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Hair Fusion Tips for the New Year

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Hair Fusion Tips for the New Year

Hair fusion–or what we like to call Kera-Link extensions–can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated. As one of our most distinguished and enduring methods, Kera-Link requires precision, confidence, and expertise for optimal effects. In other words, there’s little room to make mistakes! That being said, hair fusion doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re not already a fusion stylist, make it a mission to master this technique in the new year so you can bring even more hair extension clients into your salon. Here are some tips to make the installation process as easy as possible, as recommended by expert hair extension stylist Baelee Reiter.

Don’t skip the prep work.

Hair fusion installations are lengthy, but you can trim down the time. Do part of the work in advance by setting up your station with all the tools you need for the undertaking. This could involve pre-cutting the fusion extensions into Micro Bonds, or pre-arranging the strands into the Strand Organizer according to color. You can even cut half of the keratin bond off of the extension to make the bond less bulky when installed, and to make it easier to remove. And don’t forget to plug in your Melting Connector a few minutes before the client arrives so that it’s ready for installation right away!

Clean as you go.

The keratin from hair fusion installations can get messy if you’re not careful, so clean your tools as you go to prevent buildup. Keep a dry paper towel next to your station so that when the Melting Connector starts to get a bit grimy, you can clamp it against the paper towel and pull the excess keratin off. Similarly, once you’ve completed a full row of hair extensions, use the Hair Extension Brush to brush out any lingering keratin residue.

Lighten your load.

We’ve designed the Connector Belt to hold your hot Melting Connector while you work. Simply fasten the Connector Belt around your waist and slip the Melting Connector into the heatsafe pocket when you’re not using it. This will keep your hands free for parting hair and rolling bonds, and prevent you from having to constantly pick up your Melting Connector after you’ve put it down.

Perfect your technique.

The best way to make your hair fusion installations as fast and easy as possible is to master your technique. That means knowing how to establish tidy parts with no fly away hairs, how to space the extensions across each row, how to roll a proper hair fusion bond, and how to stay organized throughout the entire installation. This knowledge will prevent needless mistakes and inevitable corrections that can take up time and energy (not to mention money). Master your technique today by enrolling in our Online Education course, signing up for a Pro Series event, joining us at a Trade Show, or watching some instructive YouTube videos on our channel. For more Kera-Link-related readings, check out the blogs below.

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Fresh Holiday Looks with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Fresh Holiday Looks with Clip-In Hair Extensions

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to blend classic looks with new trends, and our Clip-In hair extensions are here to help you do just that. They’re simple, adjustable, and can give you the volume and length you need for a perfect holiday hairdo. Try on any of these fresh seasonal looks with human hair Clip-ins, and see what we mean when we say, “It’s a snap!”

Updo with a Twist

This take on a traditional updo involves adding some extra flair via a feather (as pictured), barrette, headscarf, or other accessory. Throw some Clip-In hair extensions into the mix to create a fuller look, or to add a pop of color for a photo-ready finish.

Braid Band

Create a dynamic look by varying hair texture from roots to ends. This version of the classic half-up/half-down style features a neat, braided partition between smooth hair on top and curled hair below. Just section off hair at the front of your head (around your face), twist it into braids, and pull the braids taut ‘round the back of your head and secure. You can add Clip-In hair extensions either to the braids themselves or to the loose hair underneath, situating the braids over the clips to hide them.

Bubble Pony

Why don the same old ponytail this season when you can elevate it to a more fashionable look? Channel Disney’s Princess Jasmine for the holidays by recreating her iconic bubble pony! A couple of human hair Clip-Ins installed throughout your hair will give you plenty of material to feather out into those gorgeous, perfect bubbles.

Easy Length

Sometimes all you need to add some freshness to your look is a new part, some hair bling, and a bit of extra thickness and length. Let your hair hang loose and natural, installing a pack of Clip-In hair extensions–or even a crown extension–for that extra oomph to complement your holiday vibe.

Donna Bella’s Clip-In hair extensions come in 100% Human Original, 100% Human Premium, and synthetic varieties, plus full-head and single-strand options and a range of lengths and thickness grades. Gift them to a friend–or to yourself–this holiday season! Read more about Clip-In hair extensions in this Hairline blog, or see more examples of festive hairdos on our Pinterest boards.


The What’s What of Fusion Extension Installation Tools

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

The What’s What of Fusion Extension Installation Tools

Kera-Link hair extensions–otherwise known as fusion hair extensions–are an enduring client favorite. Although the extensions themselves are sturdy and long-lasting, the installation process is easy, speedy, and efficient with the right tools in hand. So if you’re not offering this service in your salon yet, it’s time to get on it! And if you are, read on to make sure you know the what’s what of fusion hair extension tools–there are some new additions you won’t want to miss!

Cordless Melting Connector

As an upgrade to our classic Melting Connector, the Cordless Melting Connector enables you to move freely around your installation area, so you can focus on those fusion hair extension placements instead of wrestling with cords.

Connector Belt

Store your heated Cordless Melting Connector in the chic and heat-safe silicone Connector Belt while you work. The Connector Belt sits comfortably and snugly at your waist to free up your hands for rolling those fresh fusion bonds. It is available in pink or black color varieties.

Velcro Hair Grippers

Achieve the perfect part line with Velcro Hair Grippers! All you have to do is smooth down stray hairs with one hand and lay down the Velcro Hair Gripper with the other, fastening those hairs in place. Makes for clean, pain-free fusion extension attachments!

Keratin Bond Cutters

For those of you who like to customize your fusion bonds, Keratin Bond Cutters are a must-have. They enable you to tailor the size of the fusion extension attachment to the client’s hair–a versatile technique we call Micro Bonding. Simply cut the keratin bond parallel to the hair shaft (without snipping all the way through!), then tear the remaining corner of the bond with your hands to separate the strand into two parts. These Small fusion extensions allow you to install in the more exposed parts of the client’s hair–like the hairline or horseshoe–and to achieve delicate end results.

Keratin Cleaning Kit

Complete your fusion extension installation with a thorough tool cleanup using the Keratin Cleaning Kit. Simply spritz the Keratin Cleaning Solution onto the Microfiber Cloth and rub over dirty spots on your Melting Connector or other tools (make sure that all tools are off and cool!). Once keratin residue is removed, wash the solution off with soap and water. Also includes a Melting Connector storage bag!

Pick up these tools at the Donna Bella online store today! You can also get the fundamental fusion hair extension tools in the Donna Bella Kera-Link Starter Kit. Read more about our Starter Kits in this blog.


Real Hair Extension Essentials for Holiday Travel

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Taking care of real hair extensions while you travel doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right products and instructions, you can don your best hair everywhere. Here is Donna Bella’s list of recommended travel tools, designed for ultra-portability and easy maintenance.

Hair Travel Kit

Cover all your hair care bases with the Hair Travel Kit from our Remy Care line! Complete with TSA-compliant bottles of Argan Oil, KeraExtend Serum, KeraExtend Conditioner, and KeraExtend Shampoo for hair extensions, this kit ensures you can ditch those low-grade hotel products for good!

Hair Extension Brush

Our 100% boar hair bristle brush is specifically designed for 100% Human Remy, real hair extensions. Unlike generic brushes, this Hair Extension Brush will glide seamlessly over your extension bonds, gently untangling knots while pulling the natural oils from your scalp down through the lengths of your hair. Stock up on a couple of them to make sure you always have one handy–including one for your carry-on luggage to cover those in-flight touch-ups!

Dry Shampoo

Keep your hair and hair extensions looking clean and smelling fresh with dry shampoo! Perfect for hectic holiday travel, dry shampoo takes the place of a conventional shower, helping you keep your hair extensions hydrated through the season. All you have to do is spray it through your roots and tousle your hair to help it set. You can also apply it before bed to naturally style your hair, waking up with beautifully wavy tresses without almost any effort!


Just like your own hair, real hair extensions need soft hair ties to prevent needless breakage. Carry a pack of Twisties with you on your holiday travels so you can pull your hair back quickly and safely wherever you go. Best part is, they leave no lines or crimps in your hair! Twisties come in pink, black, brown, or clear to match any festive attire.

100% Human Single Clip-Ins

If you’re a wearer of semi-permanent, real hair extensions, you may find that every now and then a strand or weft falls out due to natural hair shedding. Make sure this doesn’t get in the way of any holiday hairdos by bringing some emergency 100% Human Single Clip-Ins to replace any lost locks. Make sure to hold onto those semi-permanent pieces, too, so you can have them re-installed once you return home.

The Sono Trio

If you wear Ready-to-Wear extensions regularly and choose to bring them with you on holiday, make sure you’ve got a Sono Extension Hanger, Sono Sleeve, and Sono Extension Brush packed in your luggage to properly care for your hair. These products will keep your real hair extensions clean, organized, and smooth straight through to the New Year (and beyond!).

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