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Donna Bella’s Stylist Spotlight


Have you read our Stylist Spotlights? If you haven’t checked it out yet, you have to! We’ve chosen to feature only the best of the best, gracing us by using Donna Bella Hair on their clients. Each month, we choose a different stylist to feature. Not only will their creativity make your jaw drop on social media, they have been extremely kind by sharing a few pointers, ideas, and tricks of working with Donna Bella Hair. Each stylist has a special code you can use to purchase their favorite Donna Bella hair product at a discounted price.

Need to know which color products work well with Donna Bella Hair? Want to know how other stylists are placing and blending hair extensions to perfection? Take advantage of the monthly stylist tip. We guarantee you’ll learn something new. Also covered in their interviews— how to keep up with the latest hair trends, how to boost your clientele, and how to introduce the world of hair extensions to a client who has never thought about them before.

You know those waiting times between clients? Why not keep up with Ricardo’s washing secret, or find out what Robbie’s favorite products are.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our featured stylists, show us your work using #donnabellahair  on Instagram and we’ll find you. You can also send in your work to us  through Facebook messenger or through email We scan through tons of before and afters keeping an eye on perfect placement and flawless blending. Custom color always blows us away because it takes precision to color Donna Bella Hair. So if it sounds like you got what it takes and are willing to share your technique, keep posting! The more posts you have, the more curious we are to get to know who is behind all of these masterpieces.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Drop them below!


Lauren Winans’ Touch-Up Appointment

With proper maintenance, hair extensions can actually help your hair grow better. Because hair extensions compel clients to take good care of their hair, it is allowed to grow and flourish. Singer and songwriter Lauren Winans is just one example of someone whose natural hair benefited by having extensions.

Lauren and her stylists knew what to do to keep her hair growing while her hair extensions were in. They also knew how to care for her hair once her extensions were removed so she could get them installed again.

We’re so happy to have Lauren sharing her experience on our blog today!

On a Wednesday morning, I went in to Aura Salon in Nashville to have my extensions removed. Why was I getting them removed you may ask? Well, in order to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible, you must remove the extensions periodically! I got the extensions in December and had been too busy to have them take them out… so Wednesday was the day.

I have had a lot of growth in the five months I had the extensions. This is common with hair extensions. Your natural hair starts growing and has nowhere to go so that is why your extensionist suggests brushing your hair at least 3 times a day to prevent matting. I was brushing three times a day or more, and my hair had been rapidly growing. When Glynnis, my hair extensionist, put her hands up in my hair, she could feel some tangles, but she said none that were dreadlock tangles, just tangles. This happens and this is why it is very important that you keep up with your maintenance when wearing hair extensions, especially when you have very fine hair, like me.

We started by using the Keratin Bond Remover. This process seemed to take forever, but Glynnis was being exceptionally careful to not pull out any of my natural hair with the extension bond. We spent many hours removing the hair carefully with the help of the whole salon! The salon jumped in and helped in the removal of the hair. There were four hairstylists removing and combing my hair. After each piece of hair was removed, we sprayed IT’S a 10 MIRACLE SPRAY on each strand.

It is very important to keep your hair as moisturized as possible after removing extensions! Glynnis washed and gave me a blow dry when we were all finished. My natural hair looks beautiful! There are a lot of steps to keeping your hair looking its best with extensions. You always hear the horror stories about losing hair, but that is because they aren’t doing the proper maintenance!

We put my hair extensions back in one week later. It only took two hours to put the hair in and cut my extensions! When I say cut, I mean we took a teeny tiny bit of length off for layering and blending them into my natural hair. We put in the light golden blonde (#24) and Strawberry Blond (#27)  Kera-Link strands.  My hair is so pretty and so shiny right now.

We had a very sweet photographer come in and she took photos of the process. (See below!) My hair is looking great and my natural hair is still very healthy!

One of the many reasons you should choose Donna Bella as your go-to hair extension company is the training methods! They train their extensionists about the importance of your natural hair, not just how to put the extensions in! I would never want to use anyone else.

An Inside Look at Lauren Winans’ Hair Extension Salon

Our guest blogger is back this week! Lauren Winans is a singer and songwriter from Nashville who loves wearing Donna Bella hair extensions. This weeks, Lauren gives us some tips from her very own glam squad that helps her hair look amazing.

Meet Glynnis Garcia and Jeanna Jones, both from Aura Salon in Nashville.  Jeanna is the owner of Aura Salon. Aura is my official salon for all things dealing with my extensions!  Glynnis is a certified Donna Bella Hair Extensionist.

When I first met Glynnis, she had a little table set out with the hair perfectly placed and ready to be fused in. She even had a cute little leopard cape for me to wear while I was getting my extensions done!

I recently talked with Glynnis and Jeanna about how much they love Donna Bella Hair themselves.

Lauren: Why did you choose to be certified in Donna Bella over all the other extension brands out there?

Glynnis: I have found that the methods that Donna Bella offers are amazing. A lot of companies only offer one or two methods. I love to learn, and if I’m going to be learning something, I want to know every which way possible. Every client has different needs, and no one’s hair is the same either. I needed a company who will ensure I can provide the service to my clients needs. Also,  unnatural colors is a huge trend right now. Not everyone wants the damage from coloring their hair to get that. Donna Bella’s color selection is wide and vibrant! Perfect for clients who want that edge!

L: What is the best part of owning a salon that does extensions? And why did you choose to be a Donna Bella salon?

Jeanna: As a salon owner, I always want to bring to my clients and my team of stylists the best possible products and tools available! I love being able to offer hair extensions for volume, length, a color change, or the clip-in for a night on the town, a photo-shoot, or anytime! It’s all about options.  Donnabella has the most superior hair in the world.

Donna Bella offers the latest technology and choices in the hair extension industry, to best suit any client’s needs and lifestyle. Kera-Link, I-Link, Tape-In or Clip-In.  Plus, the hair is so gorgeous, and the colors are so beautiful and blend-able to anyone’s hair whether going for a natural look or a dramatic change!

We love working with Donna Bella’s customer service department as well, the are so friendly, knowledgeable, and super efficient. Donna Bella is a pleasure to work with and offer the best products on the market. We know our clients are getting the best hair extensions and latest technology in the industry and that is what it’s all about at Aura Salon!

L: When you did my extensions, how could you tell that my hair would be able to hold these extensions, even though my hair is so thin?

G: Donna Bella’s Kera-links are light-weight keratin bonds. A lot of people think just because their hair is fine, it won’t hold. Definitely not the case…especially with proper training, education, and technique the stylist gets when certified. They teach you how to work with people with all kinds of density. With you, I was watching my sectioning, making sure they were consistent with each other. Not too big but not too small. Also, I was mapping out where I was going to place them.

I absolutely adore Jeanna and Glynnis for their amazing job with extensions. It is very important that you find a certified stylist so that you get the best experience possible and the best maintenance tips. Donna Bella is all about the best! I am so excited to be partnered up with such a wonderful company.

You can now access a free download of my song “You’re Gonna Luv It” through Donna Bella! Click on this link and just fill out the short form below. Hurry, offer is only for the first 50 people. I know “you’re gonna luv it!”

Lauren Winans’ hair extension experience


We want to welcome our guest blogger, up-and-coming singer Lauren Winans. Lauren was kind enough to share her hair extension experience with us.

Hi everyone! I am Lauren Winans. I am a singer/songstress and total girly girl who is in love with Donna Bella Hair Extensions! I am going to be blogging on how to extension style, maintenance, and much more. I personally have been wearing Donna Bella hair for a several months. I have the 18 inch Kera-Links. This hair is bonded in so well that I have had no slipping. Every single piece of hair is still in place, just like the first day I had them inserted. Keep in mind, I had to find a stylist who was certified in Donna Bella Extensions. I wouldn’t just want anyone gluing hair to my head! Donna Bella not only offers fusion extensions; they also offer Beaded, Tape-In, and Clip-Ins. There is something for everyone.

I chose the Kera-Links because I had already had the beaded and the clip in extensions. I had a different brand, but I still knew I was ready for the fused-in hair. It is super easy for me to fix my own hair this way. I have baby fine hair, so Clip-In extensions tend to show if i move my head too much on stage or in a photo shoot. That is why I like the Kera-Links. They come in packs of 20 strands of hair and your extensionist uses her bonding tool to glue them in. (Don’t be scared! They have remover.) The extensions come out and does not damage your real hair as long as you keep up with your maintenance. I was always told to braid my hair so that it isn’t flying all over the place on my pillow creating a rat’s nest! You can braid into pig tails or one single braid down your back and your hair should be secure.

I quickly learned that maintenance is very important when you have hair extensions. If you do not properly take care of the extensions, you will lose them sooner or have breakage of your own hair. I keep multiple natural bristle brushes on hand because the bristles can go through your spaces where the hair was placed. Donna Bella actually has their own hair extension brush, which I recommend buying!

I will be talking with my own glam squad about all the ways to keep your hair looking great and updating you with what I keep learning about it myself. Keep up with me on and right here on

Surprise Your Love With Extensions

We have always known that “variety is the spice of life” and there is no better way to spice up a romantic weekend than to surprise your partner with long, flowing, seductive hair extensions.

Too many relationships get caught in the same old, same old rut. If familiarity breeds contempt, then we ought to go out of our way to create a refreshing new look from time-to-time that keeps our closest relationships vibrant and sexy.

One good way to do that is to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway that you have planned well in advance. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to ensure an adventurous, seductive evening. Perhaps it could be as simple as arranging for a quiet table in the corner of an intimate low-lit dinning room, or wearing a dress that tells your companion that you made a special effort to look great.

Between, location, apparel, perfume, make-up, and music, you can create a memorable occasion that will bring your relationship to new heights.

If you really want to get someone’s heart pounding (or resuscitated), then visit your stylist for a hair extension makeover.

Seeing you in new long-flowing extensions will light a fire in the heart of your partner. Sure it’s the same lovable you, but you get to remind him that you are special now, have always been special, and will be special for years to come. If you look great, it makes your man look great! When you look beautiful, it reminds him of why he fell head-over-heels in love with you.

Try it for a weekend and test the results.

A weekend? Wouldn’t hair extensions for a weekend cost a small fortune? Absolutely not, if you ask your stylist to sell you some clip-ins or if you purchase human hair clips from your local beauty distributor. Clip-in hair is an inexpensive way get the sparks flying again. If you have no local source for clip-in human hair, then call our customer service department at Donna Bella and buy direct from the company.

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply by yourself or have a friend help with the installation. Clip-ins can be attached in such a short period of time that your spouse will think you have a complete makeover team hidden in your clothes closet. You will amaze him. You will overwhelm him. You will bedazzle him with your new look.

If the clips work the way I think they will work, then consider permanent hair extensions that will keep the momentum going for three to six months longer. Why not turn one miracle weekend into six months of romantic bliss?

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and an author of the Donna Bella weblog.

Fumbling Micro Beads

December 20, 2011


Micro beads come in small round bottles that hold 100 beads. When I am applying extensions, it slows me down when I have to pull out fifteen or twenty beads (one-by-one) from the jar to load onto the loop tool. How can I speed up the process?

Gillian B. – Portsmouth, New Hampshire


The easiest way to load beads onto the loop tool is to narrow the two loop wires into one long pointed wire and dip the pointed end directly into the bead jar. It is pretty much like putting a thread through the hole of a needle. You rarely have to touch the beads and they slip right onto the tool.

Here is a tip from one of our favorite stylists in California, Maxi Nogales.

Maxi, bought a small kitchen whisk about 7 inches long that had five looped wires. She clipped off one side of the wires (so that it looked like a basket) and then straightened out the remaining five wires using a bead tool.

Now Maxi loads a full jar of 100 beads onto the 5 whisk wires (20 beads per wire) to store them and then transfers the beads to the loop tool, 20 beads at a time.

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Extensions From Long-Hair Cats?

Every once in a while, you hear a wild rumor that someone has detected horse hair or lion’s mane or some other kind of crazy animal hair in commercial hair extensions. Even the worst manufacturer in the world wouldn’t stoop to that. Anyway, what are the chances of successfully collecting hair from a lion?

But we thought you would enjoy a fun story that got tossed around our office because of one of those impossible rumors.

Here is how the idea surfaced and why it should capture the imagination of every hair extension stylist around the globe. We hope you have a good chuckle!

My bright and financially intuitive cousin was lounging in our office reception area last Saturday, when the subject of no-brainer investments came up. After noodling this around for a couple of hours, of course we thought of a great idea and wanted to include our adventurous Donna Bella salon owners and stylists as potential investors.

A group of us are now considering investing in a large “longhair” cat farm near Hemosillo, Mexico raising longhair cats exclusively. The long hairs from the cats would be used to manufacture hair extensions and it would save us from having to travel to India. It is our purpose to start rather small with about 1,000,000 cats. Each longhair cat averages about 12 kittens a year.

Longhair cat hair can be sold for about 20 cents per cat for the blonde ones (color #613) and up to 40 cents for each (color #2) black cat. This will give us 12 million longhair skins per year to sell at an average price of around 30 cents, making our revenue over $3,000,000.00 a year. This averages out to about $10,000.00 a day, excluding of course, Sundays and holidays.

If the weather is good and with the right attitude, a good cat man can skin about 708 cats per day at a wage of $31.15 for nine hours work. It will only take 65 workers to operate the farm, so the net profit would be just under $8,000.00 per day.

Now it only makes sense that the cats would be fed on longhair rats. And you may be surprised to learn that rats multiply four times as fast as cats.

Here’s the real kicker. We would start a longhair rat ranch adjacent to our longhair cat farm. If we start with a million rats we will have four rats per cat per day. The rats will be fed on the carcasses of the cats that we skin. This will give each rat 1/4th of a cat. You can see by this, that this business is a clean operation, self-supporting, and really automated throughout. The cats will eat the rats and the rats will eat the cats, and we will get the hair for extensions.

The cat’s tails are not included with the hair income. They will greatly increase profits because the price of Remy longhair tails in the U.S. salon industry is exorbitant.

Eventually, it is our hope to cross the longhair cats with snakes. For even though snakes do not have long hair, the longhair cats will skin themselves twice each year. This will save the labor costs of skinning as well as giving two skins for one longhair cat.

As you can imagine, this could completely alter the hair extension industry.

Let us know what you think about this windfall investment, as you can understand, we are rather particular whom we get into this and want the fewest investors possible. Our initial capital requirement is in the neighborhood of $208,000.00. Please don’t let any social networking sites or bloggers get a hold of this information. It’s way too valuable.

Logan is founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and lashes and author of the Donna Bella weblog.

Your Extension Biz Will Skyrocket!

Years ago, my father owned a small chain of women’s clothing boutiques that specialized in personalized service for fashion minded clients.  Shoppers flocked to the stores because of the trust they had in the sales staff.

Clothing flew off the racks when sales assistants bought and wore the in-store fashions.  Customers were constantly asking to try on an outfit being worn by the employees.  Because of that phenomenon, everyone working in the store received huge discounts on the clothing they personally purchased.  Sometimes at near or below cost.

Anything, seen on the backs, bottoms, feet, or head of the staff, sold…and sold quickly.  On the other hand, if the staff didn’t like the new jeans or vest, those items would languish on the shelves until the next clearance sale.

This example will prove my point.  If merchandise had not sold for a couple of months, and a new sales assistant was hired who actually liked the forgotten merchandise, then as soon as she wore it, the shop-worn outfit became the “hit of the week”.

So what does all of this talk about clothing have to do with your hair extension business?  The same rules apply.

If you like the look of hair extensions then you are definitely going to do well, but if you use hair extensions yourself, then look out, your business will skyrocket!

Here are some ideas on how you might let this phenomenon of “customer trust” work to your advantage as a stylist.

Wear What You Sell – You be the model for hair extensions.  Let your customers see the personal transformation that takes place when extensions  are applied.

Change Your Extensions Regularly – You are a walking billboard.  People get used to seeing your appearance.  Take your extensions out before you really need to, so that potential customers see how fun it is to opt-in or opt-out of extensions.  Alternate your look.

Use Fashion Highlights To Get Attention – Fashion color extensions are a talking point for customers.  People on the street will ask you where you got your fashion highlights and within days, you’ll be passing out business cards.

Your Extensions Are An Investment – There is no better way to build a clientele of happy extension users than to invest in your own hair extensions, and be sure to let people around you know that you wear extensions.

Buy Your Extensions Wholesale – Buy extensions direct from the manufacturer, Donna Bella Milan, so that you can afford to promote them, change them, and alter them without ordering through the salon.  Set up your own individual account.

People trust you and buy what you recommend and wear.  Market smart. Remember, it’s hard to sell Fords if you’re driving a Chevy.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella weblog.

Men Care About Your Hair

When the divorce decree was finalized almost four years ago, I wanted to just soak in the quite, safe environment that I found myself in.  Nothing was further from my mind than dating, especially because I had two great children to keep me fulfilled.  About a year and a half ago a change came over me.  I started noticing that I missed being around men and felt that I was ready to get back in the game.  I had no clue how to start.

As I looked for opportunities to mix it up a little, I found that I was completely out of my league.  All around me were seasoned competitors who had been honing their skills while I went to the zoo with my kids and spent Saturday mornings doing laundry.  I determined very quickly, that I was an amateur who had been thrown into the ring with a whale-of-a-lot of talented, fast thinking professionals.  And I needed some serious coaching.

Fortunately, I had a close friend named Zandra who sat me down and asked me some very valuable questions.

Zandra:  What are you looking for this time around?

Me:  A companion.

Zandra:  Are you flirting or do you really want a relationship?

Me:  The real deal.

Zandra:  How would your children feel if you found someone special?

Me:  They would be elated!

Zandra:  Are you prepared to invest in the process?

Invest what?

That last question really got to me.  I was thinking that you put on some jeans and a happy smile and when given a chance, act interested in what men say, and before you know it, someone shows an equal interest in you.  Zandra started to laugh when I explained my strategy.  Girl, she said, “You are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.”  So apparently, dating doesn’t work that way any more.  “What are men interested in?” I asked.  “If jeans won’t do it any more, how do I get someone’s attention?”

“I’ll give you some choices and you guess what might be a super-magnet for genuine, lifetime companions”, explained Zandra.  “But first you have to know one important thing.  In Stage 1 of dating, a man’s heart is connected directly to his eyes.  You need a personal prop, that says something special about you, even before he hears your voice, gets your email, or tastes your cooking.  It’s all about the eyes!”

“Okay, give me the list.”  I looked over a list of ten items and couldn’t find one thing that made any sense.  The prop-list included Shoes, Glasses, Car, Sweaters, Books, Hair, Purses, Nails, Make-up, and Hats.  “You mean to tell me that in this list there is a magic bullet, a heart-stopper.”  “There is!” exclaimed Zandra.  “I guarantee it.”

I guessed five different things that were completely off based before I came to the word “hair”.  “HAIR, its hair!”  “Men don’t care about hair”, I said.  “You would be surprised”, countered Zandra.  “It is the magic potion.”

“Hair tells your life story”, she said.  “It suggests how comfortable you are with yourself and expresses the warmth of your heart.  Long hair shows patience and a willingness to build a long-term relationship.  Men want to come home to a woman who treats her flowing hair in the same flexible way that a man wants to be treated.  All in all, hair is a much better predictor of happiness than any fortuneteller’s crystal ball.”

I had a problem – a very big problem.  My hair hadn’t been cared for, the way it should have been, for four years.  It wasn’t long with patience nor flowing with flexibility.  It was course, chopped, dull, and ugly.  I was discouraged and Zandra knew it.  “You’re coming with me”, she said.  “I have the answer to your transformation.”

The next Saturday, Zandra had arranged for a place for the children and had me speeding toward her hair stylist by 9:30 a.m.  “What’s the plan?”  “You’ll see when we get there.”  Upon reaching the salon, I was greeted by a stylist, who made me feel like we were old friends.  Within minutes, I had complete confidence in whatever she might do.  “What are we going to do this time?” the stylist asked Zandra.  “We are giving her the heart-stopper special”, beamed my friend.

I’ll have to tell you, I’ve never had so much fun, not knowing what was going to happen.  One thing led to another and before you knew it, I was being reinvented with long and flowing hair extensions.  It was one of the most special days of my life.

Now, you may want to know the rest of the story.  Four days after the makeover, while at work, I got the attention of one of my co-workers named Jim, who had always been interesting but never interested, if you know what I mean.  He took a look at me and told me later that he felt a difference in me that he had never felt before and had no idea why I had made such an amazing impression on him, in one day, in one moment.

Zandra and I have never told Jim the complete story, mainly because it’s a girl thing.  But what I want you to know is that my children and I have fallen in love with a man who has brighten our lives.  Tomorrow, we will have been married one full year and to get ready for the event and keep the magic going, I have an appointment to fill and replenish my Donna Bella hair extensions.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Who Cut Your Hair?

Remember the Brothers Grimm children’s story about Rapunzel, locked high in a tower by an enchantress.  The tower had neither stairs nor door, but near the top was a small window.  When the enchantress wanted to enter the tower, she stood below and cried:  “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair”.

Upon hearing the enchantress’ voice, Rapunzel unfastened her braided hair, wound the thick locks around a large hook near the window, and let her hair fall to the ground so the enchantress could climb to the top.  As you may recall, the king’s son overheard the command to let down the hair and tried the same trick with equal success.

But as you might guess, eventually the enchantress discovered the visits being made by the #2 royal and cut off Rapunzel’s hair.  “Wow, what’s a girl going to do”, thought Rapunzel?  It appeared that her only alternative was to grow the hair back to its original length.  But given the circumstances, and the fact that the prince was thirty-five years old and her biological clock was ticking, how long could she wait?

So Rapunzel and the king’s son attempted to figure things out.

“First of all” said Prince Edward also known as “Eddie”, “Hair is a strong material made up of 91 percent protein.  Hair cells multiply quickly and stack themselves to provide the head with plenty of new growth.”

“How so?” said Rapunzel.  “It has everything to do with hair follicles and what goes on under the surface of the skin. While maturing, hair follicles are pushed towards the surface fed by various nutrients.  Each hair matures and then when you least expect it, they die, leaving a rigid hair shaft made up of three layers.”

“Why three?”, queried Rapunzel.  “Because the top layer is a protective amino acid coating, known as the cuticle.  The middle layer is called the cortex and what do you think it’s made of?”, asked Eddie.  “Cortisone?” shouted Rapunzel.  “No silly”, retorted the handsome fellow, “it is also made of strong protein.”  “Oh!” said, Rapunzel, “What about the third layer?”  “That is known as the medulla, but you don’t have any”, said the royal.  “I don’t?”  “No”, continued Eddie, “your hair is very fine and very blonde, so it doesn’t have a third layer.”  “Shucks”, murmured Rapunzel.

“You are amazing”, said Rapunzel.  “How long will it take to grow my hair to its original length”, blurted Rapunzel.  “Well”, said the prince, “let’s do the math.”  “The tower is two stories tall and each story is about 14 feet.”  “You will need 28 feet of new hair.”  “So when will you be coming back to get me”, screamed Rapunzel.  “Hair grows at a rate of about 6 inches per year, you do the math”, muttered Eddie as he mounted his horse.

So Rapunzel got out a long piece of paper and figured out that a two-story building was equal to fifty-six, 6-inch lengths of hair.  “According to my calculations”, yelled Rapunzel, “you will be back in 56 years.” “I’ll put it on the calendar” he hollered, as he rode off toward the castle.

Now Rapunzel was miffed at the prince and the prince was hot-under-the-collar himself because Rapunzel was unable or unwilling to grow her hair faster.  What…if anything, could be done?

As luck would have it, while being introduced to a leading shire stylist, who did work for the prince’s prima donna sister, the future king discovered Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and new hope surged through his blue-veins.  The royal heir, asked Fedex to overnight Rapunzel, 19 packages of DB hair extensions, along with two containers of non-slip micro beads, a lock-tool and bead loop-tool.

Using the educational DVD, Rapunzel quickly got the hang of things, whipped those extensions into place and left the sobbing enchantress wondering how she would ever manage to get into the tower again.

After meeting the royal family and upon seeing herself in the mirror, Rapunzel convinced Prince Edward, to postpone their marriage, just long enough for her to complete beauty school.  Upon graduation, Eddie and Rapunzel were married in a simple ceremony and then cut the ribbon for their first hair salon, named “Let Down Your Hair”.  The end.

Logan is co-founder of Donna Bella Milan hair extensions and author of the Donna Bella blog.