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Seeing Pink?

If you’ve been spending some time on the Donna Bella website lately, you may have noticed that there’s a lot more pink than usual. That’s because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we at Donna Bella like to ring it in by issuing our annual Pink Strands for the Cause campaign. This campaign goes from September 1st to October 31st, and it features a 10% discount on all pink Donna Bella extensions. Want to join in on the action? Here’s what you can do:

Throw your own Breast Cancer awareness event
Are you a stylist or salon owner who wants to contribute to the cause? During September and October, all of our pink hair will be 10% off to help you plan Breast Cancer Awareness Events in your salon! So choose an organisation or cancer patient to sponsor as a salon and donate a portion of your Pink Strand sales. To boost your sale you could:
-Sell clip-in Pink Strands at your front desk.
-Install pink extensions and donate the 10% savings from your hair purchase.
-Donate a portion of what your client pays to have their Pink Strands installed.
-Encourage clients to donate an extra amount to the organisation/patient your salon has chosen.
-Make or purchase some pink treats and have a bake sale!

Post to social media
Increase the campaign’s publicity by inviting your friends to join you at a Pink Strands event, or by sharing a picture of your new pink hair strand on social media with the hashtag #pinkstrands. Take pride in your contribution while encouraging your network to join you in the fight. Together, we’ll work to put this disease in its place, once and for all.


What Do You Get When You Cross Tape-In and I-Link?


We’ve got a brand new professional extension method here at Donna Bella, and it’s something of a hybrid. Get to know our brand new Flat-Tip Extensions: half Tape-In, half I-Link.

Flat-Tip extensions feature…

I-Link’s strand-by-strand application
Like I-Link, Flat-Tip is installed in a series of single strands that are held to the natural hair with crimped beads. This means that Flat-Tip maintains the same 360 degree movement that you know and love from I-Link extensions.

Tape-In’s wider surface area
Unlike I-Link, though, the Flat-Tip strand fans out to a weft shape that resembles our Tape-In extensions, making it blend beautifully and effortlessly into your own hair (minus the messy tape!). This allows the Flat-Tip extension to cover a wider surface area than its I-Link counterpart. Plus, Flat-Tip extensions naturally lay flat against the hair for unmatched comfort!

The best of both worlds
As both a strand and a weft, Flat-Tip capitalizes on the best of I-Link and Tape-In extensions while leaving behind their limitations. You won’t need to worry about stringy spacing in your extension application, restricted Tape-In movement, or messy bond removers when it’s time for a move-up appointment. All you need to worry about is taking the perfect “After” shot—and be sure to share it with us when you do!


Create the Best Hair Extension Experience for Your Client – And Make More Money!


Have you ever stopped to consider what the goal of hair extensions really is? This skill that we devote so much time and energy towards perfecting, these products that we purchase and maintain so painstakingly—what are they for, and why do they matter? Most stylists know the answer instinctively, even if they’ve never worn hair extensions themselves; they can see it written all over their client’s face at the end of an installation appointment. Hair extensions are designed to produce that feeling of confidence, beauty, and empowerment, and we stylists are lucky enough to make a living putting the process in motion! But we’re not only after a fleeting moment of hair extension-induced euphoria. We’re much more ambitious than that. We’re in the business of altering our clients’ perspectives of themselves, their capabilities, and their limitations. That involves a hair extension experience that is rewarding in the long term. So if you’re not drilling your clients on the importance of hair extension maintenance, now is the time to start.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that we have launched an exciting new product line here at Donna Bella! If not, allow us to introduce you. Remy Care™ is a premium hair care line exclusive to Donna Bella Hair, featuring everything from shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and serums—all designed to extend the life of your client’s hair extensions. Remy Care™ products are loaded with botanical extracts, are free of parabens and sulfates, and are designed specifically for DB hair extensions, making them an ideal aftercare product to feature on your salon shelves. Having physical, easily-accessible aftercare products available in your salon will encourage your clients to engage in the maintenance process by giving them an easy starting point. It’ll also help you support your business by producing an additional stream of upsell revenue. Of course, having the products handy is one thing—it’s also essential that you explain the maintenance process to your clients, demonstrate if possible, and introduce them to the product line yourself.

The best time to tackle these steps is during the consultation phase, since this is when your client is actively learning about hair extensions and deferring to your professional opinion. Take the opportunity to walk them through the washing, brushing, and styling protocol for hair extensions, then go ahead and recommend the Remy Care™ line just as you would the Donna Bella Hair Extension Brush. After all, hair extension care can be daunting to new clients—Remy Care™ makes it easy for them!

Get to know the Remy Care™ line today. All products are available right now.


2016 Donna Bella Hair Shows

hair shows 2016

Hey Donna Bellas! Now that 2016 is here we’re locked and loaded for a new year of hair shows that include free installations and hands on training. We’re kicking 2016 in Long Beach, California at the ISSE show January 30 through February 1.

Why should I attend?

Free installations. If you’ve always wanted to have hair extensions but don’t have the extra budget to spend on them, then you NEED to make it to one of our hair shows. Our certified Donna Bella Hair stylists will ensure proper installation, giving you the best hair extension experience at no cost to you. As long as you buy the hair of your choice at the show, we will put them in for you absolutely free. If you were to walk into a hair salon right now, a stylist will give you an estimated cost of $300 and up just to put in the hair extensions alone (it does not include the price of the hair). Think about it, wouldn’t you want that cost going towards the price of your hair instead? I know I would…

Special show pricing. Not only do you get your Donna Bella Hair extensions put in for free, you also get to purchase the hair at a special discounted show price. All Donna Bella Hair extension products are marked down at the show. Stylists can also take advantage of this discount for hair and tools. Want to stock up on bond removers? Need a new hair extension tool? Get it all at a discount. The more you shop, the more you save!

Hands on classes. If you have never worked with Donna Bella Hair, this is your chance to get to know who we are and what our products are all about. Included in the class is a free hair extension kit ($225 value), a mannequin head and practice hair ($72.50 value), and certification. Our in-person training is designed to help stylists become skilled in hair extension installation. The class covers consultations, preparation, installation in all 3 methods, blending, styling, aftercare, and removal.

Ready to sign up for your free installation? Want to sign up for a class? Click here to see a list of all of Donna Bella’s Hair Shows for the year of 2016. We’ll see you soon!


Black Friday at Donna Bella

black friday at dbh blog

Get ready Donna Bellas because this year’s Black Friday is going to be CRAZY! Set your alarms for 9 AM (EST) on November 27,2015 because you don’t want to sleep on our doorbusters. For the first 4 hours, our very first shopper will receive a FREEUltimate Sono Hair Deluxe package (valued at $439.98). First 3 shoppers will get FREEOnline Certification in all 3 methods (valued at $229). First 5 shoppers receive a FREETech Diva. And lastly the first 15 shoppers will get a FREE Beauty Swag Bag. So if you’re the first shopper, you will not only get the Deluxe package from Sono, you will also get Online Certification, a Tech Diva, and a Beauty Swag Bag all for FREE!! Get the pattern?

Also, for the first 4 hours you’ll receive a Donna Bella Hair gift card when you make a purchase. Spend $100 and get a $20 gift card, spend $150 and get a $50 gift card, the more you spend, the more you get back in gift cards!

For our not-so early birds that want to sleep in, Donna Bella is extending their Black Friday Sale for 4 days including Cyber Monday. In those 4 days you can enjoy 15% off all I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-In extensions. All tools will be 20% off and beads will be 30% off. Plus, any orders over $99 will be shipped for free! AND… for our Clip-In lovers, you get 50% off ALL Clip-Ins.

If you’ve always wanted to be certified in Donna Bella Hair now would be the time to do it. During the 4-day sale all kits and education services will be 50% off.

How’s that for Black Friday deals?Want to get started on your Donna Bella Hair wishlist? Have your cart ready to go! Start shopping now at

…And there’s still more! The Spinner is back for Cyber Monday so make sure to give our Discount Spinner a whirl and find out how much money you’ll save. Everyone gets at least 10% off but you could be one of the lucky ones to receiver 100% off.

For Cyber Monday deals make sure to follow us on social media all day (especially Facebook and Instagram…hint, hint). We’ll be doing tons of giveaways!


Donna Bella Hair for the Cause

This week we announced our sale on all pink products to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so from September 1-October 31 all of our pink hair will be available at a 10% discount. Donna Bella Hair will then donate 50% of proceeds from pink hair and pink product sales to the the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Who do you wear pink for? More than likely, we all know someone who is or was diagnosed with breast cancer. One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with it during their lifetime. There is always something we wish we could do. This is your chance to contribute to the fight against breast cancer. Your contribution will give women free mammograms, education, and give to the world renowned research centers.

Go moderate or all out! We’re still in the vibrant colors trend— We’ve seen ombres with every hue of the rainbow, including mermaid hair. This is the perfect time to try out that pink hair you’ve coveted but never dared. You can choose to do a few highlights, a full pink ombre, pink mermaid hair, or if you’re daring enough… a full head of pink monotone hair. It’s not only the trend, it has a purpose! Best of all  you don’t have to put your natural hair through the coloring process and Donna Bella Hair extensions can be taken out any time.

To start contributing, visit and shop your pink products to help us fight breast cancer. For more information about our Pink Strands for the Cause event, please visit


Are Free Installations at Hair Shows Really Free?

really free

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen sign-ups for free hair extension installations. While some think it’s too good to be true, others get put off by the fact that you must purchase the hair. So is it even worth it? Let’s see.

Hair. When you come see us at our booth at any of the hair shows, you’ll automatically receive 10% off any hair purchase. It can be I-Link, Kera-Link, Tape-In, or Clip-Ins; no exclusions. What’s in it for us? It’s a way for us to get you, the customer, to come see us. It’s also a way for you to try out our brand of hair at a discounted price if you’ve never shopped with us before. We figure it’s a win-win situation for both you and us. The catch? The discount is only exclusive to hair show attendees. It will not apply any other time. So if that’s not reason enough to come see us, let’s check out the free installation deals.

Free hair installations are, in fact, free! When you purchase hair from us, you automatically get your hair installed for free when you sign-up. So let’s break this down—on any other day, you would first have to purchase the hair online at regular price. After you receive your hair in the mail, you would take it to your stylist who would then charge you per hour or per strand to put each hair extension in your hair. Some stylists charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour or higher if they are going by time. The cheapest price per strand we’ve heard of is around $5. Let’s do the math. On average, a full head takes 5-7 bags of hair. That could cost you anywhere from $310 to $434 (5-7 bags of 16” Tape-ins) for the hair only. Now let’s add the installation price that you would pay your stylist, let’s say $100 (average cost). Your total is now $410-$534. Now let’s see how much you save at the show using the same figures. For 5 to 7 bags of Tape-Ins at the hair show discount price, you’re looking at $279-$390. Now let’s add the installation price: $0. So the total price for hair and installation at a show is $390 at the most.

Stylists. When you get your hair installed for free, not only are you getting it at no cost to you, you’re getting it done by Donna Bella Hair’s top stylists. We have personally chosen each and every single one of our show stylists to represent our brand because we can always expect impeccable work from them. You can go in there confident that each stylist is the most knowledgeable in each method of installation, blending, and matching. Just a little icing on the cake for this sweet deal.

So, is it worth it? If you think so, make sure to catch us at our next show. Visit and click on the events tab to sign up for your free installation. See you there!

Ombre with Donna Bella Hair

ombre with db

Responding to the high demand for ombre hair, Donna Bella is now offering ombre hair extensions in Kera-Link, I-Link, and Tape-In methods. If you think it’s just a trend, think again. Ombre has been in style since 2010 and maybe even a little before then. As the years go by, there are different variations of the trend such as the sombre, dip dye, and, as of recently, the balayage. So don’t expect the ombre to dye down anytime soon (pun intended)!

Low maintenance. The ombre trend is popular not only because of the cool color fade effect, but also because it’s low maintenance! Rather than coloring regrowth every time, the more regrowth the better! It gives the hair more of a fade effect as it grows out, which means your client won’t need to come in as often to have her roots touched up or have her hair extensions removed and reinstalled with each touch-up, keeping her hair extensions in better condition.

Less damage. With ombre hair extensions, you have the option to skip the coloring process and achieve beautifully long, gradient hair color with extensions alone. Even if you have to lighten the ends of the natural hair to blend in with the ombre hair extensions, the ends will sustain a one-time dose of damage—which can be mitigated even further by using protective products and semi-permanent colors, like Joico Color Intensities. Donna Bella has teamed up with Joico Color Intensities—as well as Framar International—to provide any stylists interested in learning more about best hair extension coloring practices with the resources they need to do their best work. To take advantage of these materials, visit the Color Takeover Portal today!

Options. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to ombre is blond. Don’t get the misconception that all ombre hair has to transition from dark to blonde. When it comes to ombre, you can transition from a dark chocolate brown tone to a light caramel color. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can go from dark to a burgundy color. How creative you want to get is up to you, and your client. If you’re a pro at coloring, our ombre hair extensions can also be customized to match your client’s wants. Just make sure, as always, to do a strand test to see how the hair reacts to your color system. The Donna Bella Hair-safe rule: always deposit, never lift, so make sure to get the extensions in a lighter color that you can add color to. For more hair coloring insights—and even tutorials—be sure to check out the Color Takeover Portal.

If you have a question about our new ombre hair extensions, leave them in the comments below.

To watch Master Educator Ruben Martinez at work with Donna Bella’s ombre hair extensions, click here.

Visit Color Takeover Portal

 color 12600 keralinks done at Trinitiy Salon, New Jersey

Pictured above: color 12/600

Trinity Salon, New Jersey

Donna Bella Hair Certification

db certification

By choosing Donna Bella Hair for your clients, you’ve taken a big step in the right direction. Not only do we work hard to bring you the best quality of hair at great prices, we’re also making sure to provide you with opportunities to grow as a stylist and advance in your profession. How so? Well, for starters, we offer online education to make you specifically Donna Bella Certified in all 3 extension methods, which then gives you the ability to add more services to your list and cater to a larger clientele. But if you thought that was as far as you could go, you thought wrong…

Becoming Donna Bella Certified also opens doors for opportunities to become part of the team as a Donna Bella educator. To become an educator, you must be certified in all three methods. As an educator you will travel around the country to provide the best hair installations for clients at hair shows, as well as the best service and classes, teaching others the tricks of the trade. By traveling with us, you’ll become well known in the industry and make a name for yourself in a competitive market. If this sounds like something you would like, get your application in by June 15th for Donna Bella’s National Stylist Search. What is the National Stylist Search? Click here to learn more.

If you’re not quite ready to become an educator just yet, certification still has its benefits for you. You can take advantage of the Donna Bella Stylist Directory which allows us to refer you to prospective clients; and trust us, we get tons of emails daily from clients asking for a stylist in their area to install their Donna Bella hair. Of course, there are also special discounts for you on Donna Bella hair products, and insider deals. Be the first to know when new products hit the shelves while taking advantage of your special price!

If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, check out our online classes or our hands-on Pro Series tour with internationally known stylist Ruben Martinez. Ruben will definitely show you how to master the craft of hair extension installation with every trick in the book, including how to price your services. The Pro Series is designed to help you grow as a stylist so that you can earn more income and benefit from more loyal clients than ever before.

Are you ready to become Donna Bella Certified? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns to help you take the leap!


Hair Insurance Only at Donna Bella Hair

hair insure

If there’s auto insurance and health insurance then why isn’t there hair insurance? Well, now there is… Introducing for the first time ever—Hair Insure. The complete and total coverage for your hair extensions only at Donna Bella Hair. With Hair Insure, you are now able to protect your client’s investment, add value to your services, and get peace of mind.

Hair Insure was created as a tool to help you and your salon do more business because it’s an appealing option that protects your client’s hair extensions from any drastic hair disasters. It also lends peace of mind to both you as the stylist and your client. At Donna Bella Hair, we believe in our product and stand by it 100% and now with this added feature, you can also put your trust in us too.

So what does it cover? First, beware that it will NOT cover any problems related to misuse, negligence, abuse, or anything related to general wear and tear or slippage. Hair Insure is meant to cover bigger issues like a color job gone wrong or your client’s hair turning a different color due to a dip in a chlorinated pool. We understand that we always try to be super cautious as stylists, but sometimes even when we do take necessary precautions things can go wrong.

How does it work? Once you’ve added your desired products to your shopping bag, you will see a checkbox option to add Hair Insure to your order. If you choose to add the insurance to your purchase, it will cost 15% of your purchase total that will only be applied to I-Link, Kera-Link, and Tape-Ins. If the unimaginable should occur, you will have access to the claims page on our Donna Bella Hair website where you will be asked to fill out the form and submit pictures of the damaged hair. Once you’ve submitted everything, your claim will be reviewed and processed within 24-48 hours. Once approved, you will be notified via email.

To learn more and see frequently asked questions by fellow stylists please visit our Hair Insure page for complete details: