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All the Hairstyle Resources You Need

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


When it comes to deciding on a go-to hair extension look, you really can’t go wrong with some good-old recommendations. A couple of weeks ago we suggested hair extension looks based on your face shape and hair texture. This week, we’re clueing you in on the resources you need to figure out what your face shape and hair texture is, plus our favorite hairstyle sites and apps for browsing (and even testing out) those looks. Enjoy!

1. For determining your face shape.
The Hair Styler Face Shape Quiz – A simple 4-step quiz that’ll match you with your likely face shape, plus link your to a whole bunch of face-shape related styles and tips.
WikiHow Face Shape Tips – Outlines a couple of other methods for arriving at your face shape.

2. For determining your texture.
Compare your hair texture to the types listed at
– If your hair texture is not represented because it appears to be straighter than those shown, your texture is straight.
– If your hair falls into the “2” category, it’s wavy.
– If it falls into the “3” category, it’s curly.
– If it falls into the “4” category, it’s coily.

3. For browsing different hairstyles.
The Hair Styler – Like we said before, The Hair Styler face shape quiz will match you not only with your face shape, but also with face-shape compatible hairstyles. They even enable you to filter your results based on hair length and texture!
NaturallyCurly – This site has a great photo database featuring a range of wavy and curly styles, including celebrity looks and user submissions. It also includes product recommendations for your hair type!
Donna Bella Instagram – When it comes to finding hair extension inspiration, Donna Bella’s Instagram is the place to be. We feature lots of before & after pics to get your creative juices flowing, and you can easily pull them up on your phone while you’re at the salon.
Donna Bella Pinterest – Pinterest is king when it comes to hair inspiration just generally, and we’ve curated quite the collection of looks.

4. For trying on hair extensions.
Donna Bella App – The Donna Bella app is great for making a hair extension stylist’s job easier, but it’s also great for hair extension clients looking to try out an extension look! Just upload your photo into the Hair Extension Makeover tool and flip through the options. The app is free and available to both iOS and Android users.

5. For trying on hairstyles.
The Hair Styler Virtual Hair Styler – One of the coolest features on this website (which is, clearly, totally dedicated to everything hairstyle-related) is the makeover tool, which allows you to try on any of the hairstyles featured on their website. Give it a try to see which long looks will complement you!
TAAZ – This site boasts one of the first makeover tools we ever came across on the internet, and it works just as well as ever. Upload a photo and try on different celebrity hairstyles, then play around with your virtual makeup while you’re at it!

What are you favorite hairstyle resources? Let us know in the comments below!


Quiz! | Find Out Your Best Extension Style

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


Like we’ve said in previous posts, deciding on a hair extension method can be daunting, especially if you’re a beginner! Fortunately, we’re here to take some of the pressure off by providing you with some tailored recommendations. Take this quick quiz to find your best extension method, then let your stylist take care of the rest!

The Basic
Hair Extension Method Quiz

Flow Chart 1

Now that you know your starting point, you can learn more about your extension method at And, when you’re ready, don’t forget to arrange a consultation appointment with your stylist to fine-tune the details!

Got questions? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Hair Extension Cuts by Texture

Sunday, July 17th, 2016


Did you know that your hair texture can dictate which styles look best on you? Your hair texture affects the way your hair flows from your head, frames your face, and sits over your shoulders, meaning the same general cut won’t look the same on a curly girl as a straight-haired one. Last week we talked about haircuts that suit your face shape. Now let’s level up the conversation to address the best cuts for your hair type!

Straight Hair
Inspiration: Karlie Kloss | Avril Lavigne | Alessandra Ambrosio

The look: Long layers
Straight hair keeps no secrets. Any irregularity in the cut will show through in the final hairstyle. That’s why classic, smooth hairstyles with seamless transitions work best on straight hair. Take advantage of the long layered look to add some dimension to your style, complete with those ultra-flattering, face-framing strands.

Wavy Hair
Inspiration: Gigi Hadid | Kristen Stewart | Blake Lively

The look: Built-in texture
For that effortless beachy look, have your stylist texturize the ends of your hair with a razor, and introduce some subtle layering throughout the hair. This will divide and visually separate the waves in your hair for a more dynamic hair style. And feel free to experiment with your hair part! Zig-zags parts suit wavy hair textures like no other.

Curly Hair
Inspiration: Taylor Swift | Ariana Grande | Shakira

The look: Faux-side bangs
When it comes to curly hair, over-all layers are optional. Add them in if you want more volume, or leave them out if you want more sloping length. What you should focus on, instead, is adding a visual center-point, like this faux-side bang—which is actually just strategic layering around the face. The trick with this is to follow the texture of your natural hair and cut as few layers into the face frame as possible.

Coily Hair
Inspiration: Amandla Stenberg | Solange Knowles | Alicia Keys

The look: Blunt cut
Whether your wear your hair natural or relaxed with extensions, a blunt haircut shows off the beautiful shapeliness of coily hair. Have your stylist cut your ends into a straight, slightly diagonal upward sloping line for some extra visual interest, then let it dry into its final fluffy and/or silky form.

What was your most flattering haircut ever? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share pictures with us via Instagram!


Hair Extension Cuts by Face Shape

Monday, July 11th, 2016


One of the best parts about wearing hair extensions is getting to personalize your new long locks. There are so many ways to wear long hair, and playing around with some styles until you find your “signature” look is both fun and liberating. But if you need help formulating a place to start, take your face shape as a guide. Here, we’ve outlined some classic long haircuts you can show your stylist to achieve that natural, face-flattering frame.

Round Face
Inspiration: Miley Cyrus | Miranda Kerr | Selena Gomez

The look: Bombshell blowout
Otherwise known as the “Victoria’s Secret look,” this blowout style volumizes hair beginning at the roots, which adds length to round face shapes. It also produces nice undulating waves, which naturally draw attention away from the curves of the face to the curves of the hair.

Square Face

Inspiration: Leighton Meester | Sofia Vergara | Kate Winslet

The look: Center-part and curtain bangs
A center part is an easy way to center attention on the length of the face, rather than the width or the angles. Gently sloping curtain bangs, or a well-maintained layered face frame, narrow the appearance of the forehead and emphasize the cheeks, which can make them look like they’re higher on the face.

Heart Face
Inspiration: Alexis Bledel | Tyra Banks | Reese Witherspoon

The look: Swooping side part
Balance the prominence of a regal forehead (without hiding the forehead altogether) by placing hair in a deep side part and allowing the hair to plunge down across one eyebrow. This style makes the eyes and cheekbones the center of attention, while still letting the forehead show off a little.

Oval Face
Inspiration: Jessica Alba | Anne Hathaway | Liv Tyler

The look: Effortless bangs
Bangs disguise the length of the face while placing attention squarely on the eyes. They also add some drama to otherwise round features for a dynamic look that needs little-to-no daily maintenance (depending on your hair texture).

Rectangle Face
Inspiration: Jessica Simpson | Angelina Jolie | Gisele Bündchen

The look: Soft curls
Balance your striking rectangular angles with soft and abundant curls. You’ll still have that whole eye-catching, mature thing going on, but it’ll be less editorial and more wearable and down-to-earth. Plus, it’s easy to play it up for more formal settings, too.

Diamond Face
Inspiration: Jennifer Love Hewitt | Ashley Greene | Halle Berry

The look: Sleek and straight
Sharp and dainty diamond faces can be easily over-complicated with elaborate hairstyles. Let your facial features stand out by wearing your hair in a complementary sleek and classy straight style. It’ll also give you the opportunity to flaunt bolder makeup looks!

What’s your signature Donna Bella hairstyle? Share your pics with us on Instagram! And, if you have any comments or questions, leave them in the space below!


Your Guide to Beach Hair

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016


The beach is our favorite place to be during the summer, but it’s also a place filled with hair extension perils. Between the intense sunlight, accompanying heat, dry air, and harsh seawater, your extensions can leave a day at the beach looking ragged–or worse–showing actual signs of damage. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize beach hair damage that won’t get in the way of your summer fun. Here are a couple of our favorite tips to get your started:

Use UV protection. We’ve mentioned this tip before, and for good reason. Protecting your hair from the sun’s UV rays is the bare minimum for long-lasting, healthy locks. Make it your haircare starting point, regardless of the season, or find products that multi-task, like serum with UV protection included.

Pack in the leave-in conditioner. You hair needs extra moisture during the summer months to counteract sun and heat-related drying, and it needs even more to counteract salty ocean water. The key is to saturate your hair before getting into the water–especially at the ends–so that your hair has a barrier that prevents it from losing moisture or absorbing ocean water.

Wear your hair up. Once you’ve applied your Argan Oil, we recommend that you tie your hair up in a protective style, so the ends of your hair are not exposed to the elements. This helps to minimize the amount of hair that you’re exposing to sun, sand, surf, etc., and keeps the most vulnerable parts of your hair from excessive drying.

Cover your head. Whether it’s with a swim cap, a sunhat, or a pretty scarf, covering your hair ensures that your hair is protected to-the-max. This is especially important for hair extension-wearers, as the heat from the sun can compromise the integrity of extension bonds. It’s also important for preventing heat stroke and fatigue, as the shade over your head will keep your beautiful brain as cool as possible. Bring at least one head cover in addition to your umbrella for versatility.

Correct damage in the shower. We recommend that you shower immediately after spending time in ocean or pool water to clean your hair of the mineral buildup that accompanies it. Left unchecked, these minerals can damage the hair’s protective layer, cause hair breakage, and even alter the color of your strands. Use a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo to get the job done, then follow up with more conditioning around your midshaft and ends. If you’d like, you can even pre-emptively color correct with lavender or gold-tinted products.

Dry your roots. As an extension-wearer, you know that wet bonds are no good for hair extensions. That’s why it’s important that you dry your hair after getting it wet. Apply some heat protectant to your roots before hitting it with a blowdryer, and make sure you get your entire root and bond area sufficiently dry.

Re-condition your ends. Once again, you want to make sure your hair stays hydrated after a long day in the sun, so coat the ends in another round of leave-in conditioner so they can soak up as much moisture as possible!

If you follow these tips, we guarantee that your next-day beach hair will be as beautiful as your glowing beach-trip skin!

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