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Hair Fusion Tips for the New Year

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Hair Fusion Tips for the New Year

Hair fusion–or what we like to call Kera-Link extensions–can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated. As one of our most distinguished and enduring methods, Kera-Link requires precision, confidence, and expertise for optimal effects. In other words, there’s little room to make mistakes! That being said, hair fusion doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re not already a fusion stylist, make it a mission to master this technique in the new year so you can bring even more hair extension clients into your salon. Here are some tips to make the installation process as easy as possible, as recommended by expert hair extension stylist Baelee Reiter.

Don’t skip the prep work.

Hair fusion installations are lengthy, but you can trim down the time. Do part of the work in advance by setting up your station with all the tools you need for the undertaking. This could involve pre-cutting the fusion extensions into Micro Bonds, or pre-arranging the strands into the Strand Organizer according to color. You can even cut half of the keratin bond off of the extension to make the bond less bulky when installed, and to make it easier to remove. And don’t forget to plug in your Melting Connector a few minutes before the client arrives so that it’s ready for installation right away!

Clean as you go.

The keratin from hair fusion installations can get messy if you’re not careful, so clean your tools as you go to prevent buildup. Keep a dry paper towel next to your station so that when the Melting Connector starts to get a bit grimy, you can clamp it against the paper towel and pull the excess keratin off. Similarly, once you’ve completed a full row of hair extensions, use the Hair Extension Brush to brush out any lingering keratin residue.

Lighten your load.

We’ve designed the Connector Belt to hold your hot Melting Connector while you work. Simply fasten the Connector Belt around your waist and slip the Melting Connector into the heatsafe pocket when you’re not using it. This will keep your hands free for parting hair and rolling bonds, and prevent you from having to constantly pick up your Melting Connector after you’ve put it down.

Perfect your technique.

The best way to make your hair fusion installations as fast and easy as possible is to master your technique. That means knowing how to establish tidy parts with no fly away hairs, how to space the extensions across each row, how to roll a proper hair fusion bond, and how to stay organized throughout the entire installation. This knowledge will prevent needless mistakes and inevitable corrections that can take up time and energy (not to mention money). Master your technique today by enrolling in our Online Education course, signing up for a Pro Series event, joining us at a Trade Show, or watching some instructive YouTube videos on our channel. For more Kera-Link-related readings, check out the blogs below.

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How to Become a Flat-Tip Pro

Saturday, December 17th, 2016


We’ve been talking a great deal about Flat-Tip lately, but you may have noticed that we don’t have any Flat-Tip designated educational programs. There’s a reason for that: since Flat-Tip is applied in the same way as I-Link extensions, the existing I-Link educational program works for learning Flat-Tip, too! So if you’re on a mission to become a Flat-Tip pro, here’s what you should do…

Pick up an I-Link Kit
Our Hair Extension Kits include all the tools you need to complete an installation, removal, and re-installation for any given method. They make great starter kits for practicing hair extension stylists, and continue to be useful even after you go pro. The I-Link kit comes stocked with a Loop Tool, Hair Extension Tool, Color Ring, Quick Pick, Hair Extension Brush, beads, and I-Link Practice Hair, so you can start practicing your beaded installation technique as soon as you receive it. Remember: beaded installation applies to both I-Link and Flat-Tip. If you want, you can even order a pack of Flat-Tip extensions to test out Flat-Tip spacing (which may differ slightly from I-Link’s).

Enroll in our I-Link course
Learn how to install both I-Link and Flat-Tip extensions by completing our I-Link Online Education course! You’ll learn everything from installation to removal and maintenance, and you’ll even get pro tips for masterful consultations. Once you’re done, you can apply for I-Link/Flat-Tip certification, which makes you a verified Donna Bella stylist eligible for Certified Rewards. There’s lots of good stuff to look forward to!

Pursue additional education
We have plenty of advanced education opportunities for Donna Bella stylists, including Trade Show classes and Pro Series events. Though we don’t currently offer Flat-Tip-specific classes, you can take these opportunities to ask questions about the method and develop your beaded technique. This is where our most engaged stylists come together to hone their craft, build community, and receive guidance from our master educators! Veteran attendees may even apply to participate in Trade Show installations as part of our Elite team. The potential for growth is endless, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Have you worked with Flat-Tip extensions before? Or do you plan on trying it out sometime soon? You can get in touch with other Flat-Tip enthusiasts today by joining the discussion on our Facebook page! We’ll see you there.