation in curl type can add dimension to your hair. The bad thing is, achieving polished, clean looks can be a little harder.

Now, there are some differences that can’t be styled away. Differences in hair thickness or individual strand thickness should be accounted for during installation by using more or fewer packs of hair than average (about 8-10 for thicker-haired ladies, and 4-6 for finer-haired ladies). And, for women with particularly curly or coily hair, relaxing treatments might be necessary to prepare the hair for installation (these treatments should be completed several days prior to the installation appointment).

If you’re concerned about whether the extensions you ordered will be a good match for your hair, keep this in mind: you can always return the extensions, so long as they have not been installed or altered in any way. Feel free to take a strand or two out of the package and compare them to your natural hair. Don’t be deterred if the texture isn’t a perfect match, but be realistic about how much work you’re willing to put into styling your hair.

If you’re considering making a curly or wavy hair purchase, we invite you to visit and evaluate your hair texture to aid in the selection of your ideal hair extensions. We want every one of you to be in love with your Donna Bella hair!

Do you wear curly or wavy extensions? Tell us your experience in the comments below!


Spring Cleaning! What to Do with Your Used Extensions

Friday, March 4th, 2016


Spring is just around the corner, and we’re gearing up to pull out all our favorite rompers, shorts, and sunhats for the occasion. We’re also getting ready to drop our older, lesser used items for that extra inch of closet space. If you’re anything like us, you might find it difficult to part with some of your possessions come Spring Cleaning time. I mean, they’re still usable, right? Usually the answer is just to donate them to a thrift store or your younger sister. But what should you do with your old, un-reinstallable hair extensions?

We’ve been mulling it over, and we’ve come up with a couple of ideas:

Make them an accessory. While you may not want to wear old, damaged hair extensions, we’re sure you’d be up for wearing some easy hair accessories. Some examples we’ve seen include hair rats, braid headbands, hair bows, ponytail wraps, and bun fillers (a.k.a. hair donuts).

Gift them to a doll. You know who wouldn’t mind some new/old hair extensions? Barbie. If there’s a child in your life with a doll that needs makeover-ing, this could be the perfect gift.

Use them as stuffing. Whether it’s for a stuffed animal or a pillow, used hair extensions can help to plump up your next DIY project.

What did you do with your old, un-reinstallable hair extensions? Tell us in the comments below!